Quiet Buds Reviews, Functions and Price

Today’s world is not only progressive, but one thing above all: it is loud and hurts many people’s ears. Whether it’s louder conversations within a café, the construction noise on the streets, or simply louder noises that you simply don’t want to hear anymore. Most earplugs filter out certain sounds, but only cover a certain area.

The Quiet Buds product presented here, on the other hand, not only filters out the unwanted noises, but also ensures that you can only hear what you want to hear. Accordingly, hearing protection is a real enrichment at work, in everyday life and on other occasions. We would like to introduce the product below.


What is Quiet Buds?

The Quiet Buds are earplugs that have an exchangeable core and therefore offer the possibility that you can only hear what you really want to hear. Here are the features that the manufacturer also places in the foreground:

  • three different cores to exchange
  • Noise-Canceling earplugs for more peace of mind
  • exchangeable attachments for more accuracy of fit
  • suitable for sports, everyday life and work

Quiet Buds

In principle, these earplugs are an ideal way to bring more peace into everyday life or to profit from it in your job. Since there are different sizes and also cores to exchange, everyone has something of it, which likes it in the everyday life with pleasure somewhat calmer and is too strongly loaded by the numerous noises.

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Why do the Quiet Buds help?

Today the world has not only become louder, man himself is also more sensitive. You don’t necessarily have to be hypersensitive, but some sounds can cause hearing damage without it being intended. Anyone who is exposed to louder sounds for a longer period of time at work will sooner or later suffer hearing damage. In order to prevent this, most people wear ear protection, which, however, only eliminates certain sounds or covers a certain frequency range. Traditional foam ear protectors are also very uncomfortable and can only be used for a limited period of time.

As a result, they cause consequential costs that over time will reach into your pocket. The ear protection presented here is not only an optimized system, which should fit everyone, but which can also be adapted to the occasion. No matter if everyday noises, loud construction site noises or a concert – you can still talk, but filter out the unpleasant volume clearly.


Why do I need the Quiet Buds?

The product is aimed at all those who are looking for good hearing protection that is suitable and for which you do not have to go to a specialist. Especially when it comes to the different filters, such ear protection is very expensive. However, this is not the case with the product presented here, but it does the same. It is suitable for everyone who wants effective hearing protection that filters out certain noises and could actively influence this effect.

Both young and old benefit from using these earplugs. Not only do they prevent acute hearing damage, they also prevent negative effects that only become apparent after a while. These include, for example, tinnitus, which, in addition to nervous stress, can also occur if you are exposed to certain noises for too long. The earplugs are also suitable for both men and women.

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How is the product used?

The application is completely simple. Before using hearing protection, a suitable filter must first be selected. There are three pieces for this. One end (which is not pushed into the ear) is screwed on and the filter is removed.

Then replace it with another one that meets the desired requirements. Then this part is simply screwed back on and the ear protection can be inserted. Here one pulls at the top at the auricle this easily. The earplug is placed on the ear and carefully pushed into the ear canal. The ear can then be released again. You can tell whether the earplug sits correctly by the fact that it lies comfortably in the ear and does not squeeze.

If this is the case, you should readjust a little. It can be worn for several hours because it is designed so that it can be worn not only during the day but also during the night. It also gives the wearer a quiet night.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, this one also has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize below. This can also influence your purchase decision.


  • easy handling
  • contain several filters for different situations
  • easy to use
  • low-maintenance
  • usable in many situations


  • fit poorly in narrow ear canals

The only disadvantage of Quiet Buds is that they are not necessarily usable for every auditory canal. It is possible to determine in advance whether the ear plugs could fit well: For example, if you always use in-ear headphones to listen to music, this ear protection should also fit.

If you already have extreme problems with one ear, the probability is high that it will not fit. However, there are several attachments that can be used to adapt them as well as possible to your own ear. Otherwise the product has only advantages from which one can profit.

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General Quiet Buds Test and Quality Features

Of course, we wanted to do a test and see for ourselves how good the overall ear protection is. We have already tried several products in the field of hearing protection and were thus able to get a good picture of them. The ear protection presented here felt good, at least in the hand. Then we looked at the system with the filters.

There are some models on the market that follow the same concept, but are much harder to insert. Replacing them didn’t cause any problems with this product simply because the filters are large enough. We then used them carefully. Here a member of our editorial team had the problem that the plugs were simply too big. The foam elements supplied also showed no improvement. Therefore the product was unusable for them. However, the plugs served us very well and did exactly what they were supposed to do.

Quiet Buds Earplugs

They gave us the necessary peace and quiet and were also very useful for loud noises in everyday life. All in all we couldn’t complain and even enjoyed a perfect rest at concerts, although the music could be listened to at a comfortable level. Actually a perfect product in the area of hearing protection. 


General Quiet Buds reviews and opinions

We also looked around for other experience reports because we wanted to know if they supported our experiences. The reports we found reported that these users didn’t have any problems with the ear protection either and liked what the product did. It could provide the necessary protection in any situation and normal conversations were still understandable to everyone involved.

Wearing it was easy for most and the feared earaches that some users mentioned did not occur when using this product. All in all, they were happy to recommend it for regular use. It couldn’t have been better. You can find more customer experiences via this link here! *


Are there any known Quiet Buds problems?

We have already mentioned the problem because of the accuracy of fit. Here you simply have to ask yourself if you want to try the product out and check whether another attachment is suitable. Because in some cases it has happened that in-ear headphones didn’t fit, but the smallest of the attachments on these plugs did.


Where can I buy Quiet Buds?

The product is best ordered directly from the manufacturer. He sells it on his own homepage, where he offers a simple order and also several payment methods. These include for example credit card and Paypal. Both are as free as possible from risks and provide thus a high security with the buyer.

The order is also worthwhile here, because sometimes he has offers in his assortment, from which one can particularly profit. This means that you can order several, but get each one at a lower price. This is particularly suitable for collective orders. A few days after the order is placed, delivery is already made. There is no better way.

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Quiet Buds Technical details

We found relatively little information on the technical details. However, here is a list of the details we can provide:

  • three different cores (Commute, Concert and Ocean Quiet Core)
  • reduces ambient noise, all noises as well as surrounding rattling in various frequency ranges
  • is supplied with several attachments for replacement
  • protects against hearing damage

In total, all frequency ranges are covered so that the ultimate tranquillity can be achieved and you can only hear what you really want to hear.


Quiet Buds Evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we can only assess this product positively, because it does exactly what the manufacturer has promised. It is recommended for the reduction of everyday noise as well as at every concert. If you want absolute peace and quiet, simply replace the filter and you will get a calming silence that helps you to recover even at night. From us there is an absolute recommendation!


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The manufacturer is from the Netherlands, the address is as follows: Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, Netherlands. Here is the e-mail address for possible questions: support@buyquietbuds.com.

Homepage: https://www.buyquietbuds.com/ *



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Technical Details 9.0
Price 9.0
Overall Rating 9.0