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Muama Ryoko – Every modern person almost always assumes that they have a good Internet connection. In addition, we are always out in the fresh air and use our smartphone or tablet every day. But this is not always the case. As an example: In cafés, the WLAN connections are often superimposed, as many devices access the network.

Therefore, the speed suffers and you spend more time looking for things on the Internet, for which a fast connection would only take a few milliseconds. In addition, there is often criticism of security, because you never know exactly who else is on the network and might have access to your smartphone or tablet.

If you would like to make a good internet connection available on the road, or if you want to offer this opportunity at home and possibly to friends, you can use the device presented here. A portable router does not cause any extra costs, is easy to handle and on the way a great pocket-sized device. We will introduce it below, along with its advantages.


What is the Muama Ryoko?

The Muama Ryoko is a portable router that you can take with you wherever you go to ensure a good Internet connection. Since we can hardly do without them nowadays, the Muama Ryoko offers the right conditions and is also secure and allows up to ten devices to connect to the Wifi at the same time. What’s more, Muama Ryoko incurs no additional costs to adjust to and has one-touch Internet access in up to 38 countries worldwide.

The manufacturer promises that you can connect to the Internet practically anywhere you are without having to access the public network. The portable router promises the following features:

  • One-touch access to the Internet in over 38 countries
  • secure internet connection without public WLAN
  • useful gadget for your pocket
  • lasts up to 12 hours
  • up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously
  • fast speed up to 150 Mbs, and secure 4G LTE Internet connection

Muama Ryoko

The Muama Ryoko therefore has all the features necessary for a good Internet connection when travelling. You can use Muama Ryoko not only alone, but also with friends.Button EN


What does that help Muama Ryoko?

We all know it: you go out into nature with your smartphone or laptop and want to work a little, or just surf the Internet while you enjoy nature. However, not everywhere there is the desired Internet reception, which is necessary for this. In many cases the WLAN offered is too slow, insecure or overcrowded. Therefore, the Muama Ryoko offers an alternative that you can even put in your pocket.

It is a portable router, which offers the necessary Wifi network on the way without effort, in order to have perfect Internet reception on the computer as well as on the Smartphone. In addition to your own use, you can pair up to ten devices at the same time, so that friends on the go can surf the net without any trouble and without overlapping each other. The Muama Ryoko transmits at a speed of up to 150 Mbs and thus corresponds to a 4G LTE line, which is also very secure.


Why do I need the Muama Ryoko?

A portable router is primarily aimed at people who would like to have access to their own Internet while on the move, but do not want to be dependent on it being public WLAN. These methods are usually relatively insecure and you never know exactly who is on this network. A portable router like the Muama Ryoko offers exactly that and also provides the right conditions.

It is irrelevant whether the Muama Ryoko is operated by a young or an older person. Its simplicity makes it easy to understand and ideal for travel. It is also irrelevant whether men or women use it, it provides good Wifi for everyone. By the way, it doesn’t matter where you are with the Muama Ryoko. So some people like to go with him to the park, others use the nature on the campsite.

The Muama Ryoko always establishes a good internet connection.

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How is the product used?

Only a few steps are required to use it. The manufacturer describes that once you have switched it on, you only need to connect the Muama Ryoko to the device intended for it. That means you connect the portable router via WLAN in the settings. Normally, laptops as well as smartphones always look for such devices in the vicinity.

One only has to select this one and then one couples the two devices together. Actually, there is absolutely nothing more. It does not matter in which country you are or which device you use. This device should only have a possibility for WLAN connection.

Muama Ryoko Function


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any device, a portable router like this one has its advantages and disadvantages. At this point we would like to summarize these in a clear and concise way and thus provide you with a purchase decision in case you are not sure yet whether the Muama Ryoko is the right one for you. The following list will help you to find your way around and decide later whether to buy such a device.


  • easy use
  • secure Wifi everywhere
  • long battery life
  • high velocity
  • useful gadget


  • none known

In some cases the speed may be a little too slow for the user. But all in all, there are only advantages to the device, which is easy to use and gives you Wifi when you need it. A portable router is simply a useful tool that you don’t want to do without and you can even carry it around in your pocket.

It has a long battery life, provides secure Wifi in any place and even allows several people to use it except yourself, if you allow it. Accordingly, according to its advantages, it is an enrichment for every user who needs a flawless connection on the road.

