Blaux Classic Desktop AC Reviews, Functions and Price

Anyone who wants to purchase an air conditioning system usually quickly realises that the device not only causes initial costs but also follow-up costs. These are usually so high that most people do not buy an air conditioner after all. Today we would like to introduce a mini air cooler that can do all of this and brings you fresh air at certain points, which you can simply enjoy without worrying about the consequences.


What is the Blaux Classic Desktop AC?

The Blaux Classic Desktop AC is a good alternative if you don’t want to have to buy an air conditioner right away. It provides fresh air and is somewhat more energy-efficient than an normal air conditioning. The manufacturer focuses mainly on the following features of the Mini air cooler:

  • can be used as air cooler or normal fan
  • can also humidify the air
  • inclusive ice tray
  • simple operation
  • cools down the air at certain points
  • safe use

Blaux Classic Desktop Ac

As you can see, this device brings all good Features of an air conditioning system and has no problems to fear afterwards. This makes it a good alternative to conventional air cooling.

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What does the Blaux Classic Desktop AC do?

With the hot temperatures, it is understandable that many people long for air conditioning. They want to buy one, but find out during research that the devices are not only expensive, but also cost a lot to maintain. They consume a lot of electricity and are much too loud at night, so you usually can’t even leave them running. As a result, many people decide against air conditioning in the end. The Blaux Classic Desktop AC is an air conditioner in a small format. The mini air cooler can cool the air at certain points and is so quiet that it can also run at night without disturbing you. It also consumes far less electricity than a normal air conditioner, which makes it ideal for use at home and at work.


Why do I need the Blaux Classic Desktop AC?

The Blaux Classic Desktop AC appeals to every user who could use a little fresh air in their environment. It is irrelevant whether this Young or old is. All age groups are addressed with the Mini air cooler. It is also completely unimportant whether it is a man or a woman. Both can benefit from the cooler. Another target group is people who have considered buying an air conditioner but have not done so. They too can try the Blaux Classic Desktop AC and hopefully achieve what they want. In principle, the target group for the air cooler cannot be narrowed down, because a great many of them are addressed.


How is the product used?

Using the Blaux Classic Desktop AC is completely uncomplicated. The mini air cooler uses either water or ice as a base. For this purpose a special container integrated in the cooler, which must first be removed and filled. Afterwards they are simply put back in and the Blaux Classic Desktop AC is switched on. Afterwards you will have fresh air within a short time, which you can enjoy. There is absolutely nothing more.

Blaux Classic Desktop Ac Aufbau


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be kept in mind. Therefore, we would like to summarise below what makes the Blaux Classic Desktop AC so special and why it could be the right thing for you. You can also use this list as a purchase decision aid if you are not yet sure whether the Mini Air Cooler is right for you.


  • easy to use
  • does not eat much electricity
  • is also used as a humidifier
  • provides fresh air
  • a good tool both at home and at work


  • none known

As you can see from the list, you don’t have to fear any disadvantages with the Blaux Classic Desktop AC. You get a good mini air cooler that does its job and gives you fresh air. It is extremely easy to operate, does not eat a lot of electricity – like an air conditioner – and is a really good way to regulate the temperature both at home and at work.

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General Blaux Classic Desktop AC test and quality features

Of course, we wanted to know a little bit more and tried the Blaux Classic Desktop AC. The mini air cooler made a good and solid impression when it arrived at our place. Of course, we immediately charged it up and equipped it with the necessary ingredients. Some ice cream goes in the lower compartment, and some water in addition. Afterwards it is simply switched on and you have to wait. Within a few minutes, fresh air spread out in the immediate vicinity, which you could cope with perfectly. The Blaux Classic Desktop AC above all quiet and we can well imagine that this is why he does not cause any problems at night, if you let him walk to sleep better. All in all, we were very satisfied with the device and think that it is definitely recommendable.

Blaux Classic Desktop Ac En


General Blaux Classic Desktop AC experiences and opinions

When researching the Blaux Classic Desktop AC, we looked around for reports from users who had already gained experience with the mini air cooler. We came across a large number of reports, but most of them were written in a really positive way. Most of them have a lot of fun with the Blaux Classic Desktop AC, because it cools down the temperature in the rooms and can also be a real change when sleeping. In addition, it is easy and safe to use, with which you can actually do nothing wrong. Within the experience reports we have also seen that it is different age groups that use the Mini air cooler. We have not found any negative reports. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there known Blaux Classic Desktop AC problems?

After getting an idea of the Blaux Classic Desktop AC, we can say that there are no problems with it. If you use it according to the manual, it is a good mini air cooler that provides enough fresh air and is a good help at work and at home.


Where can I buy Blaux Classic Desktop AC?

if you are interested in the Blaux Classic Desktop AC, it is best to order it directly from the manufacturer’s website. Because they offer it in their online shop. This way you can be sure that you get a quality product that does exactly what it is designed for. This way you effectively avoid further problems. You can also take advantage of the offers the manufacturer offers you. These enable you to get not just one Blaux Classic Desktop AC, but several. In the special offer formats two or more of the Mini air coolers are accommodated, whereby you pay less for a single one than if you order it alone. You can use these offers yourself or together with a friend. Both of you can benefit financially. But be careful: The offers are only for a limited time and you should take advantage of them when you have the chance.

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Blaux Classic Desktop AC Technical details

Unfortunately, we could hardly find any information regarding the technical details. However, the fan brings everything to do its job well.


How does the ordering process work?

To order the Blaux Classic Desktop AC, first choose one of the offers mentioned above and then fill in the order form. Here you only have to fill in a few details before forwarded to payment will be. We offer you uncomplicated and secure methods of payment. Among them Paypal as well as credit card. Afterwards you only have to send the order and can wait for the Mini Air Cooler to be sent to you. More is absolutely not included.


Blaux Classic Desktop AC rating and recommendation

We rate the Blaux Classic Desktop AC with a good judgement, because we believe it can provide good, selective cooling that makes everyday life easier. It is easy to use, safe and can be used at home, on the road and at work. All this makes it versatile and some people don’t even want to do without it. They are happy that the device makes their everyday life easier and are happy to recommend it to others. We agree with this in every respect.



In this section we clarify whether there are still open questions about the Blaux Classic Desktop AC and how we can answer them.

  • Is it easy to take the fan with you? – Yes, that is no problem.
  • Does it just cool down or does it humidify the air as well? – The air cooler can in principle do both. It also makes a good contribution to health, because it is better than a dry air conditioner.
  • Can I track my delivery? – If you have ordered the Blaux Classic Desktop AC, you will usually receive an email when your order ships. In this email you will find a tracking number that you can use to track the package online at any time.


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The supplier of the Blaux Classic Desktop AC is a company called Strong Current Enterprises Limited. It has the following address: 68308, G/F building Kowloon East, 12 Lei Yue Mun Street, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. It also has a support email address where you can contact us if you have any questions. It is

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Blaux Classic Desktop AC

Technical Details 8.5
Applicability 9.0
Price 7.0