Clean Body Restart Reviews, Ingredients and Price

Clean Body Restart Ingredients and facts

I have often heard of detox treatments, but never tried one myself. But the idea got stuck and so I decided to try the Clean Body Restart. I chose this product because I had already heard a lot about it. But what’s behind it? Are the positive effects really as overwhelming as Detox is said to be?

The manufacturer BodyFokus is an organic certified company for dietary supplements. It makes its products exclusively from natural ingredients and so this manufacturer’s products offer excellent opportunities to achieve a healthier lifestyle and better fitness. In the following I ordered the product Clean Body Restart.

This is a purifying agent in capsule form. It contains:

  • Vitamins B6, B9 and B12
  • Curcumin
  • Selenium
  • Actetyl L-cysteine
  • Chlorella powder and spirulina powder

Clean Body Restart

Especially the B vitamins are important for the body and also decisive for the effect of the detox capsules. The other ingredients naturally support detoxification.

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Information about the Clean Body Restart effect

The detox capsules act at several points and thus help the body, for example the liver, in several ways. The liver is there to detoxify the body and filters vast amounts of toxins. These are finally excreted from the body. The problem is that, despite everything accumulations occur, because we take in huge amounts of toxins through junk food and other manufactured products. On the one hand, the liver is now supported in its function, and on the other hand, the rest of the body is also purified and induced to excrete the residues of the toxins that are deposited.

Besides the liver, the intestine is the focus of the effect. Besides the liver, the intestines are most severely affected by these deposits. The third major advantage of this are the flavonoids. These are ingredients of plants which protect them against harmful external influences. They are usually found in the skins of the fruits and are mainly found in red grapes, sauerkraut and beets. These flavonoids have a number of positive effects on our body. On the one hand, they strengthen our immune system.

This is extremely important for health, especially in stressful situations. On the other hand, they also help our cardiovascular system and thus prevent heart attacks and strokes. Another big advantage of them is that according to the latest investigations they can even have a preventive effect against cancer because they fight “free radicals” (unbound oxygen inclusions in the body).


General Clean Body Restart test

I did not deal with the subject in great detail in advance and wanted to be surprised by the effect of the product. When I first took the product, my body was not in good condition. I try to implement a healthy diet, but mishaps occur again and again, which of course do not have an optimal effect. Especially the daily coffee does the rest.

So the aim was to improve my physical condition and above all my attitude towards life. I bought a can and started as soon as the package arrived. The delivery time was hardly worth mentioning and the product was safely packed. Before breakfast I took the first capsule daily with a glass of water, in the evening before going to bed I took the second one. In my diet, the first thing I left out was coffee. But I took the opportunity to pay attention to it. Now I leave out the snacks and try to eat the three main meals regularly. Since I started this cure I only drink water or tea. After the first days a positive change was already noticeable. I felt less exhausted, even after a strenuous day at work. Before I started detox, I often had problems falling asleep.

These difficulties in falling asleep were no longer a problem after just one week. I also feel powerful and energetic. The most serious difference, however, is noticeable in the digestion. Since the beginning of the purification I have a less feeling of fullness and abdominal degeneration. I read on the Internet about some conventional detox treatments that they can lead to certain digestive problems because they cleanse the intestines in a targeted manner. With the product by BodyFokus, however, there were no complications, which pleasantly surprised me.


General Clean Body Restart Reviews

I myself am very enthusiastic about this cure and would recommend it to anyone. Of course, if you want to detoxify, then this is optimal. But I’m not the only one who strongly recommends this product. On the BodyFokus website there are several satisfied customers who report on their experiences. “I feel very comfortable with your products” one customer writes or “I feel very comfortable with it and don’t want to miss them anymore”.

