Valgorect Reviews, Ingredients and Price

What is Valgorect?

Hallux valgus is a foot disease that affects middle-aged women in particular. Also known as hammer toes or bunion toes, this is a deformation of the bone joint of the big toe. In addition to the problem that this deformation has a significant effect on shoe selection, it can also lead to pain if the deformation becomes more pronounced. The reason why this deformation is especially frequent in women is not least due to the fact that for optical reasons women like to put on high heels and that they are also very tight. This way, the foot is pressed into an unnatural shape and the strain of the body weight is added.

Therefore the deformation of the big toe develops over the years or even decades, which can lead to major problems. In addition to a special pair of shoes, which has to be worn because the big toe requires a lot of space, it is often necessary to undergo surgery at some point in order to remain mobile and to be able to walk painlessly. The deformation also results in inflammatory processes that must be treated to maintain mobility. With Valgorect, a compound is now available to alleviate the problems of the big toes deformity.

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Valgorect Ingredients

The product relies on purely natural ingredients in order to eliminate the problem of the big toes deformity.

  • Symphytum officinale: This is a herbal substance, which is also known as comfrey and belongs to the genus of the Boraginaceae. The plant contains many effective ingredients. Mucilns as well as allantoin, tannins and rosemary acid and choline are important ingredients with high effectiveness. The plant was already appreciated and used in ancient time for the treatment of wounds and wound granulation as well as for the treatment of bone fractures. Today, the comfrey is approved as a medicinal plant and is often used to treat painful muscular and joint problems as well as bruises and strains, sprains and local blood circulation.
  • Cynodon dactylon: This herbal ingredient is often referred to as dog’s tooth grass. In botanical terms, this plant belongs to the genus Poaceae. The plant has its origin in the tropics, but has also found a home in Central Europe where it thrives. The effect of the plant is diuretic but also anti-inflammatory, which has a very positive effect on Hallux valgus. In Valgorect, the plant is therefore used, which is also used to treat rheumatism, gout and swelling.
  • Taraxacum officinale: This plant is used in the compound against the bunion but also against rheumatic diseases.


For whom is Valgorect suitable for?

The compound is suitable for all people who suffer from big toes deformity and who do not want to rely on surgery to eliminate the discomfort. The compound is applied externally and can thus avoid the risks arising from surgical procedures, for example. The target group of the product is especially women, who are much more frequently affected by deformity. However, men who suffer from deformity of the toes can also benefit from the product.

The product can be effective both in the case of pronounced deformity and in the early stages, when the first symptoms appear on the feet. In addition to cosmetic aspects, the product also effectively combats the medical effects of the deformity of the toes.

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How does the Valgorect effect work?

The product has very different effects on patients suffering from a big toe deformity on different levels. It is important during the treatment that the pain, which many people suffer from and which severely restricts mobility, is significantly reduced. In addition, the inflammatory process that occurs in the toe joint is also greatly reduced. The manufacturer states that 97 percent of users have experienced the effect.

Another effect resulting from the use of the preparation is the reduction of bone proliferation, which is usually associated with advanced toe deformity. 89 percent of the users are supposed to notice this positive effect during application.

The renewal of the joint tissue, which is destroyed due to deformity, is another positive effect resulting from the treatment with the compound. According to the manufacturer, 94 percent of Valgorect users should experiemce this positive effect.

In addition, a reduction of mineral deposits in the affected joints is also achieved. Otherwise, these deposits cause severe pain and considerably impair mobility, and in addition, they often cause long-term deformity resulting from the pain-reducing posture. According to the manufacturer, 98 percent of users of the product can report this positive effect.

The gels effects are:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • pain-relieving
  • Bone proliferation reducing
  • tissue regenerating
  • mineral deposition-reducing


How does the Valgorect treatment work?

The product is a cream that is easily applied to the skin. The cream is applied directly to the feet that have been cleansed beforehand and especially to the affected joints. The active substances penetrate the skin and act directly on site, where inflammations and pain in the affected joint cause problems. The application is as simple and uncomplicated as using foot creams. The feet are first washed and then thoroughly dried. The cream can now be applied to the painful and deformed areas of the feet and can be applied directly on the spot.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Valgorect?


  •  pain reduction
  • anti-inflammatory in the joints
  • reduction of painful mineral deposits in the joints
  • reduction of bone proliferation
  • Renewal of the joint tissue
  • Avoidance of surgical interventions with long movement restrictions and risk avoidance through surgery


  • no negative effects known

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General Valgorect Test

The product has some quality features that distinguish it from other preparations. An important quality feature is that the compound is certified and thus meets the high quality and safety standards required for certification.

The product has a lasting effect, which is not mandatory when using other measures such as splints or correctors, and the product has no side effects.

The compound is quickly absorbed by the body and leaves no trace. It simultaneously reduces swelling and nurses the feet along the way. The product has also won in the international competition “Human Health” in the category “Healthy Feet”.


General Valgorect Experiences

Users report that effects were already visible after one week. In addition, all the desired shoes could be worn again without restriction with regard to pain. The bumps resulting from the deformity caused by the toes or even the hallux valgus were reduced and this resulted in a strong reduction of pain. It is even reported that the symptoms from Valgorect’s hallux valgus or the bunion toes were completely eliminated after only two months.

The application of the gel is generally described as very effective and the bales disappear or at least become significantly softer, causing less pain and discomfort when walking. It is reported that the gel can be applied to the foot all day long by applying it to the affected joint and covering it with a compress and well-fitting stockings. The treatment is described as very uncomplicated and simple, highly effective and without any side effects. Click this link to find out more about our customer experiences! More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *

What are the Valgorect costs?

Even if it is a drug that is used for medical care of the deformed toes, users have to pay for the treatment themselves. The doctor cannot prescribe the drug and as an unofficially approved drug, it is usually not financed by health insurance companies and there is no additional payment for the treatment.

The costs for the purchase of the compound are graduated. If the product is purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, the purchase price for a tube of gel is 39 euros. If two tubes are ordered, the purchase price for these are 57 euros and the customer receives an additional tube of gel free of charge. With the order of three tubes the purchase price is 89 Euro and the customer gets another tube for free.

Delivery is free of charge for the customer and the product will be delivered within one to five working days. This means that the customer does not have any additional costs other than the purchase price for the product itself.

For this purpose, the customer is granted a 30-day money-back guarantee. If there is no satisfaction with the product or if it does not meet the expectations that the complaints will improve, the product can be returned and the purchase price will be totally refunded. The purchase can be paid either by invoice or by PayPal.

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Where can I buy Valgorect?

The product cannot be purchased from a pharmacy or online pharmacy. In addition, there is also no possibility of having the product ordered by the pharmacy and then processing the purchase there. The product is also not available in the well-known online trade on the usual platforms. Purchases can only be made via the manufacturer and their website.

The advantages are that the manufacturer grants bulk prices and that prices are reduced when purchasing several tubes of the product and that there are free additions of one more tube if more than one package of the product is ordered.

In addition, the delivery is free of shipping costs and a right of return of 30 days is granted by the manufacturer, where the customer receives a full refund of the purchase price in case of dissatisfaction with the product.



Ingredients 7.0
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 8.5

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