Pico Buds Pro Reviews, Functions and Price

Poor hearing often leads to a reduced quality of life. Hearing aids are very helpful in this case, but they don’t always do what they’re supposed to do. Many of the variants available on the market cause unpleasant noises if they are not adjusted correctly. Also, many of them are by no means comfortable when you put them in your ear. Smaller versions that do not have these problems are often difficult to obtain or extremely expensive. The level of suffering increases with every minute and in the end the hearing aid is no longer used at all. So today we took a look at Pico Buds Pro. This is a hearing amplifier that is not just small, but also brings with it numerous good qualities. Hearing aids are becoming a must-have item for many, so we wanted to take a closer look.

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What is the Pico Buds Pro?

The Pico Buds Pro is a hearing amplifier that not only drastically improves hearing, it also increases the lost quality of life. Overall, this is not only the case for seniors, but also for younger people who are already hearing problems to have. Pico Buds Pro offers many good qualities, of which the following are highlighted by the manufacturer:

  • to wear discreetly and as good as invisible
  • Acoustics are positively influenced
  • The direction of the noises and voices can also be determined
  • long battery life
  • easy and convenient to carry
  • good sound quality
  • no long adjustment period required
  • The volume is controlled independently

Unrestricted hearing of conversations and sounds is possible again with Pico Buds Pro. The hearing amplifier has exactly those properties that you need to better perceive your environment again. Next to the short adjustment period there is also an automatic volume control, sudden noises are filtered out in the meantime and thus a comfortable listening is possible.

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Why should this product help me?

Those who can no longer hear well isolate themselves more and more from their environment over time. He doesn’t notice much anymore and the people he deals with may feel annoyed because they have to repeat everything twice and three times. This becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle for the person concerned. Once it has gotten to the point of avoiding contact, this clearly restricts life. Pico Buds Pro offers a good remedy here and can ensure that the problem is eliminated again. The hearing amplifier is simply plugged into the ear and finally unfolds its effect. It is as good as invisible and comfortable to wear.

What is the target group of Pico Buds Pro?

Pico Buds Pro is aimed at anyone who has problems with their sense of hearing. The age is rather irrelevant, which is why young and old can benefit equally from using the hearing aid. Because even at a young age, hearing difficulties can arise for a variety of reasons. People without technical know-how also get good help here, because the hearing amplifier is very easy to use. Therefore, any age group can make use of the product. The ones before have already tried an alternative, can also use Pico Buds Pro and see for yourself. In principle, the hearing amplifier is something for everyone who just wants to try it out.

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How is the product used?

Before using the Pico Buds Pro, you should become familiar with their operation and design. One plug is red, the other blue. Thanks to the colors, it is always possible to determine in which ear they need to be inserted. Blue is used on the left, red instead on the right. Before that, they will be switched on and you can use them immediately. Thanks to the attached silicone reinforcements, a better fit is possible. You usually don’t notice the Pico Buds Pro when they’re properly seated in your ear. Already afterwards it is possible to hear better and his surroundings to perceive more clearly. The hearing amplifier can capture both dark voices and lighter ones very well and thus provides a better hearing result.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sound processor?

Like any gadget, the Pico Buds Pro come with their own pros and cons. We would like to summarize these for you below so that you can get an even better picture of the hearing amplifier. You may also use the lists to better assess whether the hearing aid is right for your needs. So it can be a good purchase decision aid.


  • Using it is incredibly easy.
  • Very useful for both older and younger people.
  • The ear canal is not damaged.
  • They are a cheap and high-quality alternative to other hearing aids.


  • not known

As you can see, the Pico Buds Pro offer a good alternative that does not have any disadvantages. You can use them very well to just hear better, no matter how old you are. In addition, they are very comfortable to wear Do not damage ear canal, when you use them. They have a good price-performance ratio, which is worth it for you anyway.

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Pico Buds Pro quality seals and features

We wanted to know more about it and tried the Pico Buds Pro ourselves. For this purpose, we ordered the hearing amplifier from the manufacturer and then tested it with a few test subjects. When they got to us, they definitely made a solid impression. The processing seemed good and so we passed it on to our test subjects. They immediately tried Pico Buds Pro and familiarized themselves with the operation. However, there were no problems. After insertion, thanks to the hearing amplifier, they could hear better and clearer again. Most didn’t have any problems getting used to it. That’s why they didn’t want to give them away after the test period had expired. Overall, the hearing aid was rated with a excellent rating. Many immediately had a good impression of the device and had positive experiences with it, in contrast to those they had with other hearing aids. For them, Pico Buds Pro became an essential gadget that they never wanted to be without. Accordingly, we give them a good rating and are happy to recommend them.

