About Us

What is our goal?

We at change-and-achievement.com are a team of people who are very interested in trying out new things. Accordingly, we have created Change & Achievement and would like to write here about topics that concern the women’s world. This includes instructions, guides and product reports, which we will publish here. So we can publish our knowledge, our own experiences and the experiences we have gathered from the internet here.

The knowledge spectrum of the individual persons is broadly varied and covers topics such as beauty, care products, health, supplements, nutrition, sports, gadgets and money . The knowledge is based on private interests and/or professional emphases.

We try to design these reports in clearly structured texts and with expressive pictures, in order to offer you real support and added value. In addition, from time to time guest articles are published which we cannot cover with our own knowledge and which also contain further information. In addition, we ourselves are always on the lookout for authors who can support Change & Achievement with their expert knowledge.

Notes and delimitation

At this point we would like to point out that our experience – especially when it comes to the effect of a dietary supplement – is no guarantee and can vary from person to person.

In addition, we are not a product supplier or even a manufacturer of a product. We are only users and buyers of products presented here and can therefore not give any information about orders or similar!

Additional information

The financing of our time expenditure and the maintenance of the site we try to realize in some places through affiliate links, i.e. we receive a small percentage commission for a click or a possible purchase of a product. We hope you enjoy reading our blog. You can contact us via our contact page. From there the mail should at least be forwarded to the right person.

Further information about a cooperation can be found on the following page: Cooperation or guest author


Our team of authors and contributors

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