Vita Hair Brush Reviews, Functions and Price

Hair loss for human beings across all ages, gender, or hair types is real and is due to genetics and hormone or vitamin deficiencies. Unlike the past, when the solution to this problem was a procedure or use of chemicals, the Vita Hair Brush has proved that massage can go a long way in ensuring that you regain your blood blow via scalp massage in an easy way to reduce hair fall out. With this type of brush, there is no use of chemicals, and the technology applied has no harm to the scalp or any part of your body.

It is not only a symptom that is externally very stressful but also from a psychological perspective. Many people cannot cope because their hair is falling out and want to do something about it. However, the alternative products are often so expensive that they either cannot afford it. Some do not even work as expected.

Vita Hair Brush presented here is intended to help because it uses a technology that was proven to be useful years ago, but at that time, the price was still immensely high. The technology behind this device is derived from massage. Moreover, it was only offered by a few hairdressers and cost a small fortune. We would therefore like to introduce the Vita Hair Brush below.

What is The Vita Hair Brush?

During the Vita Hair Brush review, we found that it is a great head massage device that works by stimulating hair regrowth again. That provides you with healthy hair after the easy to use treatment. We found that healthy hair shows more volume again, too, the appearance that many want. The head massage device promotes healthy hair growth, and the harmful “hormone Hair Killing” is stopped. The cutting edge micro-laser technology gives the user a youthful look again, and he automatically feels younger.

One thing that makes the Vita Hair Brush not your ordinary brush is its ability to keep your scalp and hair healthy without necessarily visiting a salon. With this type of brush, you can focus on the affected part of your scalp to help stimulate blood circulation in the area. If you are suffering from dandruff, hair loss, or want to feel relaxed at the end of a long day, the Vita Hair Brush will work well for you.

Here is an overview of the features that we found during our Vita Hair Brush review:

  • Works with an innovative technology (micro-laser technology)
  • Promotes healthy hair thanks to the blockade of DHT
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Can also be used together with other products
  • It will stimulate blood flow and hair regrowth.
  • Works naturally and without chemicals

Vita Hair Brush

All in all, the Vita Hair Brush is a laser hair device that is easy to use and provides a natural way to stop the damaging process of hair loss.

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Why Does The Vita Hair Brush Help?

The production of DHT is inevitable in old age and leads to more and more hair loss over time. It is a hormone that causes the hair roots to die and is overproduced after a certain age. On the other hand, the opposite ATP decreases, which usually ensures that the hair grows healthy and looks good. Many products in the market prevent this process but work on a chemical basis. They are often taken or used in the form of tonic and applied to the hair.

This not only leaves an unattractive film but is also very time-consuming in the long run. In general, such treatments put more strain on the user than they use. On the other hand, the Vita Hair Brush is great for stimulating hair follicles in an easy-to-use way, ensuring you can relax during the treatment, and uses an effective method to stop the DHT production process.

Vita Hair Brush Technical Details

Undoubtedly, the Vital Hair Brush is endowed with numerous features, all geared at improving its usability. By digging deep into all these features, you will understand how much this product can do. Here are some of the features you need to know about Vita Hair Brush;

  • Battery operated
  • Water resistance
  • Rubber tips and flexible
  • Gentle vibrations
  • Fits the palm perfectly.

Micro-Laser Hair Technology

If you are battling hair loss or hair thinning, this brush uses laser hair therapy technology specifically for home use. This innovative technology is quick and convenient; hence it is unlikely to disrupt your daily schedule. Additionally, hair therapy utilizes medical-grade lasers to deliver laser light to the scalp. Through the micro-laser hair technology, light is absorbed by the hair follicle, which increases the microcirculation of blood, hence more nutrients that aid hair growth.

Low level lesser light increases cellular activity on the follicle, reducing hair loss while improving hair growth. This technology is essential since you no longer have to spend too much money on hair recovery procedures.

The Blockade of DHT – Promotes Healthy Hair

Dihydrotestosterone is a common problem for men, even though some women experience the same and is by far the biggest cause of hair loss. As you advance in age, DHT builds up in the hair follicles, disrupting the hair growth circle. As it results on the hair follicle, the hairs become weaker, more fragile, and lighter in color. When there is adequate airflow on the follicle, chances of DHT growth is minimal. Constant use of Vita Hairbrush will disrupt DHT’s growth circle, which will ensure constant hair regrowth.

Stimulates Hair ReGrowth

The Vita Brush helps to lubricate and condition the scalp, preventing flaky and dry scalp and frizzy hair. Using the Vita Hair Brush to massage your hair improves blood circulation on the scalp, head, and neck, all of which are vital organs. Proper blood circulation on the scalp also means more nutrients hence faster hair growth.

