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If mosquitoes bite you at night, it is not infrequently to the detriment of your health. Because the wound itches and is often scratched open by the person affected. If it were to stick with one sting, it might not even be such a big problem. But most of the time, the stitch often turns into several, even within one night. The Moskinator Pro is a lamp that can be set up at night and during the day and attracts mosquitoes in order to kill them. It also attracts others Pests and insects and successfully destroys them. This means that there are fewer stitches. Sometimes users also report that they no longer notice any stitches. Other methods such as various (often ineffective) ointments and the like can be excluded. We took a closer look at the device against mosquitoes and wanted to know what it can actually do, or whether the manufacturer has promised too much.

What is the Moskinator Pro?

The Moskinator Pro is a lamp that works with a specific light. This is very attractive to mosquitoes and other insects, so that they enter the lamp. At the same time, de Moskinator Pro is equipped with a system that then shocks and kills the insects. They are then collected in a container below. The manufacturer promises many advantages if you opt for the device against mosquitoes and, first and foremost, you can significantly support your health. Because Mosquito bites and the like will not be successful in the future. The manufacturer also describes the following properties:

  • works without chemicals
  • attracts mosquitoes and other insects
  • Use at home, at work and on vacation
  • lasts all night with the power bank
  • uncomplicated operation
  • finally good sleep again

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If you choose the insect trap, you can not only enjoy a little more quality of life again, but also have a quiet night in which you are not robbed of any sleep. The device against mosquitoes is like that easy to use and is a great way to keep mosquitos and other insects out at night in both adult and children’s bedrooms.

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What does the Moskinator Pro do?

Everyone knows that a humming sound wakes you up during the night. Usually it is already too late by then and the next morning you complain about possible mosquito bites, some of which are distributed correctly over the body. There are people who are less prone to this, while others are downright bitten. For both groups, the insect trap is an effective method that can be used especially at night. Because then the device attracts the mosquitoes and other insects to them effective kill and you can avoid a sting. Thanks to this method, a peaceful sleep is finally possible again.

Why do I need the Moskinator Pro?

The Moskinator Pro is suitable for use in all age groups and is very easy to use. This means that even those who do not have any technical know-how have an effective remedy at their disposal against annoying insects. Young and old benefit equally of it, just as it does not matter what gender you are. Men and women get along very well with the product. Even those who have already taken another option to get rid of annoying mosquitoes will get along very well with the insect trap. You should just give the Moskinator Pro a try and see if it doesn’t seem suitable for your purposes. In many cases, most of them do not want to do without the device and use it regularly to drive annoying mosquitoes out of the room.

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How is the product used?

The insect trap is simply set up in a place near the window and connected to a power bank. The mosquito control device then switches itself on and does its job. As you can see, the service is completely straightforward and the preparation is done quickly. It is also important to occasionally check the container in which the dead insects are collecting. This must be emptied regularly.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the product?

Like any product in the health field, Moskinator Pro has its own advantages and disadvantages that are worth knowing about. That is why we have summarized what is important here. With the help of the following lists you can get an even better picture of the device against mosquitoes and decide more easily whether it is right for you.


  • easy operation
  • safe killing of mosquitoes and other insects
  • no chemicals are used
  • for at home, on vacation and in the office
  • no more sleepless nights


  • not known

As you can see, the Moskinator Pro doesn’t actually have any disadvantages that you have to watch out for. You practically only gain advantages if you choose the device. Mosquitoes and other insects are thanks to him successfully distributed or caught and you no longer have to worry about the insect stinging you, especially at night. You can use it both at home and on vacation, so you always have an effective measure that has no disadvantages of other methods. An all-round safe thing that you simply have to try.

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General Moskinator Pro test and quality features

We wanted to know more about it and just tried the insect trap. The order went quickly and without any further problems. The device against mosquitoes then arrived very quickly with us. We first checked its workmanship, but found that it made a very solid impression. Then we tried the device for a couple of nights and simply placed it on the windowsill. Overnight we only noticed the bluish light, which was not disturbing. After a few days we found out that we no longer had any mosquito bites. When we finally took a closer look at the device, we noticed that numerous insects on its surface as well as in the collecting container. The test was therefore successful. The Moskinator Pro almost magically attracts insects and kills them at the same time. Accordingly, the device works very effectively and we can assume that the manufacturer has kept what it promised. It is a helpful remedy against mosquitoes that everyone can benefit from. We give the Moskinator Pro a very positive rating and think you can recommend it without reservation.

