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When joints ache, this is always a problem and restricts one’s quality of life. In the past, people lived with the fact that the older they got, the more limited they were. In the meantime, you no longer have to put up with it. Products like Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital help to get this problem under control, improve your own quality of life and become more mobile. We have summarized below how this works. In addition, we have undertaken a test to prove the effect.


Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital Ingredients and Facts

Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital is a new product on the market that is available in powder and capsule form, but can be taken in combination during a cure. It is an absolutely natural product which is produced without any artificial colourings, flavour enhancers or preservatives. The manufacturer also does without harmful sweeteners, which are almost standard in the industry today. As far as the ingredients are concerned, the capsule and stick differ slightly from each other. Below are the ingredients contained in the capsule:

  • Methylsulfonylmethane
  • devil’s claw
  • gelatine
  • Green lipped mussel powder
  • Frankincense extract 65%.

Arthroforce Revital

The stick, on the other hand, contains the following ingredients:

  • Collagen hydrolysate
  • Glucosamine Sulfate (2KCI)
  • erythritol
  • magnesium citrate
  • chondroitin sulphate
  • tri-calcium citrate

Together, these ingredients create a wonderful concept that increases joint mobility and thus improves quality of life. Ingredients such as chondroitin sulphate and green-lipped mussel powder have long been the subject of scientific studies which have shown that the active ingredients in the raw materials they contain can influence and promote joint mobility. Devil’s claw, on the other hand, relieves the pain of joint problems and collagen helps with the product of joint lubricant.

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Info about the Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital Effect

The effect starts a few weeks after the first intake according to the manufacturer. The mode of action includes the natural ingredients, the properties of which have a positive effect on the production of joint lubricant. After a certain age, the body is often no longer able to produce an adequate quantity of these substances, causing pain and stiffness. Bodyfocus Arthroforce Revital promotes production and ensures that sufficient synovial fluid is restored and the body can thus recover.


Procedure of Arthroforce Revital intake

In order to achieve long-lasting success, the user takes the capsules and sticks together. The manufacturer recommends taking the sticks once a day and using one capsule of the product twice a day. It should be noted that the capsules must be taken with enough liquid to achieve their optimum effect. With the stick, it is easy to stir it into water and take it in this way. It is also practical to take the stick dissolved in water immediately with a capsule.


How High Is The Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital Dosage ?

The ingredients are dosed in such a way that they are in no way overdosed with the daily intake. The body gets as much material as it needs to produce more joint lubricant. If there is excess material, it is excreted by the body without any problems. With regard to the dosage, the products are prepared in such a way that the user no longer has to sort or dose anything extra. One stick corresponds to one intake unit, while the capsule can be taken morning and evening without having to divide it.


The Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital application takes place at…

Bodyfocus Arthroforce Revital is used to treat joint pain and stiffness caused by limited joint mobility. These problems can be caused by an age-related appearance as well as difficulties with the metabolism. It is not unusual for gout or rheumatism to be the cause of an incorrect diet, which, however, only develops over the years.


General Arthroforce Revital Test

We tested the effect of Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital with two older ladies. The test lasted four weeks. During this time, the ladies were asked to determine whether the pain and stiffness were diminishing when they took the capsules and sticks. During the first week there were no particular changes, but the subjects reported that they felt a little more vital in the morning, but that their mobility was still somewhat limited.

In the second week their urge to work changed. Walks became more attractive and they also did a few exercises in the morning to loosen muscles and train joints. Within three weeks, the pain in the joints subsided and the intake had been regular and consistent. The ladies also reported that the taste was pleasant and that the intake did not have a bitter aftertaste, as unfortunately often happens. Four weeks later our test subjects were convinced of the effect, because the mobility became better, the quality of life increased constantly and thus also the leisure activity.

One of them described that she hadn’t been so mobile since she started working at a young age. But the relief of the pain alone was worth trying. All in all, we were enthusiastic about the product and can recommend Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital.

General Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital Reviews

Also other people who have tried Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital benefit from its good effect, while others could determine no effect at all. However, we have found that it is mainly related to the ingestion whether the product works or not.

As recommended by the manufacturer, it is highly recommended to take both sticks and capsules. However, some users have only taken the sticks or only the capsules. Therefore, they could not notice such a good effect as in combination. Also our test proved that the recommendation of the manufacturer is always better than to decide for only one of the two products. Via this link you will also find further customer reviews. *


A field report

  • Day 1: Because of my aching bones, I have already tried many things. And my doctor also said that he didn’t know what else to prescribe. The problem: I didn’t want to use pure chemistry in the long run to get my joint pain under control. That’s how I finally came to Arthroforce Revital. The product was described on the homepage as natural and also contains appropriate ingredients. The product convinced me and so I ordered it. After it arrived, I unpacked it and checked the capsules in detail. They are not too big, easy to swallow and can therefore be easily integrated into everyday life, even if you travel a lot. It looks the same with the sticks, where it is also important to take them combined with the capsules. On the first day I did not notice any effect, but I hoped that this would change within the next few weeks.

