Zen Heater Reviews, Functions and Price

The cooler season is just around the corner again and residents of large houses are once again faced with the problem of how to save heating costs without freezing to death. A fan heater is recommendable in such moments, but which one should one use here? Today we have dealt with the Zen Heater, because it is an option to get rooms really warm, whereby it is very small, but still powerful. Below we explain all the details you should know about the heater.


What is the Zen Heater?

Who has it in the winter beautifully warmly, gets in the spring usually also a hearty heating cost account. Since these become more and more expensive, one wonders with the time whether there are no alternatives in punkto heating system. Because the usual heating provides one the wohlige warmth, costs however also quite beautifully much. The Zen Heater presented here has the following characteristics:

  • constant temperature maintenance
  • for at home and in the office
  • no power guzzler
  • small, handy format
  • intelligent timer
  • energy-efficient

Zen Heater
While others spend a lot of money on a large heating system and end up being overwhelmed by their electricity bill, Zen Heater users can count on it to be an efficient device that doesn’t consume too much electricity, but still provides an excellent source of heat.


What’s the use of the personal heater?

Especially those who have a larger house know how difficult it is to bring all rooms up to temperature. However, it is usually the case that you live there with several people and the heat has to be there. If the children move out with the years, you end up sitting alone inside the much too big house. Who does not want to sell, commits itself practically to pay over the years the high electricity costs and heating costs, because he must heat the whole house also further.

The heating device presented here, on the other hand, is excellently suited for one room and can also be used in several rooms as an alternative to conventional heating. Accordingly it is also saving. With this small product rooms can be heated very well.

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Why do I need the Zen Heater?

The device is aimed at all users who want to heat larger rooms but do not want to turn on the heating. It is also an excellent alternative for typical fan heaters at work. Especially at work, the heater is usually not so warm that you can work well. With this device, which is simply plugged into the socket, the entire workplace can be heated up perfectly, however, so that a pleasant work is possible. As far as age is concerned, the product is aimed at young and old. It is also so easy to use that even those who don’t have a lot of technical affinity get along.

Women and men benefit equally from the product.


How is the product used?

Basically, there’s not much to it. After removing the heater from its packaging, you simply plug it into a wall socket and use the on/off switch to regulate when it is switched on and when it is switched off again. The whole thing is coupled with a temperature controller, where you set the desired temperature, the device heats up and switches off if this is reached. If the temperature goes down again, it switches on again. This procedure also allows direct control and management, because the device only runs when you really need it. If the heating is no longer desired, it is simply switched off.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. We have therefore summarized all the information below and would like to bring it closer to you, as it can also contribute to the purchase decision.


  • small and compact
  • for office and home
  • Integrated on/off switch
  • constant thermal output
  • does not consume much electricity


  • none known

The advantages are obvious. Due to its size, the device can easily be stored in the bag, so that it can be used both at home and in the office. In addition, its constant heat output ensures that it is nice and warm where you are. The on/off switch guarantees full control over running times. There are no known disadvantages. There is no better way. So if you like it warm in your environment, you should try the device in any case.

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General Zen Heater Test and Quality Features

We wanted to convince ourselves of the device’s performance and did a test lasting several weeks. Especially in the office it is always a bit cool and the large windows don’t keep the heat very well. We unpacked the unit and were surprised at its size. It’s really easy to put in your pocket, so you can use it at home and in the office. After plugging it in, we turned it on. So far it made a quite valuable impression. After a short time we already felt the heat flowing out of the heater.

We have to admit that it takes a while to get really warm in the office, but surprisingly this warmth could hold the device very well. We would recommend the heating system at any time, because we think it is very useful if you want to save heating costs. So we can only be positive about it.



General Zen Heater Reviews and Opinions

During our research we also found out that there are other satisfied users who have had good experiences with the device. Most of them were very enthusiastic about the capabilities. The heater convinced a lot of users. For others, it took too long to heat up the whole room. In the end, however, it was very well received and is therefore a product that is highly recommended. Most users only reported positive results and are therefore very enthusiastic. They would also recommend it to others to save costs.  Further customer experiences are available via this link!


Are there any known Zen Heater problems?

Except for the fact that sometimes it really takes a little longer to get warm, we haven’t noticed any problems. However, it always depends a little on the size of the room the heater is supposed to heat. A normal heating system also needs a certain amount of time to really warm up the room. So you should give it time.


Where can I buy Zen Heater?

It is best to purchase the device directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers the heating system via his own website, where he also makes offers available. These scales make it possible to buy several units at the same time and thus get complete equipment for your own home. The advantage: Depending on the offer, the appliances become cheaper and cheaper, so that you may end up paying only half for a single appliance. Then you can place such a device in every room.

An alternative is of course the purchase of several devices to pass them on to those who would like to have it warm, but have no idea that there is such a thing as the Zen Heater. At the manufacturer you get the possibility of a simple order, as well as payment. For this several methods are offered, which are completely without risk. After the order the heating system is shipped quickly and arrives a few working days later. Then you can try it out right away.

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Zen Heater Technical Details

Now we come to the technical characteristics of the gadget that the heating system brings with it. We can only give a few details here, but they already say a lot about how well the product works.

  • Adjustable temperature
  • 350 Watt Power
  • switches itself off when temperature is reached
  • keeps the heat constant and switches on again when required
  • suitable for a space of up to 250 square metres

Unfortunately, we cannot explain more about the technical properties. The information in this regard was somewhat scarce, but one can assume that the device is also of such high quality that it keeps what the manufacturer promises.


Zen Heater Rating and Recommendation

Overall, we can only assess the product positively. In our case, it was in use for several weeks and heated up our offices very well. It didn’t consume much electricity and is therefore an ideal alternative if you don’t want to turn on the usual heating. We are happy to recommend it to others, especially if smaller rooms are to be heated with it. The device reacts quickly, heats up quickly and can even be switched on and off manually.

When the temperature is reached, it switches itself off and on again automatically if the temperature falls below the desired level. Especially due to the ever-increasing heating costs, no household should be without it.


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

As far as the shipping partner is concerned, we cannot gather a lot of information. The fact is that he grants his customers a 60-day right of return. If you send the device back within this time, he does not ask any questions and as a customer you get your money back easily. The manufacturer is from Los Angeles, California. As contact address the following E-Mail address is indicated on the web page: support@zenheater.com. A foreign telephone number is also available: (877) 210-7911. If there are open questions, it is best to first contact the supplier by e-mail.

Homepage: https://www.zenheater.com *


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Zen Heater

Technical Details 8.0
Price 8.0
Overall Rating 8.0