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General Muama Ryoko test and quality characteristics

We wanted to convince ourselves of the abilities of Muama Ryoko and ordered one. Since we travel a lot ourselves, such a portable router is always useful, just as the manufacturer promises. After delivery, we first checked the Muama Ryoko for quality and were very satisfied with it. It makes a solid and well manufactured impression, which promises a longer durability.

We then put the device through a test and paired it with smartphones and laptops, which worked well. The connection was made quickly and was largely stable, so it’s always usable on the move and you don’t have to worry about any extra costs.

However, one thing must be said: if you are in an absolute dead zone, there is no good Internet connection. But this criterion should already be known if you use a smartphone. There are simply zones that are unfortunately not yet sufficiently covered in this country. By the way, we have also tried the connection rate when several devices are connected to the router.

The procedure is very simple and fast, but the connection still remains stable. However, we had some minor problems with the battery life here and there. Due to the fact that several devices had to be operated, it turned out to be somewhat shorter than indicated. Apart from that we didn’t notice any problems with the Muama Ryoko.


General Muama Ryoko experiences and opinions

We have also looked for information about Muama Ryoko in the experiences of other users. However, the experience reports we could find were mostly positive. Most users are quite happy to have such a device on their side, because now they don’t have to do without a secure internet anymore.

A portable router like this one gives them the freedom they need not always have to sit in a certain place just because WLAN reception is guaranteed. With the Muama Ryoko, they can also sit in parks and green spaces and still surf the Internet perfectly. Some users complained about the battery life, which can last up to twelve hours, but sometimes it’s over in the middle of the game. After all, you can’t always have Muama Ryoko hanging on the charger cable. So most users were able to come to terms with this little problem very well.

In addition, some of them used the manufacturer’s offer formats and thus practically always had a replacement in their pockets. Nevertheless, the tone of most field reports was quite positive and therefore most users are happy to recommend the portable router. We couldn’t find any negative reports. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Muama Ryoko problems?

Normally the portable router actually works very well. However, we must note that the more devices attached to it, the more battery power is consumed. This should be taken into account when you are out in the middle of nature and three or four of you are tapping at Muama Ryoko. Then the battery can also run down a little faster. Apart from that, we can’t describe any other problems related to the portable router.


Where can I buy Muama Ryoko?

The best way to order Muama Ryoko is directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers his product on his own website and at the same time provides offers. These usually include not only a lower price, but also the possibility to order several of the devices. The advantage is that a single device is available at a much lower price within these formats than if it is ordered individually. So it is worthwhile to have a look at the website from time to time before deciding to buy and check if there are offers available.

In any case, then it is time to buy! In addition, ordering is very easy, as it is done via a form. Just enter some data and press the button at the bottom. Thus the order is completed and will be forwarded immediately.

Afterwards, the user receives an order confirmation in order to achieve more security.

Within a few days the order will be sent and delivered directly to your door. Thus, one does not have to plan any effort in order to get the device. The payment is also relatively risk-free, as it is done via methods like Paypal or credit card. Thus, the producer gives one the full security.

Moreover, one is able to make use of a money-back guarantee within a certain time. Thus, one gets the money back if one is not satisfied with the device. Moreover, one can assume that one gets the high quality original and not a cheap, problematic copy.

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Muama Ryoko Technical Details

As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, the manufacturer is keeping a relatively low profile, which is why we were hardly able to find any information. Nevertheless, we would like to give some information to get at least a little insight. The device provides up to 150 MBS and a 4G LTE internet connection at the same time. Unfortunately, more is not known.


Muama Ryoko evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we would like to give the product a positive rating because it met our requirements and was able to perform its tasks very well. A portable router is always recommendable if you value a secure and stable line and at the same time want to provide a good Internet connection for fun or family on the go. Apart from the battery life, there are no criticisms of the Muama Ryoko, because it is a good companion on the road, easy to use and in most cases does a good job.

Since it can be used in up to 38 countries without any problems, a portable router is also designed for holidays. To this end, the whole procedure is combined with an uncomplicated ordering process, which is easy to handle and within a short period of time the router is shipped and delivered. If you had any questions, you could also have them answered via the chat integrated in the manufacturer’s website.

Here you also have the opportunity to get further information. From us there is a clear recommendation for the device and we believe that it represents something like a future, because probably in a few years nobody will want to live without such a device anymore.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The distribution is carried out by UAB Ekomlita, at least that is what it says on the website. Where exactly the company is located is not quite clear. The website also offers the possibility to contact the company via the contact form. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the manufacturer.

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Price 7.0