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When you notice it, it’s usually too late to act: A lost wallet is more or less a catastrophe for everyone. Not only the cash is usually lost, but also all the credit and debit cards. And in many cases not only that is in the wallet, but also things like the vehicle and driving licence as well as the identity card. This not only entails possible trick fraud, but also requires immediate action on the part of the former owner.

In addition, a lot of bureaucracy follows. After all, all documents have to be re-issued. To counter this problem, the LB Smart Wallet is now available. This wallet not only accommodates money and card formats, but its Bluetooth technology also enables it to tell someone where it is at the moment. We would like to introduce the LB Smart Wallet in more detail and explain why it makes sense to consider a purchase.

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What is LB Smart Wallet?

This wallet is a model that connects to an app on the smartphone. This is to ensure that an alarm is triggered at too great a distance. This means that you are no longer tempted to forget your mobile phone at home and that your wallet is left lying around or stolen by someone. The app can also be used to locate the wallet so that it is no longer possible to lose it. All in all, the wallet offers the following features:

  • Anti-Lost: counteracts the loss of the stock exchange
  • you don’t forget your mobile phone anymore
  • makes the stock market easier to find
  • Records voice recordings
  • is always ready for use (even when no-disturb mode is switched on)
  • Records his position
  • can take and transmit photos
  • integrated alarm

These functions make it possible not to forget or move your wallet, thus avoiding the problems described above.

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Why does the LB Smart Wallet help?

As mentioned above, it is a real disaster for anyone to misplace or lose their wallet. If it was even unknowingly stolen, it is usually just as bad. In addition, there is also the danger that the person not only takes the cash, but also lets the EC and credit cards accumulate, if possible. To avoid such cases, the LB Smart Wallet presented here is ideal. This is because it immediately sends a signal to the smartphone as soon as it is no longer within a certain radius. The user becomes aware and can react immediately. It is also very useful in the event that the stock exchange is simply relocated. Similar to a bunch of keys, there is no real way to find it if there is no sensor on it. The wallet is ideal for these reasons alone.


For whom is LB Smart Wallet the right product?

In principle, there is no real target group for the LB Smart Wallet, because it is practically a great advantage for everyone to make use of it. It appeals to both older and younger people and has a neutral design that is practical for everyone. In addition, it can hold both cash and cards. It is therefore in any case excellent for the younger as well as the older generation.

In addition, both have forgotten to take their wallets with them. It is even suitable for people who always carry their wallet in their handbag. As soon as the bag is accessed, the alarm is triggered if it is outside a certain range. It is therefore not possible to generalise which target group the LB Smart Wallet is aimed at.

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LB Smart Wallet Technical Details

Let us now take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the stock market. After all, that’s what this product is all about:

  • integrated power bank
  • Distance alarm
  • Premium quality materials
  • easy to use and initialize
  • compatible with Android and iOS
  • remote photography
  • Voice recording possible
  • long battery life: up to 1 month
  • RFID blocking resistance
  • Locate My Wallet function via two-way alarm system

All these properties make the product the versatile utility item you need. Its compartments can also accommodate both cash and card formats. So it is not a model where the technology is well developed, but the use is limited by too few compartments.

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How do I use the product?

First of all, it is important to download the app to your smartphone. The app is called ‘Bseek’ and installs easily on the smartphone. All you have to do is connect the two components via Bluetooth and you can benefit from the advantages. In addition, there are various functions that can be used.

For example, there is the ‘Find the Wallet’, which will respond if the distance is more than 33 feet (the usual range of Bluetooth). In addition, a double click on the wallet makes it easy to find the smartphone. If you actually lose your wallet, you can locate it using an app. It shows the last recorded position.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LB Smart Wallet?

Like every gadget, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. We have therefore taken the opportunity once and compiled the following clearly. So you can get an idea of it for yourself.

Gps tracker connection



  • lightweight
  • easy operation
  • beautiful design
  • makes a sound as soon as one of the two is too far away.
  • position display
  • integrated remote camera


  • shows only the last position, not where it is at the moment

The advantages are obvious. A small disadvantage, however, is that if you lose it anyway, only the last recorded position is displayed on the smartphone. This is because the stock exchange itself does not have GPS. However, it shows you, for example, where your wallet was last and can therefore give you a decisive indication of where the exchange is at the moment.

For example, anyone who has left it at the butcher’s will certainly be able to go there and ask whether the exchange has been found. In many cases this is enough. The stock exchange is not difficult and can therefore be carried along very well. Furthermore one forgets neither the mobile phone, nor the purse, which represents a large advantage for all.

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General LB Smart Wallet Test

We wanted to convince ourselves of the capabilities of the exchange and took a test. The product makes a solid impression at first glance, is not heavy and can also be easily stowed in the bag. We first installed the app and tried out how the wallet behaves when you’re too far away or when you switch on the ‘Don’t Disturb’ mode on your smartphone. What we can definitely say is that it can work if you set it up properly. However, this was done within a few minutes and so we were able to test it in everyday life. What we noticed right away was that it beeps far more often than you might like.

Android ios

Because at home you sometimes move out of reach if you drag your mobile phone around with you, but leave your purse in another room. If you’re on the move, the function is certainly very useful and can prevent you from leaving the exchange somewhere. After a few weeks we have finished the test and would recommend it in any case also further, if one carries both relatively often together. Otherwise you have to get used to turning off the function when you are at home. Just so it doesn’t beep all the time.


General LB Smart Wallet experiences and opinions

We also searched the internet for reviews and found that there are some who are very satisfied with the stock market. In many cases they can handle it very well, the set-up has been very easy for them and accordingly the function is satisfactory. Almost nobody has made any negative experiences with the wallet. Just the point that the smartphone sometimes beeps when it is actually unnecessary, was criticized. Otherwise, the wallet does a good job and is gladly recommended by the users. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there known LB Smart Wallet issues?

As stated in the test, there is the problem that if the phone goes too far from the stock market, it will start to beep. Ironically, this is exactly the purpose of the product, but at home it can get on your nerves. But if you can handle it by switching the function on and off, you will get a good product for your mobile phone.


Where can I buy LB Smart Wallet?

Preferably directly from the manufacturer. This makes different offers on his homepage and offers them several times at low prices. In addition, there are moderate payment terms and a low shipping, as well as fast delivery times. You can not go wrong here.


LB Smart Wallet review and conclusion

Overall, it’s a good product, which can help in many cases, not to lose the stock market, or not to forget the phone when you go out of the house. It is gladly recommended and does a good job.


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LB Smart Wallet

Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 9.0

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