General Moskinator Pro experiences and opinions

During our research, we also looked for other reviews and found that the insect trap had already been tried by a few. Most of them are very enthusiastic about the idea and have sometimes used a similar device in the past that worked with the same technology. But these were by no means as powerful as the Moskinator Pro, which wonderfully attracted and destroyed insects at night. Most are convinced of the device and appreciate his skills What many describe is the great advantage that the device against mosquitoes supports health by not impairing the quality of life. You can sleep well with the light without it being disturbing. Another thing is its ease of use, which is appreciated by many. Overall, the opinions were very positive, so that most of them are happy to recommend it and rate it well. On the other hand, we couldn’t find any negative opinions. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known Moskinator Pro issues?

If you use the insect trap according to the manufacturer’s specifications, there are no problems or difficulties that you have to pay attention to. It therefore makes sense to first read through the operating instructions for the device and act accordingly. The Moskinator Pro is otherwise completely risk-free and therefore you don’t have to worry about it.

Where can I buy Moskinator Pro?

The best way to buy it is directly on the manufacturer’s homepage. He also offers the insect trap through a few special offers. You can therefore always assume that you will get the original and not a problematic copy. As far as the offers on his website are concerned, these are designed in such a way that the device against mosquitoes is either cheaper or in staggered formats is offered. The latter means that you don’t just get one device, but several at the same time. This is particularly useful if you want to equip several rooms in the house with it. In such a case, the individual device is even cheaper than in the offer format. We therefore recommend that you access it whenever you can. The Moskinator Pro is also not only intended for use at home, but also for taking with you on vacation or in the office. This is how you literally avoid mosquitoes. The only drawback: The offers are only limited in time, which is why it is so important to grab the opportunity when you have the opportunity. It is not entirely clear whether they will ever return, or which prices will then be issued.

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Moskinator Pro technical details

With regard to the technical properties, we cannot provide any information about the insect trap. As far as technology is concerned, the manufacturer keeps a low profile. We can only assume that the device uses a light source that is designed to be attractive to mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, the possibility of killing the insects is also integrated, which is done by means of a slight tension. This is harmless to humans, however deadly for the insects. No other technical properties are known.

How does the ordering process work?

As far as the ordering process is concerned, we first found the order form on the manufacturer’s website. This only requires the entry of a few data, which is usually done quickly. Then you just choose which payment method you want to use and you can then send the order. Payment options such as PayPal or credit card can be considered. These options offer a high level of security and the possibility of claiming a refund if something should not work. So you always play it safe. After ordering, you will receive an email in which all information about the Order be summarized. At this moment you can possibly change something about it. A little later, however, the dispatch mail will be sent, in which a link is then given. This gives information about where the package is and gives you the option of calculating exactly when the Moskinator Pro will arrive at you. So you are always in the picture.

Moskinator Pro rating and recommendation

We’d like to recommend the insect trap as we believe it performs well and is an effective way to keep mosquitoes from biting you, especially at night. Annoying stitches per day are thus avoided and the device is also a very effective measure during the day to keep mosquitoes from approaching you. We have successfully tested it and think that it is definitely something that no one wants to do without once they have tried it. In addition, ordering is very easy and you can take advantage of additional offers.


In this last section we want to clarify the remaining questions about the Moskinator Pro, if they might have come up while reading. We want to offer you the full range of information that you need if you have not yet decided on the device against mosquitoes.

  • Q: How can the insect trap protect our health?
  • A: It is never good for your health when the body is literally bitten. Moskinator Pro attracts insects before they have stung and destroys them. Thus, the health is best supported.
  • Q: Is it possible to return?
  • A: If you find that you are not satisfied with the insect trap, you can return it without any problems. However, it is not always guaranteed that you will get a refund.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The insect trap is sold by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L. is called. The address is: Headquarters at C / Dublin 1, 28232 Las Rozas (Madrid). There is also a telephone number that you can use to contact the manufacturer. This is: +34 91 628 89 76. If you have any questions, you can also use an email address. It is: More is not known about the manufacturer. The URL of the website is:

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