Anyone who values a flawlessly running Internet even on holiday knows the problem: The Internet connection of the hotel or the general accommodation is not working, is bad, has connection problems or other quirks. It may even be the case that other hotel guests have access to their own computer and then the fun actually ends. With the Velox Adapter you avoid any problems of this kind and get yourself an Internet access in a cheap, free way, which runs without difficulties and offers Internet in every situation. We wanted to have a closer look at the device and would like to summarize all the information about it below.

What is Velox Adapter?

If you travel a lot, you usually have your computer with you from a professional point of view. Reliable and above all fast Wi-Fi is a must for most freelancers, who often come around a lot, or simply holidaymakers, who don’t want to do without it nowadays. The problem is, however, that very few people have made the bill with the hotel or guesthouse operators.

Many have WLAN, but only in such a bad and slow quality that you often have to wait for minutes before the simplest website opens. Bank sites or possibly streaming services, where you have to enter your password, you don’t even want to try out in this situation for fear of a data theft. Some even noticed that by sharing the WLAN, access to one’s own computer was possible.

Velox Adapter

So you could freely download the data of other users, and vice versa. And this is a brutal violation of privacy. The Velox Adapter provides a remedy, because you don’t have to live with these conditions. The adapter guarantees:

  1. Internet in any environment (power socket required)
  2. own Wlan net
  3. password-protected
  4. fast connection

This makes it a practically indispensable gadget for every holidaymaker.

Is the Velox Adapter right for you?

If you’re wondering whether it’s really the right gadget for you, consider it: How often do you go on holiday? Can you do without the Internet there? Do you travel a lot on business? Especially if you are on the road a lot for business, you can’t do without the Internet or deal with the quirks of the existing one.

That’s why the Velox Adapter is a gadget for freelancers or business travellers that you don’t want to do without anymore. At the same time, it becomes indispensable on holiday if, for example, you simply want to watch a nice film in the evening and take advantage of a streaming service. The hotel’s own Wlan usually can’t handle this.

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Velox Adapter rating and recommendation

The promises made by the manufacturer are not too high. The evaluation is basically advantageous, above all because it can be used practically anywhere where there is a socket and a Wlan network. In today’s world, where the Internet is an indispensable business and you have to check the opening hours of a nearby restaurant, you have to use the Internet before you can get there for free.

Velox Adapter Test Erfahrungen

As a professional traveller, you are never immune to ending up in a hotel room where the Internet is almost medieval. And who can do less without it than a commercial traveller or representative who travels a lot? Also in the private area the acquisition of this device pays off, because also on vacation one would like to watch a Netflix film or similar and for this one needs fast, perfectly functioning Internet. All in all, we would like to recommend the Velox Adapter and give it a good rating.

Velox Adapter – Technical Facts

Not much is known about the technical properties of the Velox Adapter. However, the fact is that it can be used in the USA, Europe and Great Britain. There is a switch on each side, which has to be adjusted accordingly. On the basis of these you can extend the appropriate plug and simply insert it into the socket.

The Travel Adapter works with a regular Wi-Fi connection, which is adapted to today’s standard. Thus no technical difficulties are to be expected. In addition, even IT beginners should have no difficulties with it.

eigenes Wlan im Hotel

How does the Velox Adapter installation work?

Since the device is so simple, the connection is also unproblematic. If you want to set up an Internet connection while on holiday or in a hotel room, all you have to do is insert the plug into the socket and create a cable between the Internet connection and the plug at the same time. In some hotel rooms there is still an Internet line, which is then simply clamped into the plug. With a Wlan connection, the device searches for the frequency itself.

After that it is only necessary to switch on the device. The user is asked if he wants to use the device and assigns a password, which has to be entered again and again when activating the Internet. Once this password has been set, it is transferred to the fast Internet without any further settings having to be made.

So even beginners can make use of it without any difficulties. By the way: If you are travelling with your family and several devices are needed, you can simply pass on the password. The family then always surfs at the best speed, without jolts or dropouts.

Currently, the manufacturer offers a huge limited discount. Simply click on the button below!

General Velox Adapter Test

One notices immediately that it is a well thought out concept, because not everyone who uses the device travels exclusively through the USA, Europe or UK. The device therefore has a multi-connector, which can be adjusted to suit its purpose. This alone distinguishes its quality. Another feature is that you can use your own password on the device so that no unauthorized person has access to your computer.

Another feature protects the user against others seeing what you are doing on your computer. One thing is also certain: If, for example, you use it inside hotels, the hotel operator cannot see that you are using the plug, there are no separate costs that could cost you dearly and the like.

General Velox Adapter experiences and opinions

Of course, we also looked around the opinions of other users on the Internet and were very positively surprised. Almost every traveller already knows the device and has it in use. Even those who are out and about at work on the Internet. It’s practically a small router of your own, with which you don’t incur any additional costs, which doesn’t bother anybody, and yet you still have the best Internet connection. There is really no better way.

sicheres Wlan auf Reisen

That’s why users like to recommend the device to others. For every professional traveller it has become a fixed piece of luggage, which is always a must when you are on the road and some families benefited from it on holiday because they wanted to plan what they would do while visiting another country, thanks to the running Internet. That was no problem at all with the adapter.

More customer reviews can be by clicking this link!

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

At this point, we would like to present all the advantages and disadvantages that revolve around the device.


  • simple operation
  • own internet on the computer
  • password-protected
  • faster than most Wlan pipes in the accommodation
  • no additional costs
  • only needs a power socket
  • suitable for Europe, UK and USA


  • none known

Virtually no disadvantages are known about the product, which is why it only has advantageous properties. It can be used on several continents and always has a fast, secure and above all password-protected Internet. Accordingly, for many people it is a constant companion on the road, because nobody wants to do without the Internet anymore.

By the way: in some hotels they reduce additional, high costs, which should offer a faster Internet.

In this case, for example, a line is activated. This is no longer necessary with this adapter either.

Currently, the manufacturer offers a huge limited discount. Simply click on the button below!

Where can I buy Velox Aadapter?

The Velox Adapter is best bought directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer may also offer you a discount from which you can benefit. That alone is worth a look. In addition, special offers are available, which are, however, always time-limited. Therefore fast access is important, so that you can still secure your own adapter.

What does the Velox Adapter price look like?

You can be told one thing: A normal router is much more expensive than this plug here. What normally costs three-digit amounts is still very cheap here: In addition one has the further advantages of a fast dispatch, without forwarding expenses. In addition, the manufacturer offers uncomplicated payment options such as PayPal and credit card. So there is practically no risk involved. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Currently, the manufacturer offers a huge limited discount. Simply click on the button below!

Who is the supplier of the product?

The product was invented by Jonathan H., who worked at NASA as an engineer and who was tired of having to do without a fast Internet on the go. At times this was so bad that he couldn’t even do his job. So he set to work developing the Velox Adapter. Since he gets around a lot, he used the adapter himself for some time privately and was simply thrilled.

So he made it accessible to the public, so that now everyone has his own Internet with him. Whether on vacation or on business trips. With the Velox Adapter, fast and above all secure Internet is always guaranteed. And that where not even complicated settings are required. It has probably never been easier to get to a fast Internet.

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