Wifi Ultra Boost Reviews, Functions and Price

Without a fast Internet one gets along today only rarely only. It doesn’t matter if you move into it because you want to watch TV with it or if you gamble on the console. It must have a certain speed in order not to waste so much time. The problem is that many devices nowadays work on the basis of WLAN, which is an immense relief in the household because no cables need to be laid. But despite this progressive development, there is one problem: dead zones! This means that there is always one or more corners in the household where the WLAN fails because the signal here is too weak. You can wait minutes for the website to load, or you can forget a good TV programme because the film is interrupted again and again. That’s why we are watching Wifi Ultra Boost today. A device, which is to create remedy in each case here.


What is the Wifi Ultra Boost?

Wifi Ultra Boost is a so-called Wifi repeater. A device which eliminates the dead zones mentioned and at the same time ensures that the signal in a room becomes much stronger. Accordingly, the user feels as if the router is placed directly in the room in question. The Internet can be used again as you wish. It is also the ideal alternative if, for example, there is no strong WLAN reception on holiday. Here, the device is simply plugged into the socket and can be used. Whether concrete wall, floor or simply a too far distance. The device eliminates these without effort and brings these advantages with it:

  • simply connect anywhere in the house
  • connection problems and dead zones are removed
  • easy and fast installation
  • no more Internet delays
  • fast downloads possible
  • stronger and more reliable connection guaranteed

wifi ultra boost

The device is ideally suited for use in the household. As soon as there is a single concrete wall or a floor between the router and the connection point, you can no longer surf properly. Every advice is expensive if you want to enjoy a relaxed and good Internet.

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Why does the Wifi amplifier help?

The Wifi Amplifier is basically intended for everyone who has a powerful Internet connection and wants to use it efficiently. That means, it is available in the whole house or the whole flat in its strength, as it was booked also with the offerer. There are no additional costs, the repeater simply takes the existing signal and amplifies it to the minimum. It eliminates dead zones and makes surfing pleasant again. The Wifi amplifier can be installed anywhere without having to lay additional lines. Especially in today’s popular Smart Homes a perfect internet access is the absolute standard, or at least should be.

With this repeater you don’t have to worry about the reception anymore.


Why do I need the Wifi Ultra Boost?

Basically, the WiFi amplifier is perfectly suited for all those who expect reception from the Internet everywhere and do not want to do without it even on holiday. It is completely irrelevant whether you are a man or a woman. Likewise it is not important, which age group they belong to. Both older and younger people get along well with the device because it is so easy to use. The only thing that counts is that an existing Internet connection finally reaches the level one expects from it, especially in the entire living room.

Wlan improve


How is Wifi Ultra Boost used?

The operation is completely simple. The repeater is simply plugged into a socket near the router. There it synchronizes with it. All the data is then stored on it for better access. Then remove the Wifi amplifier from the socket again and hang it half way to the place where the Internet is to be amplified, again on a socket. He connects himself and does the work he has to do immediately afterwards. More is absolutely not necessary. As an extended function, it is also possible to stretch a cable from the repeater into the device that needs a better Internet connection. There you practically create a LAN connection that is slightly better than just a WLAN signal.

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What advantages and disadvantages does Wifi Ultra Boost have?

As every gadget there are advantages and disadvantages, which you should have a look at before buying. Therefore we have now taken the trouble to summarize the advantages and disadvantages. This can also contribute to the purchase decision.


  • eliminates dead zones in house and apartment
  • amplifies the WLAN signal and thus improves the signals
  • easy to operate
  • can also be used on holiday
  • no additional subscription necessary


  • none known

As you can see very well, there are no disadvantages with this Wifi Ultra Boost that you have to be prepared for. The device has only advantages and is effective for every household, where you can use it perfectly to amplify a WLAN connection from every corner of the house or apartment. Dead zones are eliminated, it is easy to use and also a very good way to improve an existing WLAN connection on holiday. What is very important is that you don’t have to sign a second contract with the provider. That means at the same time that no additional costs arise.

better internet


General Wifi Ultra Boost Test and Quality Features

We have also tested the device extensively once and found out that it is not so unusual for a router in the house not to send its signal into every corner. In some cases this can be quite annoying. Especially if several people are connected to the network and actually want to use a stable Internet connection. The device is simply connected to the router to obtain the necessary information. Then you simply hang it in the house or apartment to a wall socket, from where the WiFi amplifier finally does its job.

The signal was much stronger in these areas, and the Internet connection seemed to be much faster than before. Overall, we were very satisfied with Wifi Ultra Boost and would like to recommend it to others. The quality speaks for itself. Especially because of the fact that you can connect the device with a cable to connect devices directly to it. This is not necessarily the case with all repeaters on the market.


General Wifi Ultra Boost Experience and Opinions

When doing our research, we also looked for other experience reports. Here other users of the device report on their experiences and give tips in case of problems or similar. However, we found only positive feedback for the WiFi amplifier. Those who always need a stable signal in their Smart Home are particularly enthusiastic. Others have worked from home and use the repeater both privately and professionally. Some even went on holiday with it and of course had a better Internet connection there. They were all satisfied with the device and therefore recommend it to others because it is so easy to use. We could not find any negative reports.

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Are there any known Wifi Ultra Boost problems?

As the device requires a simple operation and is limited to a minimum of requirements, there are no known problems with the repeater.


Where can I buy Wifi Ultra Boost?

The device is easy to buy from the supplier. He offers Wifi Ultra Boost on his own website. This not only explains all the information and gives an impression of how easy the device is to operate, but also serves to ensure a simple order. To do this, simply fill out a form with your information and you can order. The payment takes place over a few completely simple and uncomplicated payment methods, which are in addition still very safe. So there is practically no risk. And who wants to be completely safe, or even equip his whole house, uses the special offers, which are available from time to time.

Wifi reception strengthen

These usually offer several devices at once, at an absolutely preferential price. One saves thus substantial money, if one purchases equal several, instead of ordering only one. Since these offers are time-limited, it is recommended to look around more often on the web page, if only the single devices are in the offer. The dispatch takes place fast and a few days later you get your package. So everything is very simple and uncomplicated.


Wifi Ultra Boost Technical Details

We would like to briefly describe the technical details of the amplifier below:

  • takes up the speed of the Internet from the router and forwards it identically
  • faster downloads
  • Elimination of dead zones

Additional technical properties are unfortunately not available. However, a standard Internet broadband connection can be covered very well with it.


Wifi Ultra Boost Rating and Recommendation

All in all we would like to recommend this device to others. Because nowadays everybody needs a fast internet. Even on vacation it can be useful. In the household or the flat it guarantees a better signal in every corner and makes the Smart Home more comfortable. Ordering is uncomplicated, offers can be used. What more do you want? – A real recommendation! Further customer experiences are available over this link!*


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

Wifi Ultra Boost is sold by a vendor named Hyper SIs Ltd. Here is the complete address: 7/F, The Grande Building, 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. For support questions an email address is available: support@hyperstech.com.

Homepage: https://shop.hyperstech.com/ *


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Wifi Ultra Boost

Material 8.5
Applicability 8.5
Price 9.0