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In today’s world, sustainability and environmental protection is a major issue that is discussed again and again. There are many approaches, but not everyone uses them. Especially in the field of washing machines there is a lot of talk about how wasteful people are with water and other resources. The use of various means to wash out stains is also mentioned. However, the product presented here is intended to change this behaviour. It works according to a simple principle, which everyone can use. It is no longer even necessary to add a powder to the machine. We would like to explain below what exactly WashZilla is and what it can do.

What’s the WashZilla?

This product is a wash ball that can be used as a replacement for any chemicals used in the wash cycle. It is intended to promote sustainability, as no normal product is needed any more. The manufacturer, who by the way has taken over the product from Japan, promises the following properties:

  • easy handling
  • washing cycles without chemicals
  • natural process is used to advantage
  • the laundry is deep clean
  • usable in every washing machine
  • move the clothes more back and forth during the washing cycle


All in all, it is an innovation that nature can use very well at the moment. Because if the ball can be washed in a truly sustainable way and all stains are removed, not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also saves money. The sphere is also reusable.

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Why does the product help?

We are in a time where all kinds of things are being questioned. Especially when using detergents and other substances, there is always the question of whether they are particularly sustainable. After all, nature does not exactly benefit from the many washes that are typical for some families. Of course we all want to go out into the world clean, without any stains on our clothes. But is this really so sensible when the environment is increasingly suffering? With this product, it is possible to wash sustainably, get the clothes clean and wash stains out naturally, without any damage to nature. All in all, the product is therefore remarkable for its sustainability, as it lowers the pH of the water during the wash cycle, thus creating a natural lye which in turn washes out all stains.

Why do I need this detergent?

This product is for all those who want to treat their environment in a more sustainable way. Because the product is not only easier to handle, but also more sustainable for the environment. That means it doesn’t matter whether the user is young or old, because the older generation can also handle the washing ball without any problems. It also makes no difference whether the user is male or female. You just have to put the ball into the laundry. In principle this can even be done by a child. Furthermore, the product is ideal for those who want to take advantage of the naturalness of the technology. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you have been a champion of detergent up to now, because the ball takes care of everything that is needed for normal washing.

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How is the product used?

When washing, it is usually the case that more and more must be put into the washing machine. However, this is not necessary here. Open the flap, put the laundry in. Then the ball is added and the washing machine is closed. Everything else happens by itself. Inside the machine, a lye develops during the washing process as the ceramic technology lowers the pH value. Stains are thus reliably removed and the product can be reused afterwards. No further detergent or fabric softener is required. Another advantage is that the ball moves the laundry much more than is the case with a typical wash load.

This means that it is also cleaned from all sides. According to the manufacturer, a deeper cleaning is possible without any problems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any gadget, it has its advantages and disadvantages. We wanted to summarize its advantages and disadvantages and give you an overview. That way, you’ll be able to make a judgement if you’re not sure whether the product is suitable for your purposes.


  • easy to use
  • turn the laundry in the machine more
  • acts in a natural way
  • also to be used for deep cleaning
  • no use of chemicals required


  • none known

All in all, the product therefore only has advantages from which one can benefit. You use it simply by putting it in the laundry and you have clean clothes afterwards. No chemicals are used, but it uses a natural principle to get the laundry clean again. When washing, it is an indispensable means to be sustainable and still keep the laundry clean.

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General WashZilla test and quality features

We wanted to have a closer look at the whole thing and put the ball through a test. We did an ordinary wash, where we soiled two parts so much that the sphere had a good job with it. However, the laundry shone afterwards. So the manufacturer had not promised too much. So the technology seems to work. The stains were removed without leaving any residue. The quality is also impressive and we expect the product to last a while before a new one is needed. The amazing thing about the whole situation was that during the washing process foam was created and we wondered where it came from. However, as ceramic technology reduces the water values and makes a natural lye out of it, it is quite logical. A deeper cleaning with stain remover is therefore possible without any problems. The movements in the washing machine also caused the laundry to move much more than before, when using a normal detergent. All in all, we were therefore very satisfied with the washing performance and believe that this washing ball is a good innovation that will pay off in the future.

General WashZilla experiences and opinions

In our search for information about the product, we have also looked for possible testimonials from customers who have already had experience with the detergent. We even found what we were looking for, but the feedback was so positive that it also supported our experience. The product is highly praised by all users and its simplicity is mentioned as an advantage. You don’t need anything else to wash, which is not only good for the environment, but also saves a lot of money. Experience has shown that detergent is not necessarily cheap. Many of the users would like to recommend the washing ball to others and think that the product from Japan will continue to show many advantages in the future if it is still used. Most would buy it over and over again and would not want to do without it. However, we could not find any negative reports. You can find more customer experiences via this link here!

Are there any known WashZilla problems?

You might think that there are possible problems with the product, but there aren’t. According to our test and the opinions of other users it shows that you can rely on this product much better than on some detergents. Therefore we can answer the question with a clear “No!

You might think that there are possible problems with the product, but there aren’t. According to our test and the opinions of other users it shows that you can rely on this product much better than on some detergents. Therefore we can answer the question with a clear “No!

Where can I buy WashZilla?

The product is preferably purchased directly from the supplier. Only there can you be sure that you’re getting the original and not just a poorly made copy. The product is also offered on the website at particularly favourable conditions. The order is very easy and is already done by filling in a form with some data and sending it. Afterwards, you pay by the most risk-free payment method possible and a few days later you receive a package with your goods, so that you can try the product. Most of the times, the addressed offers include several copies, but they are offered at a preferential price. The respective product is thus cheaper than if one buys it only individually. By this way, one does not only save money but also always has one in stock. It is therefore worthwhile to visit the manufacturer’s website from time to time and take advantage of an offer when it is available.

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WashZilla Details

In the following we would like to summarize the details that we were able to find out about the product.

  • works with a bio-ceramic technology that lowers the pH value of the water
  • this becomes alkaline and makes the clothes soft and clean
  • robust plastic is processed
  • can be reused without problems

More information is not required for this product.

WashZilla evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we would like to recommend everyone to try this product. Because it is sustainable and thus protects the environment. Because it is reusable, you also save a lot of money. That alone should be motivation enough to at least try it.

Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The product is sold by a company called Kaizen Clicks LLC The full address is as follows: 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 310 A197, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001, USA. More is not known about the company.

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Price 8.0
Overall Rating 8.5