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If you look around you today, almost every second person wears a so-called Smartwatch. It is a helpful tool for monitoring one’s own health and measures various parameters so that we always keep an eye on our vital signs. However, not all of these health trackers have the functions that are also important for this. Expensive models usually have them, but they not everyone can afford it. In the cheaper area, there are also nice looking trackers, but they have only a minimum of functions, or they are not intuitive to use. The Vita Watch is supposed to cover all this and at the same time offer a good price-performance ratio. We wanted to take a closer look at the model and checked the Vita Watch for its functions.


What is the Vita Watch?

The Vita Watch is a Smartwatch, which serves to monitor one’s own health and which can be used for sports. The health tracker has different functions, which mainly check the vital signs and can therefore be used for a concrete need for action. The manufacturer promises the following functions with the Vita Watch:

  • Monitoring the blood oxygen content
  • Pedometer
  • Calorie counter
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Temperature measurement

Vita Watch

The Vita Watch therefore has all the functions that are also available in higher quality health trackers, but at a completely exorbitant price. The Smartwatch is an ideal tool for everyday life as well as in situations where health is at risk. At the same time, it is becoming indispensable for many users in sports. The Vita Watch is an enrichment for the wardrobe, because it is designed in such a way that you can wear it at any time without attracting much attention.

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What does the Vita Watch help with?

Anyone who does sports nowadays, or simply wants to monitor their health, uses a fitness watch. The health tracker usually has all the functions that you can use to monitor yourself and that help you to keep a good eye on yourself. The Vita Watch has just those functions and thus allows monitoring in sports as well as in everyday life. You are well equipped with the Smartwatch and in addition to measuring oxygen in the blood, it has important features such as blood pressure measurement and even temperature monitoring.

It sounds the alarm when you are out of your normal range and can help you to notice any changes in your health as quickly as possible and to seek medical advice. It is also a great way to upgrade your wardrobe. Because the Smartwatch looks damn good and is therefore a great accessory, which you can use both in your job and in everyday life. The change of the dials does the trick and makes the Smartwatch a utensil you don’t want to do without anymore.


Why do I need the Vita Watch?

Vita Watch is aimed at all people who want to keep a closer eye on their health. The health tracker has all the functions that both young and old can use. No matter whether you use it purely for sports or for monitoring vital signs – the Vita Watch can do it all. The gender is also completely irrelevant, which is why it can be worn by anyone who wants a decent Smartwatch with many functions. The Vita Watch is also suitable for those who want to switch from one model to another. For example, because the existing functions are no longer sufficient, or you simply expect more. Therefore it is difficult to narrow down the target group of the Vita Watch. It is aimed at a broadly diversified audience.

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How is the product used?

After receiving the Vita Watch, you must first charge the Smartwatch. Once this has been done, it is connected via Bluetooth to the Smartphone  connected. The health tracker connects quickly and a suitable app then guides the user through the process of setting up their Smartwatch. With just a few steps, users can soon access the remaining functions and then read all details from the smartphone.

The data is also evaluated via the app installed there. By the way: In order to implement your own wishes as optimally as possible, there are various dials available which can be set on the Smartwatch. The Vita Watch thus also serves as a fashionable accessory that can be optimally adapted to your wardrobe.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

If you decide to buy a Smartwatch, you should also be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. In the following we would like to give you a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the Vita Watch. This can help you to make a decision if you are not yet sure whether the Vita Watch is suitable for your needs.


  • easy and intuitive operation
  • beautiful design for men and women
  • high compatibility regarding the Smartphone
  • long battery life
  • multiple features


  • none known

As you can see, the Vita Watch only has advantages from which you can benefit. You do not have to worry about negative aspects. Because the Vita Watch can be completely is easy to use and intuitive regarding their operating system. You will benefit from the many features that you can use to enrich your sport or monitor your health, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy long battery life. Finally, the Smartwatch is also an ideal accessory to enhance your wardrobe. After all, who doesn’t always wear a beautiful watch on their wrist these days?

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General Vita Watch test and quality characteristics

We wanted to know more about it and tested the Vita Watch and checked its quality. The ordering process was relatively borrowed and only a few days later we received the package. We tried it out in a threesome, so that one could form a different opinion about it in each case. The operation of the Smartwatch was very easy, so that it is also understandable for those who are not very technically minded. Older people will have no problems with the Smartwatch, because the numbers are easy to read, knitted as simply as the operation is.