No Chemicals

The Vita Hair Brush works without any chemicals; instead, it utilizes micro-laser technology, which has zero negative effect on your hair. All your hair requires to remain healthy is a proper massage, which is precisely what Vita Hair Brush provides.

All Types of Hair

One of the best things about Vita Hair Brush is that it is not gender or age-specific. The brush works for everyone just fine with hardly any adverse reaction from using it. Thus, you can purchase one to be used by everyone in the family.

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Even with the best features, without a lasting battery and rechargeable battery, the brush would not be worth the price. Furthermore, not everyone has access to reliable power. The Vita Hair Brush comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Charging Station

In principle, we cannot summarize more about the device when it comes to technical matters. The battery maintains its performance over several treatments and can easily be inserted in the charge state to recharge. So, there is always enough energy available in the device during the treatment. The microlaser technology does not harm in any way but is designed to affect the scalp.

Why do I Need the Vita Hair Brush?

When a person loses hair, they believe they are no longer attractive in the public eyes. The psychological implication of losing hair could lead to depression, especially in women. Well, the Vita Hair Brush can help you overcome this demoralizing condition. The device will help your hair grow by rejuvenating the scalp. You don’t have to feel less of a human being because of hair loss; go ahead when you get an efficient and affordable device to help your hair grow.

The head massage device is suitable for everyone who wants to give their hair new impetus and more health. Those affected by the hair loss problem can use the tool without any issues. As a rule, these are older people, but even younger people can prevent hair loss by stimulating hair regrowth with a brush. It does not matter whether it is a man or a woman. Men are likely to suffer from hair loss in old age and are likely to become more inventive when it comes to additional products.

Hair Loss

If you have a routine of applying shampoo to your hair after a shower, the Vita Hair Brush will sure take this process a notch higher. It is made from rubber, which makes it flexible and can comfortably fit an adult’s palm. Also, the fact that it is handheld means you can control the pressure depending on your preference.

The brush is waterproof, and so you can take it to the shower and even use it to massage your scalp as you take a shower. Research has shown that using the Vita Hair Brush helps distribute hair follicles, decreases hair loss, and improves your hair’s aspects. The brush also improves blood circulation in the scalp; the blood carries nutrients to the scalp, improving collagen production.

How is Vita Hair Brush Used?

The head massage device is shaped like a brush and is also used similarly. But instead of brushing through the hair, it is mainly the scalp that is treated. The pimples massage the skin and the underlying tissue. Operation is child’s play, which is why everyone can use it. Also, the device is designed for daily use, so you don’t have to worry. However, too frequent use is not recommended. It is therefore always advisable to use it daily, preferably in the evening before going to bed.

All you require to do is switch on the device and brush your hair gently, and light will help speed up blood circulation on the affected spot. Red light photons emanating from this device also block the DHT hormone, allowing hair follicles to form and hair to grow healthy.

How The Vita Hair Brush Works

When you regularly massage your scalp with this brush, the blood circulation throughout the scalp is improved. That way, more nutrients in the scalp will stimulate collagen production in the hair follicles. Collagen in the scalp aids hair growth, hair health, decreases hair loss, and moisturizes the skin.

In simple terms, Vita Hair Brushed helps to eliminate elements that prevent your hair from growing by providing a conducive environment for healthy and strong hair. While this may not entirely solve hair loss, especially if the problem is genetic, it will undoubtedly slow down the process of hair loss and make your hair more resistant. Red light therapy helps in regenerating the damaged cells and improve your hair condition. Here is a summary of how a Vita Hair massage works;

  • Massaging on the head help to increase blood circulation
  • Increased blood circulation means more red blood cells on the scalp. 
  • Red blood cells are responsible for the growth and rejuvenation of hair. 
  • Once the rejuvenation occurs, the scalp will produce more follicles. 
  • A daily head massage will help improve hair growth.

Benefits of Vita Hair Brush

As with every device, the head massage device has advantages and disadvantages in hair loss, which we would like to summarize in the following. This can also influence the purchase decision.

  • Innovative: Initially, this type of hairbrush was only available at high-end hair salons, but now the micro-laser is available at the comfort of your home. It can easily fit the palm of your hand, and everyone can leverage it at an affordable price.
  • Works naturally: The Vita Hair Brush does not use any chemical or toxin to aid hair growth; instead, it applies to massage principles using micro-laser technology. So far, no adverse reactions have been reported following the use of this product.
  • Scalp healing: Apart from hair growth, the Vita Hair Brush nourishes and treats scalp related issues like dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Improves blood flow: The main principle behind the hairbrush is massage; just like any other part of the body, massaging the scalp increases blood circulation and relaxation. Using this device will help ease the tension as you prepare for the next day when you are tired.
  • Soften the hair: Using this brush to massage the hair means the oil will be distributed evenly, which means your hair will soften within no time. Additionally, hair massage helps the scalp absorb nutrients with ease, helping soften your hair.
  • Affordable: Many people spend a lot of money at high-end salons to get the same services that the Vita Hair Brush offers a cab. Meanwhile, the massage is equally effective and affordable.
  • Reduce dandruff and hair loss: The massaging hairbrush improves blood circulation increasing nutrients on its roots. Nutrients help to eliminate dandruff and hair fall.

