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Facts about the product Valgosocks

Are you suffering from hallux valgus? As is well known, this is the medical term for the misalignment of the big toe. Valgosocks can help here! Causes for hallux valgus can be:

  • shoes that are too tight or too small
  • high heels
  • narrow toe tips
  • splayfeet
  • weak connective tissue

There is an alternative between the conservative solution of wearing flat and sufficiently wide shoes in the toe area and surgery. It’s wearing Valgosocks. These were developed at the German Fraunhofer Institute by scientists who had worked with orthopaedists here. These special Valgosocks take into account the biomechanical aspects of the sole of the foot and ultimately lead to hallux valgus correction and at the same time protect your ankle.

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Valgosocks design and wearing comfort


These orthopedic Valgosocks have a special shape. This was developed by the scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute in cooperation with the expertise of numerous orthopaedists. The socks consist of its toe bandage, which has the task of regulating the position of the foot or toe. At the same time, a correct distribution of the weight on the foot results from the tight fit of this bandage and its shape.

The material is very skin-friendly and does not cause any allergies or irritations. You can also simply put these socks on. They have Velcro fasteners that are easy to close and open. The colour of these socks is skin coloured. So you don’t have to worry that these socks will shine too conspicuously through other stockings. The material is also very thin, so you have no problems to slip into other socks or shoes. Of course, you have to get used to the firm wearing comfort first.

Basically, these orthopaedic socks should only be worn – if at all in shoes – in flat shoes.

And at night, wearing these orthopedic socks will usually not bother you at all. The material of these socks also ensures that the weight is really cushioned when walking. And of course, this significantly increases wearing comfort.


How does the Valgosocks effect work?

Valgosocks are very comfortable to wear and can be pulled under the stockings themselves. But these orthopaedic socks can also be worn “barefoot”, i.e. without shoes or stockings, especially overnight. Above all, these orthopedic socks are designed to align your joint back to its original natural shape! At the same time, the orthopaedic socks also ensure that any inflammation that has already occurred is alleviated. Ultimately, of course, these socks also protect against the occurrence of such inflammations. Thanks to the socks you can move painlessly and naturally, even if Hallux Valgus causes you problems while running.

The deformation no longer restricts you thanks to the use of these socks. Even if you suffer from splayfeet, these orthopaedic socks are suitable for healing or correction. Because also splayfeet are accompanied by the deformation of the big toe. The socks also serve as a correction aid here and align the soft tissues of the main joint of the big toe if it is affected by deformation or sinking. Even an incipient twisting of the ankle can be corrected again. The pressure exerted by these orthopaedic socks on both sides of the foot prevents the foot bones from lowering or the foot from spreading even further. At the same time, these socks rotate the toe and push back the ten joint. This prevents hallux valgus from progressing. Rather, the consequences of the malformation so far are being reversed. You can wear these orthopaedic socks up to 24 hours a day to maintain maximum joint efficiency.

Since these orthopaedic socks were developed at the Fraunhofer Institute, clinical studies are also available. These were positive. As a result, these socks have achieved the status of a recognized orthopedic correction aid for hallux valgus. Before doctors today recommend surgery for hallux valgus, which, like any other operation, also carries risks, the experts recommend using conventional methods to combat hallux valgus. Side effects are not known. However, the mode of action of these orthopaedic Valgosocks is not the same for all patients. The severity of the deformity is very important here.


General Valgosocks advantages

Before you came across the offer of this orthopaedic correction aid, you will certainly have tried some other products for the relief of hallux valgus? But while other products hardly alleviate the symptoms, Valgosocks prevent the disease from progressing. In addition, existing damage to the toe is permanently – if not completely – corrected thanks to these socks. In addition, other products that are said to be effective against hallux valgus also hinder mobility and restrict the user even more than may already be the case due to existing damage to the toe joint.

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General Valgosocks experiences

If you are still critical of this help for hallux valgus correction, then you should know that many other people have had good experiences with this hallux valgus splint. According to their experience, these socks keep exactly what the supplier promises. Already after a few weeks – so many users report – they felt or saw a clear improvement of the condition of their big toe and could also report the almost complete elimination of their complaints. After a few months, the symptoms had completely disappeared for almost all users. Compared to other solutions, these orthopaedic socks are also very inexpensive. The supplier often offers these socks at a discounted price as part of promotions. In addition to the Hallux Valgus sufferers who have already tried this correction aid, experts also praise the effectiveness of orthopaedic socks. You can find more customer experiences via this link here! More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *

Conclusion of Valgosocks

In order to be able to align the joint damaged by incorrect footwear, it is no longer absolutely necessary to undergo surgery. And not even if the malalignment is already far advanced. Wearing orthopaedic socks in the presence of hallux valgus is gentler and can be integrated very well into everyday life. These socks can also be worn in shoes and of course at night. The effect of wearing these orthopaedic socks can be seen within a few months. Side effects are excluded.

While joint pain and bone issues get talked about quite a lot in relation to our overall health, very rarely do we talk about the health of our toes, issues related to bunions and other foot based problems associated with sole pressure points.

In fact, in the past 15 years alone there have been many studies that have been released in relation to the general well being of our feet, and how the health of our feet can help optimize the overall condition of our back muscles and spine. For example, data has been released which points to the fact that if there is unnecessary pressure on our toes and bones, the posture of an individual can be severely affected.

In a similar vein, back muscle pain that 66% of all adults have reported experiencing, has been linked to poor footwear choices. Thus, in order to increase the overall health of our spinal column and feet, people can now choose from many products that have been designed to optimise foot shape and health.

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The key benefits that users can reap from regularly using Valgosocks include:

  1. The socks have been clinically found to help the foot return to its natural form, protect it from pressure based damage and eliminate any painful swelling that may result as a result of poor foot wear choices.
  2. The corrector has been shown to straighten constrained and deflected soft parts of the feet. These include the main joint of the big toe and other small bones located in our front feet.
  3. The socks come loaded with metatarsal padding and a specially designed toe band which ensures that the foot is stabilized and the load is regulated/ evenly balanced throughout the base of our body.
  4. The foot deformed by a bunion can move naturally and painlessly through the use of these socks.
  5. Regular use of Valgosocks has also been shown to be effective against transverse platypodia, which is commonly seen in many people suffering from big toe deformations.


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