Wifi Pod Reviews, Functions and Price

The Internet has become an indispensable technology in today’s world, which can be used at any time and any place. The problem: Especially within Germany the coverage with Wifi networks is not yet so optimal that one can always guarantee this intention. Therefore, a solution is needed that in principle provides you with Internet at all times and here we have a product like Wifi Pod. No matter if at home, in the office, in a café or at other places.

Although there are already possibilities to use a public WLAN these days, it is not always free of charge. With the pocket modem, which we would like to introduce below, this is possible without any problems. Because here you use your own internet without having to use the public services.


What is Wifi Pod?

The Wifi Pod is a pocket modem that gives you permanent Internet access no matter where you are. You always have the Internet with you and can connect up to ten devices at the same time without any loss of performance. So the whole family can surf the Internet without having to refer to other sources. Here are the advantages that the manufacturer promises

  • up to six hours battery life
  • p to ten people who can connect
  • offers connectivity, mobility and functionality
  • easy control
  • High-speed Internet, wherever you need it
  • no surprise costs

Wifi Pod

As you can see, the device has all the features you need for both home and travel without the need for an additional router. The pocket modem is designed very small, so that it fits in every pocket. This means that the smartphone can also be used to access the Internet perfectly on the move without incurring increased costs.

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What does the Wifi Pod do?

Anyone who has ever wanted to use the Internet on the road has experienced these situations: Either there was no public WLAN network to which one could connect, or performance was reduced because tens of other people were also connected to this network. On top of that, there was usually the fear that one had to calculate costs for using the Internet. Not infrequently, this was also true and these people had it in them. In order to avoid all these things, from now on you take your own pocket modem with you.

The device presented here is an own router, which you can use yourself without additional cost traps. Up to ten people can connect to it, but the owner always has full control over who is also using the router. So everything stays within one network without any problems. Especially for people who are on the road a lot and need the internet there, this pocket modem is the ideal way to stay mobile and independent.


Why do I need the Wifi Pod?

The product is aimed primarily at anyone who wants to ensure a flawless Internet connection without having to accept any loss of performance. The user can be young or old, male or female. These aspects do not play a role in the use of the product. Due to its ease of use, the router is also suitable for all age groups. The target group is broadly diversified and can therefore not be clearly defined.

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How is the product used?

In principle the handling is very easy. Once you have received it and unpacked it, a flap can be removed from the back of the device. There, the battery as also the SIM card is installed that is used for the device. The SIM card comes from the user himself. He must therefore obtain it and use a mobile phone provider for this.

If you have a SIM card, you can insert it into the slot provided, place the battery on top and close the flap again. After this has been done, the device has to be charged. In the meantime, it is possible to install the corresponding app on the smartphone or tablet. It works equally well on both systems. Once the battery is full, turn the device on. It will now pair up with the tablet and the app, where you can then make settings.

This is basically the whole concept on which the function is based. The pocket modem can now be taken everywhere and provide internet when you need it.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any gadget, this one has its advantages and disadvantages. We would like to use this possibility and list them below. This can also help you to make a purchase decision, if you are not yet sure whether the gadget is suitable for your purposes.


  • uncomplicated use
  • unlimited internet everywhere
  • no hidden costs
  • easy connection to Smartphone or Tablet
  • up to ten people can be connected


  • none known

As you can see, the device only has advantages that can be used very well. It is easy to use and at the same time offers ten people WLAN access. It is co-operable with smartphone and tablet via the app, making it ideal for travel.

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General Wifi Pod test and quality features

Of course we wanted to try the whole thing out and ordered the router once. We all know this, especially in times of home office and working in the fresh air. People were always looking for Internet access and it was either expensive or slow. The pocket modem should help. The quality was very solid, so we tried it. The connection with the smartphone and tablet worked perfectly and without any problems.

When we were in the fresh air with the device, it only looked for a short time for access and we had good internet on the device. It doesn’t matter whether you want to surf with a tablet or a smartphone. Especially in Germany we don’t have the good connection yet, as it is almost standard in other countries. With this modem, on the other hand, we can guarantee to have Internet at every access point without having to accept any restrictions.


General Wifi Pod experiences and opinions

In the search for information about the device, we have also looked for reports of experiences. In these reports, owners of the device write about their experiences with the device. We have also found some of them. Most of them were very satisfied and therefore recommend it gladly.

They praised the fact that the device was easy to use and that they could finally use free internet without having to search for an access point. For most of them it was a great relief and they did not want to miss it anymore. We could not find any negative reports. You can find out more about customer reviews  via the following link! *


Are there known Wifi Pod problems?

All in all, we cannot find any problems with the device. Also, we did not read about it in the respective opinion polls or read field reports in which any problems were listed. So we can answer this question with “No”.


Where can I buy Wifi Pod?

The device is best ordered directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers his products on a separate website. This way you also have the guarantee that he delivers the original and not a faulty copy. In addition, the buyer has the option of a simple order, which can be completed easily using a form.

The dispatch is quickly initiated and a few days later the device is already in your hands. By the way, the payment looks just as risk-free. The manufacturer provides various options for this. Among them Paypal and credit card. With these options, the user takes no risk. If the customer is not satisfied with the device, a return guarantee is even offered, with which one gets one’s money back. Furthermore: Depending on when you appear on the homepage, you can use certain offers.

Most of the times, they contain several devices, whereby each device costs less than the purchase of a single one. These can be used to one’s advantage, especially if one wants to fully equip oneself, or perhaps give one as a gift.

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Wifi Pod Technical Details

As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, the seller keeps a relatively low profile. Accordingly, we can hardly provide any information in this respect, except:

  • up to six hours battery life
  • can be operated with a normal SIM card

In principle, it can be said that the device has all the features that are needed in a good modem. On the road, it is a great alternative that you don’t want to miss if you use the Internet regularly.


Wifi Pod rating and recommendation

Overall, we would like to give the device a good rating. It is a real enrichment in the poor internet coverage that we unfortunately still have to put up with in Germany. Although this situation is expected to change within the next few years, until then the modem is a great addition for daily use.

Especially for those who work on the road or like to sit outside and need a stable internet connection. With this device they can work and at the same time they do not have to accept any loss of performance. So we are happy to recommend it and think it is a real enrichment for every user.


Information on the provider or shipping partner

The provider is a company called Ecomerzpro. 

Calle Dublín, 1
28232 Las Rozas de Madrid
Madrid, España

Homepage: https://wifipodpromo.com/ *



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