Renu Back Reviews, Functions and Price

Bad posture will inevitably cause back pain sooner or later. Above all, this not only affects people who work in the office all day. In most cases, those who are traveling a lot are also scratched. So it doesn’t always make the movement. It’s just the attitude, in the situations in which you sit, or when you come to rest. It is not for nothing that you sometimes get up in the morning and feel totally hungover because you are embarrassed. In order to get this misconduct under control, there is now Renu Back. But what exactly is that? We take a closer look at the health gadget.

What is the Renu Back?

This product is a bandage that can be worn to maintain a straight posture. This is not only helpful to get rid of annoying back pain, but also all side effects. These would be:

  • body aches
  • poor focus
  • Headaches
  • aching
  • permanent hump


If you move incorrectly for too long and adopt an unfavorable stance, you will eventually be unable to get out of this cycle. In most cases, it becomes a permanent issue that can only be countered with harder medication. Most bandages that already exist in this area are very uncomfortable and cannot be worn for long. This is different, however. It helps you correct bad posture and live healthier again.

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What does the Renu Back help with?

The product helps with posture correction. This always happens when an additional gadget is used to straighten things out. This has always been done with broken limbs and is still done today. The posture correction is gentle here, unlike other bandages in this area. In addition, one or the other side effect can be eliminated with this product. So it is not only suitable for the treatment of back pain, but also fights headaches, sore muscles and general body aches. Because most people reduce the focus due to pain sensations, this is also resolved at the same time. But rather as a pleasant side effect.

Why do I need the Renu Back?

This posture correction product can benefit anyone struggling with constant back pain or even told by their doctor that they are in poor posture. If it is in a very advanced condition, it may take a little longer, but the posture correction product also helps here. It is important that you use it regularly and thus lead to success. Both men, women, young and old can use it equally. It is also easy to put on and therefore easy to understand.

How is the product used?

The cuff is first put on like a vest. So it is slipped over the shoulders. In addition, there are two straps at the bottom that look like a seat belt in a car. These are adjusted via the buckles on the back and simply pulled forward until a good posture is adopted. Finally, they can be attached to the belt with Velcro at the front. In the long run, this creates a certain compulsion that always keeps the upper body in a healthy posture. If the wearer leans forward again, it will be somewhat uncomfortable, but not painful. It practically draws his attention to the fact that he should return to a healthy posture in order to benefit from the effect. It is important to wear the product regularly over clothing. Ideally every day. However, you should take it off at night. It is also essential that it be worn for several weeks in order to create and consolidate an effect. Those who wear the product will automatically lose their bad posture over time and the posture correction is successful. However, what can be said: Within the first few days, any side effects such as headaches subside significantly.

Renu Back3 application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Here we would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product in more detail and contribute to the purchase decision. Because every buyer should be aware of both factors.


  • easy to put on
  • use in every phase of life
  •  relieves the side effects of poor posture
  •  makes a posture correction
  • convenient to carry


  • not known

As you can see, the advantages are obvious. So the orthosis is excellent to put on because it is so easy to use. In addition, all side effects disappear relatively quickly and the product is easy to carry. The orthosis can do a good job in every phase of life and is therefore an essential support for problems.

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General Renu Back Test and quality features

We wanted to know more about it and looked at the product in a test. It makes a solid impression, the seams are durable and the material feels good too. There are no difficulties when putting it on, and the straps are relatively easy to attach. First of all, it takes a little getting used to, and you still have the habit of falling back into your unfavorable position within the first few days. But that will change over time. The product encourages you to correct your posture and can therefore work permanently to achieve a real posture correction that will work later without the product. Back pain is a thing of the past, as are all other side effects that you have with this problem.

Overall, we were very satisfied and would therefore very much like to recommend the product.

Renu Back posture

General Renu Back experiences and opinions

We also looked for other reports during our research and found mostly positive feedback. Most users were very enthusiastic about the product and could describe it as convenient. An unfavorable posture was quickly corrected, and most noticed within a few days that symptoms such as headaches or sore muscles passed quickly. In the long run, they also wore the orthosis to strengthen the better posture and could therefore clearly benefit from it. There were hardly any negative reports. Most complained that there was no effect even after prolonged wear. Here we can say, however, that the posture of some is already so bad that an operation would be necessary. Depending on the cause of the posture, this cannot be corrected with the appropriate orthosis. Therefore, it is advisable to first have a doctor check whether the desired effect is even possible. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *

Are there any known renu back problems?

As already written, the bandage is not a panacea. If you already suffer from back pain, you should first clarify where it comes from before trying anything. The orthosis has no problem in itself, but it is the circumstances that should always be considered. This means that if surgery is necessary, you shouldn’t expect too much from the effects. Otherwise, the product could disappoint you because it will have no or little effect.

Where can I buy Renu Back?

It is best to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer, who has his own website on the Internet. Here he sells his products at a good price and provides you with all the information you need. In addition to an easy-to-manage order, there are also cheap payment options that involve the lowest possible risk. These include Paypal or credit card. With these methods, there is always a retrospective chance that you might get the money back if you don’t like the product. After ordering, the goods are shipped quickly, so that the orthosis arrives at the front door after only a few days. A particularly good incentive to order directly from the manufacturer is that he makes special offers available to his customers. These are usually time-limited and you should therefore strike if you have the opportunity. Here you pay less per orthosis, but order several at the same time. This is particularly good so that you have one to change.

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Renu Back Technical details

Finally, we would like to summarize a few technical details that make up the product.

  •  made from pleasant fabrics
  • easy to use
  • not to wear
  • Comfortable padding for good comfort

Unfortunately we could not collect more properties.

Renu Back rating and recommendation

Overall, we would like to rate the product positively. Because it creates a healthy basis for good posture again. If you have got used to a hump over the years, you can use this orthosis to literally bend straight. In addition, this is not even a lot of effort. The orthosis is easy to put on and can therefore be used by any age group. In addition, annoying side effects such as headaches automatically disappear if the product is worn properly for several weeks. Both our test and the testimonials of others showed that correct application can be a good success.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The product is offered by a company based in the Netherlands. Here is the complete address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands. A separate email address is set up for questions. This is: There is also a telephone hotline, but this is only interesting for customers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Ideally, the email to support should also be in English.

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Renu Back

Application 8.5
Effect 9.0
Overall 8.5