Polar Mini AC Reviews, Functions and Price

Probably everyone knows the days when the sun is at its highest and causes so much heat that one longs for an air conditioner. Those who then seriously look for such a device will soon notice that not only high costs are connected with it but that it can also be very loud. Specially at nights, this is absolutely not an alternative. We would therefore like to introduce Polar Mini. A device that can be set up at night as well as during the day and that provides fresh air. We have taken a closer look at the Mini air cooler and would like to explain in the following what is important with this device.


What is Polar Mini?

Polar Mini is a mini air cooler that can be placed in a room. It works quietly and uses water to cool down the temperature in the room. Even at night it works so quietly that you can fall asleep calmly. At the same time it is very easy to use and therefore a nice device that can be used in many situations. The manufacturer emphasizes the following features:

  • Space-saving
  • Draws little current
  • Cools the room down ideally
  • Very easy operation

Polar Mini
Due to the many possible settings, there is always the option to adapt the Mini air cooler to your own requirements. Thanks to it, you can avoid the expensive purchase of a typical air conditioner in any case.

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Polar Mini AC Evaluation and recommendation

We believe that Polar Mini is a good alternative to the typical air conditioning system. The Mini air cooler provides fresh air while being extremely quiet and easy to use. At night you always have a pleasant temperature in your room and the unit works quickly and cools down the environment. It is extremely safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Besides being used as an air cooler, Polar Mini is also ideal for humidifying or cleaning the air. The Mini air cooler can be used both at home and on the road, making it the ultimate tool that you don’t want to miss. We therefore highly recommend Polar Mini.

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General information about Mini air coolers

An air conditioner is known to draw an awful lot of electricity, as is a fan. Both methods provide a little refreshment for the moment, but hardly offer any fresh air. The Polar Mini uses water to humidify, clean and cool the air. This makes it ideal for creating a pleasant temperature everywhere. Furthermore, it is equipped with good features that can be used.

These include, for example, the three speeds that can be adjusted to suit your own preferences. This setting is particularly advantageous at night. Another aspect is the possibility of connection. The Polar Mini is coupled via USB so that it can be connected to numerous power sources.

Polar Mini AC


Polar Mini reviews and opinions

We also looked on the Internet for the experiences of other users and wanted to know how satisfied they were with the Mini air cooler. We found a lot of reports about the Polar Mini, but the tone was generally very positive, so you could get a better picture. The product seems to be of very good quality, so you can use it for quite a while.

Most of the people who bought the Mini air cooler did not want to buy a typical air conditioner, because it causes more electricity and costs. Nevertheless they were very satisfied with Polar Mini. The ease of use was praised time and again, which is why we assume that most users would also be very happy to recommend the device to others. Meanwhile, we could not find any negative reviews. You can find out more about customer experiences by clicking on the following link! *


Why do I need this mini air cooler?

The mini air cooler is aimed primarily at people who would like to have an alternative to the typical air conditioning system. The age is absolutely irrelevant, the gender is not important. It is very easy to operate, which is why it can also be used by people who do not have the technical know-how.

All age groups benefit from the Polar Mini and can enjoy fresh air in warmer weather. It also appeals to people who have already tried some alternatives but have not been successful or are not satisfied. Polar Mini gives everyone the opportunity to use an air conditioning system that does not use a lot of electricity and is also quiet.


Known FAQ about this product

In this section we will clarify the last questions that may have arisen about the Polar Mini:

  • Is the order free of shipping costs?
    • The delivery of Polar Mini is free of charge.
  • Are Arctic Freeze offers limited?
    • It’s worthwhile to buy as soon as you get the chance. Because the manufacturer only has a limited stock.
  • Can I take the Mini air cooler with me when I am on the road?
    • This is also possible without any problem, so that it is a good way of cooling in the office, at home and on holiday.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    • That depends on where you order from. Usually the device will be delivered to its new owner within a few working days. Delivery is made with well-known services such as DHL, which makes shipping extremely secure.
  • How is the device operated?
    • Basically it is only necessary to fill the water tank and plug it in. Afterwards a button is pressed and the device can start and cool down the air properly. All you have to do is tap the button that indicates the correct speed.

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Where can I buy Polar Mini?

The best way to buy Polar Mini is directly from the supplier. Because here you can be sure that it is the original and not a problematic product. The best way to order is to fill out a form in which you only need to enter a few personal details. Immediately afterwards, you can choose which payment method you want to use. Paypal and credit card are only two of them, which offer the highest possible security. A further advantage is that the shipment is fast and you can receive the Mini Air Cooler at home within a short time.

Furthermore, the provider offers the option to take advantage of special offers. This includes several Mini Air Coolers, which can be set up for fresh air in the whole apartment. The bonus: Each individual unit costs less in total than if you place an individual order. Therefore it is highly recommended to take advantage of the special offers when they are available. As the offers are also only available for a limited time, it says here Take it while you can.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Polar Mini?

For each gadget it is recommended to know the advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we have summarized all of them for you in the following. You can also use these lists as a purchase decision aid if you are not sure whether the Polar Mini is right for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Secure setup
  • Humidifies, cleans and cools the air
  • Long running time mode for 8 hours cooling possible
  • Three setting modes for more comfort
  • USB connection


  • None known

As you can see, the Polar Mini basically only has advantages that you can use. Not only is it easy to use and has several modes, it is also suitable for night use because it is also very quiet. It is connected via a USB port, which is very versatile anyway. So it is an ideal device at work, but also at home, as well as on vacation, which you can always have with you.


Does the device present any risks or problems?

In general it can be said that the Polar Mini only generates fresh air and therefore does not cause any problems. For some people the eight hours of the long term program might be too short. But in most cases it is quite sufficient. The only question we have to ask ourselves is whether the filter that is integrated in the device can be replaced. And if so, where to get a possible refill. Otherwise we can limit that there are no difficulties or risks with the product.


Polar Mini  AC – Technical facts

At this point we would like to summarize the technical features that are used in Polar Mini. The manufacturer is very secretive about this, so we can only note the following parameters:

  • Efficient air cooling technology
  • User-friendly operation
  • Standard USB power supply unit
  • 3 speeds adjustable
  • Cleans, humidifies and cools the air

Fresh air is very well possible with this mini air cooler. Due to its free adjustability it also brings a certain comfort.

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Who is the supplier of the product?

The company is located in the USA and has the following address: Kaizen Clicks LLC, 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 310 A197, Cheyenne Wyoming 82001, United States. A support email address is available for further information and questions. This is support@kaidirect.com.



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Polar Mini AC

Technical details 8.5
Applicability 8.5
Price 7.0