Pico Buds Pro opinions

Of course, we were also on the lookout for other opinions during our research. These were written by those who had already had experience with the Pico Buds Pro. However, the first impression was very positive and thus we can state that the hearing amplifier helps very well to improve hearing if it causes problems. The quality of life could be drastically increased and thus hardly anyone wanted to do without the hearing aid. Most of them had no problems using the hearing aid. Many no longer want to do without the hearing amplifier and have a good supplement both at work and in everyday life when their own hearing is no longer sufficient. Incidentally, the users included not only senior citizens but also younger people whose hearing was already impaired by their job. Accordingly, Pico Buds Pro could provide good help here. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known technical problems?

After we did the test with Pico Buds Pro and read the other reviews, we found that there were no problems with the hearing amplifier. Technical problems are largely ruled out, but it is always advisable to read the user manual before using the hearing aid for the first time. In this way, mistakes can be avoided and you get a better insight into the situation use. As far as quality is concerned, the product is impressive and we can answer the question of technical problems with a clear “No!” respond.

Where can I buy Pico Buds Pro?

The best way to order the Pico Buds Pro is directly from the manufacturer. Because only he guarantees perfect quality and the functions that he presents on his homepage. A very big advantage are the offer formats that exist. These are only available for a limited time and should therefore always be used when you have the chance. Here you not only get a few of the hearing aids, but several. This is reflected in the price, but if you do the math, you will quickly find that the Pico Buds Pro are sold per pair are cheaper than if you order them individually. Therefore, they should always be used. However, as mentioned, they are only available for a limited time and will eventually be phased out. If so, it’s not entirely clear if and when they’ll come back. Therefore, quick action is required.

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Pico Buds Pro Technical Facts

As far as technology is concerned, we hardly have any information about the Pico Buds Pro. Nevertheless, we would like to compile what we were able to find here. So you can get an even better picture.

  • comfortable silicone coating for the ear canal
  • automatic volume control
  • Batteries integrated, A10 model
  • non invasive

Unfortunately, we could not find more about the Pico Buds Pro. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a good picture based on the little information. Because the hearing amplifier has all the technology that a good hearing aid needs.

What is the ordering process like?

As far as the order itself is concerned, this is very easy to do through the manufacturer. To do this, you simply select the right offer, which is beneficial to you. Then you enter all the necessary information in the order form on the right. Then you can already choose how you would like to pay for the whole thing. Here are methods that especially safe and easy are for the customer. Including credit card and instant transfer. The order is then placed and an e-mail sent, which you can use to view all the details of the order again. If the package is then sent, you will receive mail again and can track the package online using a tracking number. This makes it easy to calculate when it will matter to you and when you can try the Pico Buds Pro. Overall, this approach is very good and you keep track of things.

Pico Buds Pro review and recommendation

Overall, we’d be very happy to recommend the Pico Buds Pro as we believe they can dramatically improve hearing. Thanks to the opportunities to hear better all around, the quality of life also increases. You stop isolating yourself, you can participate in social life again and at an excellent price-performance ratio. Pico Buds Pro are a good hearing amplifier, whose performance you can rely on. They are also comfortable to wear and not necessarily visible from the outside. We would therefore like to give them a good rating and would be happy to recommend them. Young and old alike can benefit from them, whether they have tried an alternative before or not.


In this final section, we aim to answer the questions that may arise that may not have been addressed in the reading. This way you can get an even better impression of the Pico Buds Pro and in the end decide even more easily whether you want to try the hearing amplifier or not.

  • Q: Can only seniors wear the Pico Buds Pro?
  • A: The hearing aid can also be used by younger people who, for example, can no longer hear as well due to their job. In general, everyone can benefit from using the hearing aid if their hearing is impaired. Technical know-how is not even required.
  • Q: Can you see the outside of the Pico Buds Pro?
  • A: The part that is colored disappears in the ear canal. Externally, the hearing amplifier can only be recognized by a small antenna and a nude-colored attachment. But only if you look very closely. The hearing aid was designed in such a way that it cannot be seen from the outside if possible.
  • Q: Can I get the Pico Buds Pro elsewhere?
  • A: Not if you want the original. This is only available on the manufacturer’s side and only here can one assume that the hearing amplifier has the promised quality.
Information on the supplier or shipping partner

Pico Buds Pro are sold by a supplier with the following address: Hyper Sls Ltd, 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong. There is also an e-mail address that can be used. It is: care@urpurchase.com. There is also an international hotline that you can call. Here is the number: +44 20 3808 9234. That is all that is known. The product can be ordered at the following URL: https://hyperxgadgets.com/intl?prod=picobudspro&net=1673.

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Pico Buds Pro

Technical Detais 9.0
Use 9.0
Price 7.5