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Especially in winter it is always an advantage to have a good pair of gloves. Not only do they keep your hands warm, they also make it easier for you to move outside. Especially in sports. However, most models have a few disadvantages. First and foremost, the problem is addressed here that you can hardly operate a smartphone with them. Then there is also the fact that you have many models likes to slip off. However, models that offer these properties are often not particularly comfortable, appear stiff or ultimately do not keep you warm.

So today we took a look at BooLex. These are a pair of gloves that are easy to use, while still providing the grip you need to hold on to anything during the winter. In addition, using a smartphone or tablet is no longer a problem thanks to two specially integrated fingertips. We wanted to know whether the gloves really deliver what the manufacturer promises, so we took a closer look at them and checked their quality.

What is the BooLex?

The BooLex are gloves that are not only comfortable, but also offer the necessary grip on every occasion. Furthermore, they allow the simple operation of a smartphone, because two fingertips are specially designed. However, the manufacturer places particular emphasis on the following properties:

  • They are pleasant and comfortable to wear.
  • Two specially designed fingertips enable the operation of smartphones and the like.
  • They have a good processing quality and are therefore durable.
  • They can be worn in everyday life as well as in sports without any problems.
  • Specially coated palm for better grip.


As you can see very well, the BooLex have all the features you would expect from a good pair of gloves. They give you a comfortable fit, let the Operation of smartphones and co and are still well processed. Of course, the grip is not neglected either, for which the palm has been specially processed.

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Why should this product help me?

Everyone wants a pair of good gloves, especially in winter, with which they can not only do sports outside or go for a walk, but which can also do a little more than just warm their hands. The focus here is on the operation of smartphones and the like, but the grip should not be neglected either. Because if you dare to climb a flight of stairs with a layer of black ice on it, you’ll be happy if you get the necessary support on the railing and then don’t slip. The BooLex offer all these properties, because they were specially worked like that so you can hold on tight. In between, it is also possible to use the mobile phone, thanks to the specially designed fingertips. Everyone should get an idea of these gloves for themselves, because then they will see that they have an ideal partner in winter that they no longer want to do without.

What is BooLex’s target audience?

The target group of BooLex is very broad and can therefore not be clearly restricted. Not only younger people benefit from using these gloves. Older people are also very grateful if they get the necessary support on the go and don’t fall. Therefore, one can say that BooLex is aimed at practically everyone who would like to have warm hands, who wants to use their smartphone on the go and who want to keep the necessary support. It also addresses those who have already tried something similar but were not satisfied with it. You should make up your own mind about BooLex and simply try the gloves.

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How is the product used?

Basically, BooLex is used like any other pair of gloves. They are simply pulled over and the zipper is closed. More is simply not necessary. In winter they can keep your hands warm, offer grip and of course the option to use your smartphone. They are by no means uncomfortable to wear, you don’t feel any annoying seams. In terms of care, the BooLex are easy to use. You will just go back and forth washed normally in the washing machine. Then they stay in place for a long time and can be worn again immediately after drying.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the gloves?

Like any gadget, the BooLex have their pros and cons that you should know about beforehand. We have therefore done the work and summarized all the advantages and disadvantages for you. In the following lists you can see exactly what the BooLex have for advantages and disadvantages and can thus orientate yourself even better when buying. They can also be a decision-making aid if you are not quite sure whether the BooLex are right for you.


  • uncomplicated use
  • good thermal performance
  • no more problems with the operation of smartphones and co.
  • good grip thanks to special palm
  • good workmanship and therefore long service life


  • not known

As you can see, with the BooLex you have an optimal pair of gloves where you don’t have to worry about disadvantages. You can simply put them on and benefit from the high wearing comfort. In addition, there is a good grip and the simple operation of smartphones and the like. You can wear them both in everyday life and for sports and have no disadvantages as a result.

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BooLex quality seals and features

Of course we wanted to know more about it and ordered the BooLex to our office to try it out. After all, everyone can use a pair of good gloves. Ordering was easy and was done quickly. Thanks to the service, we were even able to calculate exactly when the package would arrive. When we received it, we first convinced ourselves of the workmanship, which is absolutely nothing to complain about. The seams are neatly finished and the palm makes a solid but very flexible impression. After all, we also talked about her in everyday life performance is convincing and can confirm that they are very comfortable to wear and keep your hands warm.

