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Neck pain is very uncomfortable and even more annoying when it is caused by lying down incorrectly during the night. In most cases, the problem isn’t just the wrong mattress or a sagging mattress, but a bad pillow that doesn’t support the neck properly. Unfortunately, this is usually at the expense of the back, shoulder or neck. You bother with the pain a long time later and in most cases you take painkillers to counteract it. Actually, everyone needs the right pillow, which can optimally support the neck and also enable a peaceful sleep. So today we took a look at Derila. This is a pillow that is made of memory foam and can therefore be optimally adapted to the contours of the body. Such models are usually relatively expensive and do not always achieve the desired effect. So today we wanted to take a closer look at what Derila can do and whether it can be considered as an alternative. Below we have compiled all the information about the pillow for you so that you may consider buying it.

What is the Derila?

Derila is a pillow. According to the manufacturer, it’s just something you can get used to feels good at night and at the same time can optimally support the neck. The spine is in the correct position again during the night, which significantly reduces pain. The manufacturer describes the following properties that can be expected from the pillow:

  • Its ergonomic shape gives you more comfort when sleeping.
  • Pain and stress during the day are significantly relieved by using Derila during the night.
  • The production takes place without the use of chemical substances, which is why only high-quality materials are used.
  • In the morning, you finally wake up refreshed and rested, completely without pain.



As you can see, Derila is a good treatment for problems in the neck and shoulder area and can be an optimal support for those who complain of pain after sleeping. The quality is good because no chemical additives are used in the production of the pillow. The pillow therefore has all the prerequisites to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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Why should this product help me?

Those who experience poor sleep at night find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Then there is the pain that you have to deal with all the time. Most people take appropriate painkillers for this, which in turn have side effects and are not at all suitable for long-term use. Therefore, it makes sense to buy a decent pillow. But even the commercially available models are not always a solution. They may wear out quickly and are not as comfortable as Derila. Therefore, it always makes sense to invest in the right pillow and thus enjoy better sleep that ends pain-free the next morning.

What is Derila’s target group?

The target group of the product includes people from young to old. Those who a high quality pillow are looking for, they are right with this product. Those who are in pain and constantly have to deal with it are also addressed. The age group is completely irrelevant in the first place, because Derila gives both young and old people the right conditions for a restful sleep. It is also not important whether men or women take it up. Because it is made with appropriate quality, the pillow is suitable for practically anyone who wants to try it. He gets proper support in the neck and shoulder area and can therefore sleep pain-free. Other pillows of this type often only support the neck and are therefore not as effective as Derila. Together with a suitable mattress you can finally sleep pain-free and, above all, well.

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How is the product used?

The pillow is very easy to use. Because it is simply used like any other ordinary pillow. The manufacturer also recommends using a normal pillowcase. It should also lie straight on the mattress and not be crumpled or folded. This way, Derila can help you sleep well and get your shoulders in a perfect position. In this way, the pillow can provide good support and fulfil its purpose. Of course, the cover should be changed from time to time. The Derila cover can also beand wash it. This way the pillow is kept clean and fresh.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the pillow?

Like any gadget, the Derila pillow has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should know about. Therefore, we have taken the opportunity to summarise all the necessary information below. This will give you an even better idea of the pillow and make you feel more confident about your purchase.


  • Ergonomic design and thus an optimal lying option for peaceful sleep
  • Memory foam that always returns to its original shape and therefore does not lie in
  • There is no formation of hollows
  • Pain in the neck and shoulder area does not occur in the first place


  • Some users may need to get used to using it

As you can see, with Derila you enjoy many advantages. Most people describe the disadvantages as are not so bad and that the problem is already a thing of the past after a few days. Again, there are other users who get along very well with Derila right from the start. With this pillow, it is possible to have a peaceful night and just enjoy your sleep.

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Derila quality seals and features

Of course, we wanted to know more and took a closer look at Derila. The pillow was easy to order through the manufacturer and went without a hitch. While we were waiting, we were able to check the tracking link to see where the pillow was at any given time, so we had a full overview of when it would arrive. Afterwards, we checked the quality. The pillow made a good impression on us. The workmanship seemed solid and it smelled completely natural and not like chemicals. So we were able to try it out. Of course, we ordered several pillows, which we distributed in the editorial office and finally slept on them. The memory foam formed back again and again. This prevented the formation of hollows. The memory foam was also very comfortable. Some of us had no problems getting used to it. Others needed about two to three days to get completely used to the new shape of the pillow.

