RangeXTD Reviews, Functions and Price

Anyone who uses WLAN in the household has experienced it before: In any corner of the house or apartment there is suddenly no Internet. These so-called dead zones are typical, but are difficult to eliminate. Many try a second router. In most cases, this brings the desired success, but it usually costs more money, because a new contract has to be drawn up.

It is much easier with a so-called Wifi repeater, which not only amplifies the signal of the router, but can also be used over several floors. Today we would like to introduce the RangeXTD. A Wifi router that eliminates dead zones in the apartment or house, if used correctly. We will explain its advantages and why some people do not want to do without it anymore.


What is the RangeXTD?

The RangeXTD is a Wifi router that you simply plug into a wall socket and amplifies the signal from the router many times over. This means it can send the signal to corners where there is usually no Internet. The manufacturer promises the following features:

  • easy to use.
  • stronger signal throughout the house
  • can also be used over several floors
  • Data transmission up to 300 Mbit/s
  • several connection modes possible
  • upgrades the Internet in general without incurring expensive costs


All in all, a dream come true for anyone who has discovered dead zones in their apartment or house and does not want to purchase a second router. The Wifi repeater is a sensible purchase that can save both nerves and costs.

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What is the RangeXTD for?

If the Internet fails in the house or apartment, good advice is expensive. Even in dead zones it is annoying if the Internet does not reach here and you cannot use it. Every month there are high fees just for the payment of the Internetflat and still many users just get upset about it. Many providers then recommend the purchase of a second router, but this causes more costs.

The Wifi repeater, which we present here, is however simply plugged into the socket and amplifies the existing signal and forwards it to the devices, which do not have good Internet reception. This saves you the purchase of a second router and also provides dead zones with the right amount of Internet.


Why do I need this Wifi amplifier?

In principle, the product is aimed at anyone who wants to ensure a good Internet connection without sacrificing performance. The user can be young or old, male or female. These aspects are not important. Due to its ease of use, the Wifi router is also suitable for all age groups. The target group is therefore broadly diversified and cannot be delimited.

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How is the product used?

In principle, it is only necessary to synchronize the router and the Wifi repeater with each other and then it can be used. The best way to do this is to plug both devices into a power outlet in close proximity. Now press the button on both the router and the repeater.

It takes a while until both devices have synchronized. On the Wifi router this is indicated by a light. Now the device can be used freely in the apartment and only needs to be plugged into a designated socket. It then connects to the router via WLAN and reproduces the signal in amplified form. Whether the whole thing works and how strong the signal is, can be seen very well from the integrated lights, which provide information about it. More is absolutely not necessary.

If you want to use the device directly as a router, you have to connect it via LAN cable, which is also connected to the telephone socket. The access data can then be entered via the computer and an Internet connection is established.

But even this is very easy to do.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every product, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to discuss. For this purpose we summarize the individual points in the following lists. This can also help you to make a decision if you are not yet sure whether the device is the right one for you.


  • easy to use
  • to use as Wifi repeater, router and access point
  • eliminates dead zones in the house or apartment
  • fast data transmission
  • does not increase costs unnecessarily


  • none known

As you can see, the product has only advantages and is therefore an ideal alternative to other offers on the market. It is easy to use and serves different purposes, which can be used to your advantage. It guarantees a fast data transfer and does not cause any additional costs, which would have been the case with a second router, for example.

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General RangeXTD Test and Quality Features

We wanted to convince ourselves of the capabilities of the Wifi router and tried it out ourselves. Even we in the editorial office come into contact with dead zones every now and then and it always upsets us and costs nerves. If this device really delivers what the manufacturer promises, it is a good innovation that everyone can use to their advantage.

In any case, after unpacking it, we noticed that it looks very high-quality in terms of workmanship. It has all the lights that we know from the normal router. Therefore we were curious about its capabilities. We first used it as a Wifi repeater and plugged it into an electrical outlet, whereupon we coupled it to the router.

This was relatively quick and it was ready for use. For the test, we also plugged it into different sockets to test its range. We were successful: all dead zones were eliminated and the Internet was up and running quickly on our test equipment. Now we also wanted to test it as a router and connected a lan cable.

It quickly connected to our home network, and we could easily complete the individual details via the browser in the computer. The connection was fast, the device did everything the manufacturer had promised. So we were all in all enthusiastic about the device and are happy to recommend it to others.


General RangeXTD reviews and opinions

In our search for information about the device, we also looked out for reports of experiences. We have also found some of them. In these reports the users reported about their experiences with the Wifi repeater. Most of them were enthusiastic and would gladly recommend it to others. They praised the fact that finally dead zones could be eliminated and access was quick and easy. For most of them it was a considerable relief and they did not want to miss it anymore. We could not find any negative reports. You can find out more customer reviews by clicking on the following link! *


Are there any known RangeXTD problems?

All in all, it can be said that there are no problems whatsoever when used properly. The device is free of errors and due to its construction it is also easy to understand. There are no problems worth mentioning.


Where can I buy RangeXTD?

The device is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They offer their products on their own website on the Internet. Here you have the guarantee that he delivers the original and not a problematic copy. In addition, the buyer has the option of a simple order, which can be completed easily using a form.

The shipment is quickly initiated and a few days later the device is already in your hands. It could not be simpler. By the way, the payment looks just as uncomplicated. The manufacturer provides various options for this. Among them Paypal and credit card. With these options you take no risk whatsoever. If the customer is not satisfied with the device, there is even a 30-day return guarantee, with which you get your money back.

By the way: depending on when you appear on the homepage, you can take advantage of certain offers. They include several devices, whereby each model costs less than when purchased individually. You can use these offers to your advantage especially if you own a house and want to use one of these devices on all floors.

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RangeXTD Technical details

As far as the technical details are concerned, we could only find a few details. But here is an overview:

  • Design contributes to the strength of the connection and wide coverage
  • fast data transmission up to 300 Mbit per second possible
  • WLAN router, router and access point

Unfortunately we could not find more information.


RangeXTD Evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we think that the device is a great enrichment for everyone who wants to use the Internet in their house or apartment in the best possible way. It does a great job of spreading the signal and eliminating dead zones. It also has the option of using it as a router, which means it is less expensive to operate an Internet line. Once you try it, you won’t want to miss it and you will be amazed at its performance. We therefore recommend it with pleasure.


Information on the provider or shipping partner

The device is distributed by a supplier located in the Netherlands. Here is the complete address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670 AE Zetten, The Netherlands. For questions or the like, a support email address is set up as follows: support@byrangextd.com

Homepage: https://www.buyrangextd.com/ *



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Technical Details 8.5
Use 8.5
Price 8.0