I also recommended the product to my friends and some of them tried it right away. One of my friends said (she had already done several detox treatments) that she was surprised how easy it was to use and how good the effect was anyway. You can also find more customer experiences via this link. More customer reviews can be found by clicking this link! *


Clean Body Restart review of a customer

  • Day 1: Clean Body Restart has arrived and I immediately start taking it. Since the package arrived in the morning, I took one capsule for lunch. The rest of the day was like always. However, I already took care of my diet and left out the coffee, although I sometimes still drink two cups in the evening.
  • Day 7: The first few days of detoxification are always the worst, but I have to admit that I don’t see it that way with Clean Body Restart. My body seems to take the capsules and their ingredients quite well. However, I can’t see any extreme effect yet. There are these positive moments, assuming it comes from the capsules, but I am still cautious with my euphoria.
  • Day 14: Two weeks with Clean Body Restart and the changes are really noticeable. I remember that before I took the capsules, I had real problems falling asleep at night. Within the first week I slept calmer, but I didn’t think it would last. I don’t have trouble to sleep through either. When I get up in the morning, I feel good and sometimes I could pull out trees. The motivation in my body is back, like I haven’t had it for years. Another point I noticed was the change in my metabolism. People don’t like to talk about it, but I used to only go to the toilet about every 3 to 4 days. Meanwhile I can set the clock in the morning to it and it is rare that it comes a little later. In addition, my stomach seems to calm down more and more. Grumbling in the stomach or a feeling of fullness after eating is completely absent. This alone was worth taking the capsules regularly.
  • Day 21: Meanwhile, I am working harder to adapt my diet to the new conditions. This is not always easy, but it is feasible. The three weeks I’ve been taking Clean Body Restart haven’t changed my daily routine much, but my health has improved by at least 100 percent. The attitude towards life is finally back and while others at work are still complaining that they are not feeling so well mentally (due to the season), I can see nothing like that. I’m fine, my motivation is great.
  • Day 30: The intake is coming to an end, but I am still enthusiastic about Clean Body Restart and would not have thought that the intake would have such an effect on me, or on my life.

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Personal conclusion after the first 30 days

I think I will continue to take Clean Body Restart and see how it develops. I am very positively surprised by the effect it has on the body, but above all on my metabolism. I think the more regularly you excrete the pollutants in your body, the better you feel. I am also very glad that a slightly longer intake of the product does not cause any side effects and have only good experiences to report.


Procedure of the Clean Body Restart intake

The application is very simple. Two capsules are taken daily. In the morning and in the evening simply swallow one capsule each with a glass of water. The meals are taken as usual, whereby I have already paid attention to a healthy diet during the treatment. The BodyFokus website specifically points out that the capsules work best if you also pay attention to a particularly healthy diet while taking them.

Of course you can also supplement meals with other food supplements from the BodyFokus-Shop. However, the capsules themselves cannot replace all the meals of the day, which you should definitely pay attention to!


Are there known Clean Body Restart side effects?

The capsules are made of natural ingredients and come with an organic certificate. They are gluten and lactose free and contain no genetically modified organisms. There are no known side effects. Even for allergy sufferers, this product is excellently suited as it contains neither nuts nor eggs. Sweetener was also not used, which makes it additionally tolerable.


Where can I buy Clean Body Restart?

You can find the product directly at the manufacturer. Of course you will also find many other health and fitness products there. Ordering is very easy, the shop is very clearly structured. You can use direct debit, credit card or PayPal as payment methods. Above all the fast dispatch, which is free in whole Germany by the way, convinced me very much.

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How is the Clean Body Restart price graduated?

The single pack costs about 60EUR with a quantity of 60 capsules. If you buy a total of three cans, the price per can drops to about 52EUR. So you’re already saving yourself a good deal of money. After all, the package with six cans is a real bargain. One can only costs then about 45EUR. So you save 25%. It is therefore worthwhile to ask whether friends or acquaintances also want to try the Detox cure. However, since they can also be used for a lifetime, it makes sense to buy on stock.


Clean Body Restart conclusion

All in all you will find an excellent method for purification. After only a short time you feel positive changes and at the end of the program you are like newborn. The health benefits speak for this product, especially when it comes to natural detoxification, and I can only warmly recommend it myself. So if you don’t necessarily want to depend on household remedies or want to buy dubious products, then this product is definitely a very good choice.

Who is the supplier of the product?

REG.-NO.: 11566755

Sales in Germany are carried out by the company Bodyfokus.

Homepage: *

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Clean Body Restart

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