We have tested them in sports and everyday life and have come to the conclusion that the Vita Watch supports a good price-performance ratio and is therefore also ideal for people who have a smaller budget and still want a model that they can do a lot with. Overall we were very satisfied and therefore give the Smartwatch a positive test rating.


General Vita Watch experiences and opinions

In our search for information about the Vita Watch  also looked for the experiences of other users who have already gained experience with the Smartwatch. We found what we were looking for. However, we only found positive reviews in which users spoke very positively about the Smartwatch. In the meantime they don’t want to do without the health tracker and are happy that they have placed an order. By the way, most found the process very easy and would do it again and again. They are very happy to recommend the Smartwatch to others and think that it could be appealing to anyone who wants to buy a cheap model that has many features and looks good at the same time. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Vita Watch problems?

We have read through all opinions and of course tested the Vita Watch ourselves. Accordingly, we can answer the question with a clear “No! The Vita Watch works as it should and is made of a high-quality material, who is well versed in external circumstances. Even in sports this is not a disadvantage, although the conditions are always a bit harmful for leather straps or similar. The Smartwatch holds up well and is therefore a great help in all cases, causing no problems whatsoever.


Where can I buy Vita Watch?

It is best to purchase the Vita Watch directly from the manufacturer. Only in this way can you be sure that you receive the original and not a faulty copy. Ideally you can also use one of the offers provided by the manufacturer, which we will discuss further. If you would like to order the Vita Watch from the manufacturer, simply go to the manufacturer’s website where they offer the Smartwatch for sale. There you have to fill out a form and indicate how you would like to pay. This is possible via uncompromising options such as Paypal and credit card. Once you have completed this step, you simply click on the “order button”, which triggers the order. Now you only have to wait a few days until the package arrives at your home. Once you have received it, you might as well try the Smartwatch.

There’s absolutely nothing more to it. Now let’s get to the special offers we have already mentioned. From time to time the manufacturer makes them available and you can benefit financially from them. These offers usually include several of the Smartwatches, except that the individual model is much cheaper and you pay less than if you order the Smartwatch alone. You can take advantage of these offers if you want to order the watch with friends, for example. This way, each of you gets something out of it. An alternative is if you do not want to do without the Smartwatch at any time. You can order two pieces at once and use the other one while the other one is charging.

How you do it is ultimately your decision. Just be aware that the offers mentioned are time limited. So it is worthwhile to strike directly when the opportunity presents itself.

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Vita Watch Technical Details

Let us now turn to the technical features of the Vita Watch. Unfortunately we could not find many attributes when it comes to the Smartwatch. But we would like to at least summarize what we could find out about the health tracker:

  • integrated thermometer
  • heart rate monitor, including electrocardiogram
  • available in different colours

Unfortunately we could not find out more about the Vita Watch. The manufacturer is very secretive about the technical features and is by no means transparent. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a good insight into the Vita Watch by means of the information provided.


Vita Watch evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we would like to give Vita Watch a positive assessment. She is a beautiful Smartwatch that is a pleasure to use. No matter whether it is for health monitoring or simply to wear accessories to enhance your own wardrobe. The Vita Watch is beautiful to look at and also has all the functions, that you expect from a good Smartwatch. The Vita Watch doesn’t cost the earth to do so, which is why it is also a good alternative for people with a smaller budget. We can recommend the Vita Watch in any case without reservation.



Finally, we would like to summarize all FAQs that are important for the health tracker:

  • Is there a right of return? – The manufacturer grants a return within 14 days after receipt. The buyer then gets his money back without any problems. However, it is important that the packaging has not been opened. Otherwise you cannot return it.
  • Is it possible to view the operating instructions afterwards? – If you know the serial number and all data of the product, it is possible to get the user manual for the health tracker via the website.
  • How long is the delivery time for the Health Tracker? – Usually no longer than 21 days, although it always depends on whether the watch still has to go through customs or not.
  • I couldn’t get another offer. Are there any more? – From time to time, the supplier will provide appropriate offers. Therefore it is worthwhile to check back regularly and to strike if there is a chance.
  • Can I change the bracelet? – Changing the bracelet is possible without any difficulties. There is a special offer from the manufacturer with replacement wristbands.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions:

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Vita Watch

Technical details 8.0
Applicability 8.0
Price 9.0