  • Day 7: After a week with Arthroforce Revital, I haven’t noticed any serious changes yet, but I know that herbal ingredients take longer and longer to take effect. That’s why I was still motivated. But my metabolism was already adapting to the situation. I could go to the toilet a little more often than before. And as is well known, a non-functioning metabolism is often an indicator of joint pain. Because these often belong to the metabolic disorders.

  • Day 14: It is not difficult for me to take the capsules and the sticks every day. The taste is flawless and does not leave behind any skin aftertaste, as is often the case with herbal active ingredients. Even if you have to belch afterwards, there is no bitter aroma. It is therefore beneficial to the entire well-being. As far as the effect is concerned, it seems to be slowly but surely being used. I notice that many things are a bit easier for me. There is no absolute influence on the pain yet, but I am confident that this will come.

  • Day 30: I have now taken Arthroforce Revital for a whole month, both the sticks and the capsules, and it works very well. I notice that many of my movements are much easier and that the pain is slowly but surely getting less and less. A great experience. Accordingly, I am more and more convinced that after a longer period of use the pain becomes less and less.

  • Day 60: Now I have been with you for two months and am still convinced of the effect. The pain in my joints is diminishing more and more and sometimes the condition even lasts for a week during which I practically forget how badly I once felt. Only sometimes such pains occur that I can hardly move, but these are much better to bear than before.

  • Day 90: I will use Arthroforce Revital to permanently treat my joint pain. The herbal ingredients guarantee that I will not have any difficulty in taking them permanently. And my pain is getting less and less. I have finally reached my goal.


Are there any known Arthroforce Revital side effects?

Arthroforce Revital is a product that contains neither gluten, milk, wheat, soy, egg nor nuts. Accordingly, it is well tolerated. The product does not contain caffeine or other stimulants, sugar or artificial sweeteners. The manufacturer has also completely dispensed with aromas and preservatives.

It is therefore also not predestined to trigger allergies. Nevertheless, in the event of any uncertainty, we recommend that you consult your own doctor and take him into consideration for advice. If you are sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, the product can be used without difficulty.

It is important, however, that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you take more than recommended, you may experience unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea, vomiting or nausea. In addition, a better effect cannot be achieved by a higher dosage.


Where can I buy Arthroforce Revital?

Best directly from the manufacturer. This is because the manufacturer also provides regular access to special offers that offer excellent savings. If you have been using the product for some time, the offers for several packages are interesting. Here you save a lot of money and can continue to benefit from being mobile and achieving a better quality of life. By the way, the manufacturer also gives you the opportunity for information. This means that you get all the information you need about the product if there are any questions that we have not yet been able to answer in our article.

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How is the Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital price graded?

The manufacturer currently offers three different packaging options. For example, depending on the offer, you get 1 package, 3 or 6 pieces. The packs contain both sticks and capsules. The quantity depends on the planned time of taking the product or on trying it out only once. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 package: 69,90 Euro
  • 3 packages: 182,70 Euro
  • 6 packages: 323,40 Euro

If you look at the prices in relation to each other, at first glance this may seem relatively high. However, if you calculate how much you would usually pay for three or six packs individually, you can save a lot. For example, you can save 27 euros on three packs, while you can save 106 euros on a pack of 6. Individually, the packs in the 3-pack would cost 60.90 euros each, while the price in the 6-pack is 53.90 euros per pack. The offer is worth it in any case!


Arthroforce Revital Conclusion

In principle, it makes no difference whether one suffers from age-related immobility of the joints or already has problems with it in younger years. It is a fact that the quality of life suffers fundamentally and that one would like to do something about it. In orthodox medicine, such problems are nowadays often only treated with painkillers or regulated by major operations. And the effect is not always guaranteed.

Before you take something like this on yourself, you should try to refer to natural products, which can easily help to get the mobility going again and to relieve the body.

Arthroforce Revital convinces with a natural effect and, similar to Schüssler Salze, can achieve a good effect over a certain period of time. However, it is important that you take it as recommended by the manufacturer. In our test we could achieve a good success in any case and are therefore enthusiastic about the product. Increase even today your own quality of life and simply try out what Bodyfokus Arthroforce Revital can improve for you.


Who is the supplier of the product?

REG.-NO.: 10116857

Homepage: *

The marketing of the product in Germany will be handled by Bodyfokus.


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