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Weight reduction is an issue that many people cannot really handle lightly. They start one diet after the other and do not really have much success in the long run. And when they do, it’s usually only short-lived. In many cases it comes afterwards to the so-called Jojo effect. The problem that people put on weight again and mostly even more than they weighed before. Nevertheless, there are ways and means to achieve a successful diet with which you lose weight permanently. A special Red Tea Detox that not only melts fat cells but also reduces weight without starving is the Red Tea Detox program. It is a Red Tea Detox, which at first seems a bit strange, but if you recognize the sense behind it, it can help to get rid of overweight successfully. Today we have taken a closer look at it and describe in the following what the diet is all about.

Red Tea Detox facts and principle

The principle of the Red Tea Detox Diet is based on the fact that the person on the diet consumes a certain tea which has a red colour in its appearance and originally comes from Africa. It consists of a total of five components, all of which have the aim that people no longer hunger and can lose weight in a controlled way. Here are his characteristics:

  • blocks uncontrollable hunger and ravenous hunger
  • prevents mood swings and irritability
  • reduces the blood sugar level
  • eliminates fat storage effects
  • increases the energy level
  • without afternoon fatigue

red tea detox

Overall, the concept is expected not only to have a positive effect on the diet, but also to improve blood values enormously. This also includes, of course, the negative cholesterol level, which is often the subject of criticism, and which usually prevents you from losing weight in a controlled way. The body profits from a lower insulin level, which additionally ensures that one feels less hunger. The concept promises you that you can finally wear the jeans again that fit you last 20 years ago and finally get more quality of life from which you can of course benefit.

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Red Tea Detox Program

The actual Red Tea Detox is not explained in more detail on the inventor’s page. However, it is clear that you should drink a certain tea every day and at the same time do some sports. This in combination should ensure that you lose six kilograms of excess weight within a few days. The whole thing is written in a book that you can follow. In addition to the recipe on how to make your own tea, there is also other information about the diet that deals with the scientific results of studies on the respective ingredients and the like. But all in all one can talk about the fact that on the site itself, one relatively shrouds oneself in secrets how the ingredients should look like. The book also describes how to do sports on the side. The inventor doesn’t go into this in detail. You can only get a good idea of what the whole thing should look like by reading the inventor’s story. She was travelling in Africa after a certain tribe, which is known for making the tea. Every day she had to travel a proper path, which in a sporting sense can also be called training. Every day she went to the village to drink her tea and then went back the hard way. More is not really known.

Who is the Red Tea Detox suitable for?

In principle, the Red Tea Detox appeals to everyone who wants to reduce their weight in a completely uncomplicated way. It is irrelevant whether you are male or female. Age also plays no role. Both younger and older people can benefit from the advantages of this diet. It is also not important whether you only want to lose a few kilograms or a slightly larger amount. Depending on how long you are willing to follow the diet, you can also lose a little more weight. Therefore, it is a concept which is suitable for everyone and with which you can lose weight successfully and in the long run.

Lose weight diet

What about everyday suitability?

Actually very good. Because the tea can be prepared in the morning and can then be taken to work. Therefore it is perfect for everyday use. The sport, which should also be included, can be done from home and is therefore relatively suitable for everyday use. You can do it anywhere and at any time. Business trip included.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Red Tea Detox?

Like any diet there are certainly advantages and disadvantages. At this point we would like to summarize what is important in a diet in terms of advantages and disadvantages.


  • can be easily integrated into everyday life
  • easy recipes
  • Sport is feasible everywhere
  • the book also provides scientific results


  • somewhat opaque in advance
  • the whole concept is connected with a very dramatic story

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To the negative aspects: If you take a look at the inventor’s website, you will find one thing above all else: You will literally kill yourself with text! Here the person tells about a concept in which he always brings in other elements before he even gets to the point. The story is also provided with dramatic experiences, for example a spectacular encounter with a snake. In addition, the inventor meets a tribe that guards the tea, like others their most sacred piece of jewellery. But when it comes to the diet itself, there are aspects that justify a diet.

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What is the Red Tea Detox procedure?

Here we come to another thing that is not quite clear on the inventor’s website. The only fact is that the tea has to be drunk daily. Not in what quantity, which elements are contained. Only substances that influence the diet are listed. This includes, for example, a fat inhibitor called Aspalathin, which melts fat cells. Furthermore a fat storage stopper is contained, which can create a balance between saturation and good fat metabolism. The third is a fat splitter, which sets the metabolic fat burning in motion. The body gets a lot more energy because it is detoxified and thus clean again internally. The fourth ingredient consists of a fat dissolver that goes back to the fat cells and significantly reduces weight by detoxifying the body. And finally there is the Hunger Killer, which ensures that insulin resistance can be lowered and blood sugar levels maintained. These components are supposed to reduce the weight clearly and to be quite successful with longer application.

What does the Red Tea Detox nutrition plan look like?

Here again: The inventor is silent here and says that only his book can help here. Another piece of information, which you can also get on the page, is that you can continue to eat everything and you don’t have to do without anything. If one thinks this through once with a logical head, it becomes clear however fast that nothing goes without a certain nourishing conversion. We therefore think that the concept may require a change in diet, even in a certain way, in order to really lose weight in the long term.

Are there any workouts for the Red Tea Detox?

Not much is known about the sports program. The fact is, however, that you can train it without difficulty at home or on the road. For example, when you are on a business trip. So it’s uncomplicated. The text of the inventor shows that he himself undertook the daily hike to the tribe, where he could finally drink his tea. He walked this path every day and called it a sport, because it was not always a flat landscape, so it was a walk. The program will look similar. The details can be found in the actual book.

Fitness program

Are there any unique Red Tea Detox features?

You can’t really give more details here, because the inventor hardly revealed anything about the diet. Only one can say that it is based on the tea and the stories which according to the inventor are connected with it.

General Red Tea Detox Test and Quality Characteristics

What you can see as a quality feature is that according to the inventor you can get the ingredients everywhere and you don’t need a special supermarket or have to buy them in an expensive fine cost shop.

General Red Tea Detox experiences and opinions

Those who have already tried the diet say of the idea that it helped very well to get rid of obesity. Some also described that they had more energy again. So they are happy to recommend the concept.

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Is Red Tea Detox free?

Unfortunately, you can only answer here: No! there is a book, which one must pay and in which also all possible food and Tipps, which one should heed with the Di?t, are located.

What do the Red Tea Detox costs look like?

The inventor confirms on his homepage that there are numerous diets that devour money and that he would be able to charge about 500 Euro for his kind of diet. However, the book alone costs only 37 euros. In addition, one also gets some bonuses on top, which also have a certain value, but are delivered in the package free of charge. These include further books. These include ’17 fat burning smoothies and shakes’, ‘The 24 hour fat burning formula’, ‘9 everyday foods that poison your liver unnoticed’ and finally ‘The 5 detox methods of the famous celebrities’. Accordingly, you can save money by following this diet. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link!*

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