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How or when obesity occurs in life is unclear for most of them. The decisive factor here, however, is often a drastic experience, which leads to those affected trying to reward themselves with food. In most cases however, this leads to a spiral, From which there is seldom an escape. Because if they then want to lose weight again, different things stand in their way. While some try to make it completely without a helper, others use pills of some kind to make it easier for them to lose weight. We met once today Vanefist Neo employed. The product starts where there are problems and provides the right ingredients to gently lose weight in a natural way.

Vanefist Neo


What is Vanefist Neo?

This product is about mobilising the original processes in the body, which increasingly stop working as the body gains weight. It is therefore a weight loss aid that not only works in the typical way, but also ensures that the lost pounds stay off in the long term. The yo-yo effect should not occur. The manufacturer promises these effects:

  • up to 14 kilograms in one month
  • Reduce weight without sport
  • stabilises the metabolism
  • stimulates the burning of fat
  • detoxifies the organism at the same time

This supports processes that prevent the loss of weight by other means. For example, it is hardly possible for anyone to lose weight in a regulated way, when his metabolism is not functioning. At the same time we are bombarded with so many environmental toxins every day, which in turn have a negative effect on our metabolism. The product is designed to ensure that, for example, these two processes are supported and that it not only removes toxins but also simultaneously supports fat burning up to 24 hours a day. In this way it is possible to lose weight without having to give up.

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Vanefist Neo ingredients explained

Let’s take a closer look at what is processed in the product. Because in many cases this already indicates how effective it is:

  • Thiamine
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Niacin
  • vitamin C
  • yerba mate
  • Green coffee

Thiamine restarts the metabolism and ensures that it functions as nature dictates. Garcinia Cambogia is a well-known remedy for Metabolic processes to be set in motion as well. Niacin lowers the cholesterol level, which in addition always acts against weight loss. Bacoma monnierie activates the detoxification of the body, flushing out all the harmful substances that could prevent weight loss. Vitamin C is not only healthy, it also inhibits the production of fat and is therefore a valuable substance that should not be missing from any diet. Green coffee is already well known in the weight loss sector. In this product, it assumes the task of activating fat burning and thus contributes significantly to weight reduction. Yerba Mate completes the product and cleanses the organism of toxins. It is therefore the finishing touch that should not be missing when losing weight.

Vanefist Neo Metabolism


Is the product suitable for you?

In principle, the product is aimed at anyone who would like to lose weight but does not want to submit to the typical characteristics of any diet: renounce it altogether! With this product it is not even necessary to do any sport. It is suitable for both men and women, and the product makes no difference. Also both young and old benefit from the effect. Especially in the older semester, it is becoming increasingly difficult to lose weight and do sports at the same time. Therefore it is ideal for every age group. It is also ideal for those who have already tried a similar product but have not been successful in losing weight. With this one you can have a completely new experience.


How does the Vanefist Neo effect work?

One point that most people forget when trying to lose weight is the fact that a few original processes in the body have to be professionally involved to make the diet a success. Metabolism is essential for humans. If he or she does not exercise enough or spends a large part of his or her daily life in a sitting position, the metabolism can become sluggish and tired. He stops working more and more, which is how we put on fat. Over time, this can even lead to a total cessation of work, which can lead to the death of the person concerned. The metabolism has the important task of supplying the body with nutrients distribute and also remove them again, where necessary. However, if it does not work properly, more and more “waste” accumulates in the body. So to ensure that a diet is successful, he has to do it properly. The product promotes the activity of the metabolism and at the same time helps to burn fat. This results in a weight loss that is long-term and successful.


How does the Vanefist Neo application work?

The product is an effervescent tablet which must be dissolved in water and then drunk. It is therefore not necessary to take any further action. The tablets are simply taken once a day. They set the metabolism in motion and it works.


General Vanefist Neo test and quality characteristics

The product presented here has quality simply because it works with a sophisticated plan to lose weight. The manufacturer says there are three different phases in which the user loses weight. During the first phase, the toxin is removed in order to prepare a regulated basis for the diet. During the second phase the metabolism is significantly activated, the body thus begins to reduce fat on its own and the way to a slim figure is paved. During the third phase, the metabolism is again stabilised so that it can continue to function as nature intended even after weaning. In this phase, the person losing weight already feels more comfortable and can slowly but surely reduce fat burning again.

Vanefist Neo Losing weight


Are there any side effects or risks with Vanefist Neo?

When using the product, it is important to study the list of ingredients in detail beforehand. Usually the naturalness of the product means that it is very well tolerated. Accordingly, there are actually very few concerns. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a look at it, because if you are allergic to one of the ingredients, you should not take it. Otherwise the product can be taken without hesitation. Within the first few days you may experience gastrointestinal problems, but this will pass quickly and is only a sign that your metabolism is changing. The dosage does not therefore need to be reduced.


General Vanefist Neo experiences and opinions

During our research we also looked for other users who had already been able to lose weight with the product. Obesity is such a widespread problem that numerous reports of experience were found. Most of them were enthusiastic about the idea of using original processes in order to lose weight in a regulated way. The overweight they were suffering from was reduced within a short period of time, and so they were able to lose weight, just as the manufacturer had promised, lose up to 14 kilograms relatively quickly. Most people were very convinced about the course of the diet and would use it again. They are happy to recommend it to those who are hopelessly on a diet and have not had any success. There were hardly any negative reports, and if there were, they were often evidence that they were not being taken properly. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

In the following we would like to list all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. These can make a significant contribution to confirming his decision in favour of the product.


  • easy to use
  • very suitable for everyday use
  • no sport required
  • up to 14 kilograms in one month
  • acts only with natural ingredients


  • none known

The advantages are obvious. Professionals will not have any problems with the intake, as it is only taken once a day. In addition does not have to plan any additional sport. Finally, it is also possible to lose up to 14 kilograms per month – and all this with completely natural ingredients. There is no better way to go on a diet.

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Where can I buy Vanefist Neo?

Best directly from the manufacturer. They offer their products against overweight on their own homepage. Ordering is uncomplicated, because you only have to fill in and send a form and a few days later you will receive a package with your order. The payment is cash on delivery. So you take practically no risk. From time to time there are even better offers from the manufacturer, which can save you extra money.

Vanefist Neo Healthy nutrition


What does the Vanefist Neo Award look like?

Usually such products are relatively expensive, which is not the case with this one. You can get rid of excess weight here at a relatively low price. If you take advantage of the manufacturer’s offers, you can get rid of overweight at a lower price. So it is worthwhile to visit the manufacturer from time to time and take advantage of the opportunity.

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Vanefist Neo Rating

For several years now, obesity has been a problem of mankind from which there is hardly any escape. But it is all the more difficult to get rid of this obesity once and for all. With the product presented here this is not a big problem. The tablets are easy to handle and you can take them within 14 kilograms within a few weeks. It is generally recommended, also because it consists exclusively of natural components. There is a clear recommendation from us.


Who is the supplier of the product?

Relatively little is known about the manufacturer, there is only a telephone number within the contact form, which is as follows: +49 69 257367380


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