Williston Force Portable AC Reviews, Functions and Price

Especially in the warm summer months, many people long for air conditioning. But this is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Because every air conditioner is not only expensive to buy, but also to maintain. It has to be serviced regularly and also has the disadvantage that it is very loud and consumes electricity. Accordingly, you don’t like to leave it running, especially at night. An alternative is a small fan that you place in the room and which then cools the air. That’s why we took a look at the Williston Force Portable AC today. A fan that is as easy to use as a ventilator. The device not only promises refreshingly cool air, but is also noiseless and can therefore be used at night. We take a closer look at the device and wanted to know if the manufacturer promised too much.

What is the Williston Force Portable AC?

The Williston Force Portable AC is an alternative for the fan or the air conditioner. The small fan can do both and is therefore a very good substitute. It not only freshens up the air, but cools it down at the same time to create a pleasant temperature on warm summer days. In addition, it is equipped with a great LED lighting, which provides a calm atmosphere. The manufacturer also promises the following features:

  • easy to use
  • All necessary parts included
  • 3 different fan speeds
  • runs without making any noise
  • individual cooling according to your own taste
  • can be operated safely

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As you can see, the Williston Force Portable AC actually has all the necessary prerequisites to create the most pleasant ambient temperature possible on warm days. For this purpose, it is equipped with different levels to provide everyone with the individual cooling they need.

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What does the Williston Force Portable AC help with?

While other coolers just act like a fan, releasing stale air back into the room, the Williston Force Portable AC does something different. It can be used in the same way as an air conditioner because of the water that is fed into it. Except it doesn’t use as much electricity, let alone maintenance costs. It is also completely silent and can be used at night. So you can go back to sleep in peace. The Williston Force Portable AC will become a great companion, not only at home, but also on holiday or in the office.

Why do I need the Williston Force Portable AC?

The Williston Force Portable AC is aimed at all people who are considering buying an air conditioner but do not see the point in accepting high costs for it. Age is absolutely not a factor. Furthermore, it does not matter whether you are male or female. Both can benefit from the small fan and not only sleep better during the night, but also endure the day more easily if it is simply too warm. Also those who have been sleeping in alternative product but were not satisfied with them, can also benefit from the Williston Force Portable AC. No technical know-how is required because the operation is simple and straightforward. So you should definitely give the small fan a chance.

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How is the product used?

The Williston Force Portable AC should always be used as described by the manufacturer in its instructions. It states that the small fan must first be filled with water. This is done from above by simply opening the unit. Then the water module soaked in water and put back into the Williston Force Portable AC. The module can be used for about six to eight months and should then be replaced. Replacements can easily be obtained from the manufacturer. After that, it is only necessary to switch on the small fan and wait. Afterwards, you can already feel the refreshing effect, which is much better than that of a normal fan and gentler than that of a regular air conditioner.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

When you buy something new, you should always be aware that it has both advantages and disadvantages. We would therefore like to summarise below what you can expect from the Williston Force Portable AC. This way, you can perhaps also better decide for yourself whether the small fan is right for you.


  • easy to use
  • can be used at home, on holiday or in the office
  • individual adjustment possible
  • safe operation without risk
  • absolutely noiseless


  • none known

As you can see, the Williston Force Portable AC does not have any disadvantages that you have to reckon with. Therefore, it is highly recommended to simply try it out. You only benefit from the advantages.

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General Williston Force Portable AC Test and Quality Features

Of course, we wanted to know more about it and put the Williston Force Portable AC to the test. We ordered it, which was very easy and quick. Afterwards, we didn’t even have to wait long for the small fan to arrive. After that, we immediately tried it out. The fact is that it is definitely able to cool down the surrounding air, cool down the surrounding air and thus create a more pleasant atmosphere. It is quiet during the night and can therefore be operated without difficulty.

The handling of the small fan is uncomplicated and actually understandable for everyone, even if one has not had any experience with such a device. We can actually only give it a good rating at this point and think that it is not only a good replacement for the air conditioner, but also for the fan. Both in the four walls at home and on the road on holiday or in the office, it delivers good approaches and becomes indispensable there in most cases.