As far as using smartphones and the like is concerned, we can confirm that it was very easy. At this point, however, it is also important that the gloves fit the wearer well and that he has a corresponding feeling in the fingertips. As far as grip goes, we were also able to see for ourselves and think they perform well when you start to skid in winter. Overall, we were very impressed with the gloves and therefore think we can recommend them without hesitation. Everyone should make up their own mind about the BooLex and try them out. In everyday life and during sports, they can definitely be a good help to keep your footing and warm your hands.

BooLex opinions

While researching more information about the BooLex, we also looked for other opinions from users who have already tried the gloves. We were able to convince ourselves that they really deliver what they promise. Because we found many testimonials, all of which had a very positive tone. Meanwhile, we couldn’t find any negative opinions. Most users reported that they like traveling with Boolex and like using it. They keep you nice and warm and are practical when using cell phones and the like. That’s why most people don’t want to be without them and wear them almost every day, but mainly in winter. the good grip is also guaranteed and most would choose BooLex again if faced with the choice again. Overall, they were used with pleasure and rated well. Therefore, they are also gladly recommended. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known technical problems?

With the BooLex, nobody has to worry about them causing any problems. They keep what they promise, are made of a comfortable material and therefore do not cause any allergies. They are simply uncomplicated to use and therefore do not cause any problems either. They do the tasks that the manufacturer promises and are therefore indispensable for on the go. she feel soft and comfortable on the hand, even if the outside of the palm is designed slightly differently. In general, there are no problems when using the BooLex.

Where can I buy BooLex?

The best way to buy BooLex is directly from the manufacturer. The latter has its own internet shop on its website, in which it offers the gloves in different formats. These are primarily intended to gain a small financial advantage. However, they only have a limited shelf life and then disappear from the range. Therefore, it should be used when the opportunity is given. The great benefit of doing this comes from the fact that multiple pairs are included in one offer. Based on the offers, you pay a little less per pair than if you place an individual order. This not only saves you money, but also several pairs At home. Therefore, we actually recommend that everyone should take advantage of the offers when they have the chance.

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BooLex Technical Facts

As far as the technical features of the BooLex are concerned, we cannot gather too much information. The manufacturer has not provided any on its homepage. Nevertheless, we would like to collect what we could find.

  • The gloves are supple and comfortable to wear.
  • The fabric is warm and very well tolerated by the skin.
  • It is possible to operate smartphones and the like without any problems.
  • Thanks to the special palms, a good grip is guaranteed.

As you can see very well, the BooLex meet the requirements you need in winter and thanks to them you not only get warm hands, but they also have a few other advantages that you can feel when wearing them. So, in principle, they offer exactly what you expect from them.

What is the ordering process like?

The ordering process itself could not be simpler. So you first choose which offer you want to take advantage of. Then the size and the desired color of the gloves are determined. The best thing to do here is to use the size chart. Now it is necessary to enter the data in the order form. It is then necessary to select a payment method. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers a few of these. This includes Paypal and credit card. Two simple procedures, one safe payment option Offer. Finally, the order is simply sent. The customer receives an e-mail containing all the information about the order and thus has a perfect overview. If the package is then sent, you will receive a tracking number, which you can use to track online where the package is at the moment. It can not get easier.

BooLex rating and recommendation

Overall, we would like to give the BooLex a good rating. This is because the gloves not only provide the necessary warmth in winter, but are also comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, they do a good job of operating your mobile phone and co. and can provide a good holding option on frozen surfaces, provided a handrail is attached to stairs, for example. You really don’t want to do without them any more and that is why we are happy to recommend them. They have also been rated well by other customers, which is why everyone should simply try the BooLex.


In this last paragraph, we would like to answer the frequently asked questions that may have arisen while reading. In this way, we would like to provide you with even more information about the BooLex, so that you are even more sure about your purchase.

  • Q: Why are they so beneficial in winter?
  • A: Because they are made of a comfortable fabric and therefore also warm the hands.
  • Q: Do the BooLex come in different sizes?
  • A: Yes, the right size is selected in the ordering process.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is a company with the following address: ECOMM MOVADGENCY S.L., registered office inen C/Dublin 1, 28232 Las Rozas (Madrid). In addition, each customer can use a mail address or optionally a telephone number. The e-mail address is as follows: The telephone number: +34 91 628 89 76. BooLex can be ordered on the following website: There you will also find the offers mentioned above, which you can use to your advantage.

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