Overall, the sleep was very relaxing and most of us did not have any pain the next morning or notice that we had shifted. So overall we could rate the Derila pillow as very good and believe that it can contribute very well to not getting any pain in the shoulder or neck area. So we rate it positively and think everyone should just give it a try. In long-term use, Derila definitely proves to be very beneficial, because hardly any of us had any pain in the shoulder or neck area afterwards.

Derila opinions

While searching for more information about Derila, we also found a few testimonials from users who have already tried out the pillow. However, they were all enthusiastic. Some of them initially needed the aforementioned time to get used to the pillow until they were comfortable with it. But after that, no more problems were noticeable and they were very happy to use the pillow to avoid pain and the like. There were also people who had a lot of problems before and were taking painkillers almost regularly. Their experience with Derila was so good that they no longer needed them. So overall, the verdict was very good and most were satisfied. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known technical problems?

This question can be answered unequivocally with “No!”. There are no problems whatsoever when using Derila. Neither in terms of use, nor because of the quality. The well-made pillow only needs to go through an just have to go through an acclimatisation phase which we have already mentioned. However, there is nothing more to say about this.

Where can I buy Derila?

The best way to buy Derila is directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has its own homepage on the internet, which can be used for this purpose. There are also special offers that you can use to your financial advantage. This usually includes several cushions, so you can either switch or make the benefits of Derila available to every member of the family. The price may be higher overall, but if you do the math, you will immediately notice that the pillow is much cheaper individually than it would be if ordered separately. Therefore, we always recommend taking advantage of the offers when they are available. This way you can also save a lot of money. However, there is the catch that the offers are only available for a limited time. Therefore, you should therefore take advantage of them when you have the chance.

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Derila Technical Facts

As far as the technical features are concerned, there are only a few points that can be mentioned. However, we summarise below what we could find in this regard:

  • The ergonomic design allows it to provide good support for the shoulders, as well as the neck. In addition, the integrated hollow provides an optimal lying option that is natural and supports the spine.
  • The pillow is made of high-quality memory foam, which always returns to its original shape. Accordingly, it does not form hollows, as is the case with many other pillows.
  • Cleaning is very easy because the cover is removable and washable.
  • You can also easily take the pillow with you. It doesn’t matter whether you are on holiday or on a business trip.

These technical characteristics already give a good indication of what to expect from Derila. Many argue that the pillow is perfect for serving its purpose and the neck, as well as the optimal support for the shoulders.

What is the ordering process like?

As already mentioned, Derila is best ordered through the manufacturer itself. The process is actually quite simple and uncomplicated. To do this, you simply have to select an appropriate offer and can then enter your details in the adjacent form, which are necessary for the order. Then a payment method is selected that is easy to handle and also provides the user with a certain level of security. Many people use methods such as Paypal or credit card. When the order is placed, the user receives an e-mail containing an overview. This way, you always have a complete overview. Finally, another e-mail contains the tracking link. This allows you to find out online where the parcel is. This makes it possible to calculate exactly when it will arrive.

Derila rating and recommendation

We give Derila a good rating and think everyone should try the pillow. The integrated memory foam is ideal for the purpose and does not allow any depressions to form. Therefore, shoulders and neck are optimally supported and there is no pain when lying down. In addition to the short adjustment period, there are no problems with the pillow and you can count on one peaceful and restful sleep set to.


In the following questions, we have tackled the last uncertainties that may have arisen as a result of reading the article. In this way, we would like to provide you with a deeper insight into Derila and make your purchase decision easier.

  • Q: Can anyone really use Derila?
  • A: Yes! It doesn’t matter who wants to use the cushion. Women, men, young people. No problem at all. The important thing is that it is used correctly.
  • Q: Can Derila also be used while sitting?
  • A: If you want to, you can use Derila while sitting without any problems.
  • Q: Is there really no hollow in the memory foam?
  • A: Derila’s memory foam is designed in such a way that it does not get stuck. In general, memory foam is already known for not forming any hollows in it. Therefore, memory foam is ideal for use within this pillow.
Information on the supplier or shipping partner

We found little information about the manufacturer. Still settled a phone number, as well as one contact form turn off. The latter can be found in the contact area of the homepage. The phone number, however, is: +1 (862) 329-7011. The pillow can be ordered under the URL and here you can also use the offers listed above.

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