Other benefits

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Increase hair strength and density
  • Non-invasive
  • Scalp Massage
  • Painless
  • No negative side effects
  • Is usable by both men and women


None Known: As you can see very well, the Vita Hair Brush’s advantages are apparent. This makes a choice for the device all the easier. There are no disadvantages. The device works without the use of chemical substances and is also completely easy to operate. It doesn’t get any better when it comes to stopping hair loss.

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Vita Hair Brush Test and Quality

Of course, we wanted to know more about the Vita Hair Brush, so we took a closer look at the device and tested it. After the arrival, we tried it for ourselves. The application runs without complications and is pleasant on the skin. We then gave it to a few testers over eight weeks, who documented the effect for us. Within the first two weeks, they used the device daily and described that they felt good after the treatment, but no effect was visible yet.

After about four weeks, we got first positive feedback from a tester who had the impression that some hair had regrown in places where he had a slight deficit before. Since we know that hair takes a long time to regrow, we waited a little longer. At the end of the eight-week test period, we all received good reviews of the device from everyone. It was pleasant to use, had led the testers to feel that the hair had become fuller and those who showed bright spots had had their hair regrowth. All in all, this was a very positive result.

Vita Hair Brush Experiences

On the internet, we have also looked around for corresponding experience reports. The users used the device every day, and after a while, the results were good. Those who additionally used other products to achieve a better effect were also enthusiastic. The device left most of them with good work, and therefore, they would recommend it to others at any time. There are also negative reviews, but these often indicate that the device has been misused. Consequently, we assume that the head massage device was very well received. More customer experiences are available via this link!

Any known Vita Hair Brush problems?

We don’t know anything about any problems with this device. However, we would like to point out that it is essential to use it correctly to stimulate hair growth. Therefore, we cannot list any other problems here.

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Where Can I Buy Vita Hair Brush?

The product is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers the devices on his website. This website explains which results from the product can produce and provides the user with further information. Besides, you can use the graduated prices to get the device as cheap as possible. Here it says: The more devices one ordered, the more favorable the individual is.

The manufacture offers several discounts; for instance, a buyer who buys more than one product could get up to 45% discount depending on the existing offer.

Therefore, it is advisable to order several at the same time. Shipping is fast; delivery usually takes place a few working days later. PayPal is also available as a payment option in addition to the credit card. This gives the buyer a feeling of security and is low risk. It could not be better!

buy Vita Hair Brush

You don’t have hard bristles that could cause rashes on your skin. The Vital Hair Brush assures you healthy and steady hair growth.

Vita Hair Brush Review – Evaluation

In total, during the Vita Hair Brush review, we have rated the device as excellent. It is very beneficial because it stops hair loss by tackling the problem at its root, by blocking the harmful hormone DHT, while the hormone ATP ensures that it regrows and is promoted by the device. All age groups can use the device, but older people in particular benefit from its function. You finally feel younger and more beautiful again because the hair shows a better volume and looks good. The application is completely unproblematic, and so the device can bring a good result with daily use. We are happy to recommend it to others and think it is a good alternative to other alternative products primarily because it works without chemicals and assures good results. However, the Vita Hair Brush can be used together with other products if you wish.

Maintain Vita Hair Brush

After use, it is good to clean the hairbrush to ensure that all the residue and oil are removed. Just any other battery-operated product, the Vital Hair Brush should not be submerged inside the water to avoid any problems.

Before using this product, go through its instruction and do as instructed to ensure durability and efficiency. When you realize a decrease in effectivity, you may need to purchase and change the batteries. If not correctly cared for, you may not find the required results as explained above.


With all the benefits, it’s no surprise the product has numerous positive reviews from impressed customers. The majority of users of Vita Hair Brush are saying the product has indeed improved the condition of their hair and scalp as well as eliminating hair loss and dandruff. Many have also been impressed by the fact that this brush’s massage makes them relax after a long day of work. Another important factor mentioned by most customers is the fact that the brush comes at a low cost.

Information About the Supplier or Shipping Partner

Little is known about the manufacturer. But here is his contact address: Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, Netherlands. For questions also a mail address is furnished. This is For a consultation or with questions, one can use these addresses gladly. The provider himself also promises impeccable customer service because he focuses on the customer’s satisfaction.

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Vita Hair Brush

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