Zen Cooler Reviews, Functions and Price

Exactly in summer a good air exchange in every living room is desirable. However, in case of doubt you have to use an air conditioner if a fan does not have enough power. This in turn consumes enormous amounts of electricity and is not always healthy. That’s why most users nowadays are already looking for an alternative with which they can cope better. Today we examined the Zen Cooler. A small system that can be set up freely in the home, that consumes little electricity, but serves practically the same purpose.

Zen Cooler


What is the Zen Cooler?

The manufacturer advertises the device with “Three devices in one”. It is therefore an air cooler that has similar capabilities to an air conditioner and can also be used as a humidifier. It is therefore also indispensable as a regular tool for allergy sufferers. The manufacturer promises the following capabilities:

  • Cooling and humidification
  • large air volume thanks to large water tank
  • Speed adjustments possible
  • beautiful design
  • Operation via USB plug
  • lasts up to eight hours in operation

All in all it is an advantageous device, which should pay off especially in living spaces. Especially in summer it offers a good alternative to air conditioning and is an air cooler that is easy to handle.


Why does the air cooler help?

Coolers are usually used to ventilate a room and at the same time provide a pleasant climate. At the same time, however, they are also an immense energy guzzler and drive up the costs. Some of them can only be retrofitted in a complicated way, because it is usually necessary to break through a wall. Owners who have had air conditioning for years are usually no longer using it, precisely because of the aforementioned reasons. In addition, they are noisy, which does not allow them to sleep peacefully at night.

With this device, on the other hand, it is possible to transport it from room to room and ensure a pleasant exchange of air. The air cooler works pleasantly quietly and at three different speeds, just as desired. The built-in water tank can be filled without any problems, which means more and more work with a normal air conditioner. All in all, the unit presented here ensures a pleasant climate in the rooms and at the same time humidifies the air.

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Why do I need the Zen Cooler?

In principle, the device is aimed at anyone who does not want to buy an air conditioner, or who wants to move away from the problem that it costs a lot to operate it. Therefore, they usually buy this product as an alternative. The age does not play a role, since both younger and older humans can serve it problem-free. Whether man or woman is also irrelevant. The only fact is that you want to keep your own rooms at a comfortable temperature without having to resort to a large air-conditioning system.

The air cooler runs without much electricity and can be connected anywhere where there is a USB port. Whether in the bedroom, living room, or even in the kitchen. It is also ideal for allergy sufferers because it humidifies the air and can be cleaned at the same time.


How is the product used?

The operation is child’s play, so that it can be carried out by practically anyone. The water tank is first removed from the side and then filled under the tap. You can also put some ice in the tank to cool the air even better. Afterwards the tank is simply put back on the device. The device now only needs to be connected to a power source with the USB cable. This can be done at the computer, but also by means of a suitable USB plug that fits into the socket. The on/off switch has to be pressed and the air cooler is already running.

The user is then only required to set the correct speed, where he can choose from a total of three different levels. After that you simply enjoy the well-tempered air.


What advantages and disadvantages does the product have?

As every gadget has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to explain in detail below. They can also contribute to a purchase decision.


  • easy to operate
  • three different speed levels
  • consumes less power than an ordinary device
  • moistens and cleans the air as well
  • can be connected anywhere


  • none known

The advantages of this device are obvious. The Zen Cooler is an excellent air cooler that consumes less electricity than an ordinary air conditioner and is worth its weight in gold to allergy sufferers because it can both humidify and clean the air. Because it can be connected anywhere, you practically always get electricity with it. In addition, the three different speed levels ensure a pleasant exchange of air.

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General Zen Cooler Test and Quality Features

Of course we also took a closer look at the device and did a test. We already had some of these devices in our hands and now know what is important. Already after unpacking we had a very good feeling, because the processed plastic felt very valuable, which is not always the case with this small form of air cooler. The handling is easy and uncomplicated, no matter who of us was involved. In principle, only the water tank is refilled and you’re ready to go. We haven’t had ice filling in any of the competing devices yet, but that’s only possible to a certain extent.

Ice cubes are too big. If possible, you can at most fill in shredded ice, or freeze the water you fill in. It is important to note that the container should not be filled completely. The device provides a good air exchange, so we were very satisfied with it. In the long run, the small device does a good job and so we are happy to recommend it to others.


General Zen Cooler Reviews and Opinions

In our research, we also looked for other experience reports, because we wanted to know what the experiences of other users had been like. We found out that there was no really negative opinion about the device. There was one or the other who complained a little about the eight-hour mileage, but we can’t share this opinion. The device is highly praised and highly recommended by the others. Some even took it with them on holiday to cool the apartment and enjoy a pleasant temperature. The fact that it can be connected almost anywhere makes it a good investment, even when on the move.

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Is there a known Zen Cooler problem?

A small problem that can be easily solved is the filter that is integrated in the device. In most cases, these are replaced in an air conditioner, but there is no guarantee that they will be replaced at all. This could become a problem over time. However, you can also ask the manufacturer if you want to use the unit to clean and humidify the air, because you are allergic.


Where can I buy Zen Cooler?

The best way is to buy them directly from the manufacturer, who offers them on his own homepage. Accordingly, there are not only good offers, but also an easy order. The company offers different payment methods for customers, which makes things very secure. Accordingly, there is hardly any risk involved. It’s also worth ordering from the manufacturer, as he always has cheaper prices for his customers than another supplier, who might even provide you with an inferior copy. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which can be used if the device is not good enough.

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Zen Cooler Technical Details

In the following we come to the technical details that we were able to find and that make up the device:

Honeycomb structure in the filter – effectively removes dirt from the air

  • sensible design with large air passage
  • Anti-slip feet integrated
  • Anti-stop device

You don’t really need to know more about this device.


Zen Cooler Evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we rate the device as very positive. Because it does a very good job and can be compared very well with larger devices. Especially in smaller rooms, air jams often occur, so that the use of such a device is very useful. It is very easy to use and therefore the ultimate method to achieve a pleasant temperature even on warm days. The manufacturer offers his customers a very good offer and therefore the order is as risk-free as possible.

In addition to our test, which was very positive, we also read testimonials saying that they didn’t want to give the device away any more and would therefore recommend it as much as we do. In conclusion, we can say that it is a very good alternative to larger devices, which often consume more power than they should and do not deliver the performance you want. In principle, it is the right appliance for every household to cool, clean and humidify the air thoroughly. Further customer experiences are available over this link! *


Information to the offerer and/or dispatch partner

ZenCooler Inc.
6444 San Fernando Rd #3550
Glendale CA 91201

The telephone number is: 877-210-7911, the e-mail address: support@zencooler.com From Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., they will take care of any questions and requests from customers.

Homepage: https://www.zencooler.com/ *


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