General Williston Force Portable AC Experience and Opinion

When researching the Williston Force Portable AC, we also looked around to see if there were people who had already had experiences with the small fan. Many of them simply set up a fan at night, but were not satisfied with it in the long run. When they set up the Williston Force Portable AC for the first time, they were impressed by the performance and didn’t really want to give it up afterwards. For most users, the fan replacement is a very good alternative to the air conditioner and is quite capable of creating a roughly equivalent situation. Whether at home or on holiday. In both cases, the small fan proved to be extremely practical, which is why no one wants to do without it. Most people are happy to recommend it. On the other hand, we could not find any negative reviews. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known Williston Force Portable AC problems?

Due to its simple operation, the Williston Force Portable AC is a device that does not require much maintenance. The water should be refilled from time to time to ensure continued operation. Otherwise, the Williston Force Portable AC has no problems whatsoever. You don’t take any risks with it either. However, you should of course only operate it in the way the manufacturer describes in his instructions instructions. Only then is it possible for it to function properly.

Where can I buy Williston Force Portable AC?

The best way to order is directly from the manufacturer, who sells the small fan via the Internet in its own webshop. Here you can also find various offers that make the whole thing even better. In detail, this means that you can not only buy one Williston Force Portable AC, but several at the same time at a preferential price. For example, you get two or three of the small fans, but pay much less per piece than if you order them individually. But be careful. These kinds of offers are only available for a limited time, so you should take advantage of them when you have the chance. At some point they will disappear from the programme and then it is not sure if they will ever return. These offers are also perfect if you want to have several fans in your home. You won’t go wrong with such an offer.

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Williston Force Portable AC Technical Details

Of course, it is always interesting to know what technical features a device has. Unfortunately, we could only find a few details about the Williston Force Portable AC. Therefore, we would like to summarise below what we actually know.

  • 3 different fan speeds
  • Operation via micro USB power cable (included in delivery)
  • LED lighting integrated
  • Water module is exchangeable

As you can see, there is very little information about the Williston Force Portable AC that we could mention here. Nevertheless, it is possible to convince yourself of its features a little better.

What is the ordering process like?

Nothing. It’s easier than that! To purchase the Williston Force Portable AC, simply go to the manufacturer’s website and fill out an order form after selecting the appropriate offer. You can then decide which payment method you would like to use. Here are a few secure methods such as Paypal or credit card. With the help of these options, you can easily obtain the necessary security for your purchase. Afterwards, all you have to do is click the order button on the website and you will receive an email that clearly summarises everything. When the small fan is shipped, you will receive another email containing a shipment link. Using this, you can see online at any time where the package is at the moment and can calculate when the small fan will arrive. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Williston Force Portable AC Evaluation and Recommendation

We would like to give the Williston Force Portable AC a good rating and believe that it can definitely be a welcome change from the regular air conditioner. The small fan is easy to take along at home, in the office and on holiday. Thus, it can also provide good service outside of one’s own four walls. We gave the Williston Force Portable AC a good rating and believe that it can be an asset in the home and at work. It is easy to use and therefore also suitable for those who do not have any technical know-how. All in all, it is well worth a recommendation.


In this last section we would like to provide the final information that you should know about the Williston Force Portable AC. We will also answer any questions that may have arisen while reading.

  • Q: How often do I need to clean the Williston Force Portable AC?
  • A: Ideally every 30 days. The water module should be replaced every six to eight months. To do this, simply remove it from the unit and dispose of it. If the unit is not used for a while, you can simply let the water module dry and then remove the remaining water with the plug.
  • Q: How is the Williston Force Portable AC actually operated?
  • A: The set includes a power cable with a micro USB plug. This is simply plugged into the small fan and off you go.
  • Q: What is the best way to set up the small fan?
  • A: The manufacturer recommends placing the fan replacement on a flat surface so that it cannot tip over. Then it can be switched on without any problems.
  • Q: Is there a right of return?
  • A: If you are not satisfied with the small fan, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back. The manufacturer issues a satisfaction guarantee for the small fan that allows you to do just that, as long as the item is left in its original, unopened packaging.
  • Q: Is the unit a full fan or air conditioner replacement?
  • A: The device can already do a lot, but of course it is not a full replacement. Nevertheless, many users have described it as a better alternative.
Information on the supplier or shipping partner

The Williston Force Portable AC is shipped by a manufacturer with the following address: Quality Performance Limited, 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013. There is also a telephone number that can be called from Germany. It is: 0800 – 6008004. There is also a mail address that can be used. It is: support@yourwillistonforce.com. The website where you can order the Williston Force Portable AC has the following URL:


Nothing more is known about the manufacturer.


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Williston Force Portable AC

Applicability 9.0
Effect 9.0
Price 7.5