TVSurf Reviews, Functions and Price

If you want to enjoy streaming content on the big TV, you usually have to get a suitable receiver for this so that you can receive the apps. Many a Smart TV is lucky enough to already have a few apps in its media library, but this is not the rule. Alternatively, a game console can be used, which also allows you to stream the content. However, a simple streaming device would do just as well, as well as the desired HD or 4K quality, which you can watch and which will greatly enhance the viewing experience. We’ll take a look at TVSurf today, which is not only a streaming device that’s easy to use, but also has numerous Android apps as standard to enhance the viewing experience in terms of Streaming even more to improve. We summarize below all information about the streaming device.


What is the TVSurf?

The TVSurf is a streaming device that not only streams standard Android apps like YouTube and Facebook, but also apps like Twitch, NBC or Sony Crackle. Thus, also less frequently represented Android apps are streamed directly to the big TV. The streaming device can also be equipped with a Support high quality and thus makes the television experience something special. Here are the advantages that the manufacturer puts in the foreground.

  • absolutely simple handling without technical know-how
  • countless Android apps available
  • High quality playback in HD or 4K
  • no transmission delays
  • no hidden costs included
  • simply connect to the TV and start watching


In principle, TVSurf is an ideal alternative for those who do not want to buy a receiver, but also do not want to use a console for the playback of streaming content. All in all, TVSurf is easy to use and directly provides the appropriate Android apps that you don’t even have to install on the TV.

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What does the TVSurf help for?

Nowadays, hardly anyone can do without a certain amount of streaming. Besides YouTube, platforms such as Twitch or Facebook are joining in. However, if you want to enjoy them all, you usually have to find a suitable device to port the whole thing to your home TV. Ideally, the new Smart TV, or the game console has a corresponding app that can stream the program. Otherwise, you only have the PC monitor but where you can only enjoy the event in small format. TVSurf is a streaming device which has all these Android apps and which you simply connect to the TV via USB plug. Since most devices have such a device nowadays, streaming on your home TV in HD quality or even in 4K resolution is now possible. You don’t even need additional apps for this, which you have to install manually on the TV.


Why do I need the TVSurf?

The streaming device is aimed at all those who are tired of playing the content on the small PC monitor and just want to watch everything on the TV without being connected to a receiver or something similar. It is also interesting for those who want to use the streaming offer of various TV stations. The age is not important. Thus TVSurf is suitable for young and old alike. The streaming device contains numerous Android apps, so that they can be easily accessed. It also doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. TVSurf offers the right program for both sexes, which you can choose yourself. Thus, the target group can not be clearly defined and is very broadly diversified.


How is the product used?

When the TVSurf arrives at you, the streaming device does not need to be prepared for a long time. Basically, all you need to do is find a suitable USB slot for it and plug it in. Afterwards you can already watch on the screen how the content is loaded. It is controlled by remote control, one can either enter one’s own data or surf freely. The TVSurf transmits all contents in the best possible quality and can be used with a wide variety of programs. This includes not only YouTube or Twitch, but also NBC Sports, ABC, or Facebook. It is not necessary to use any drivers or similar. The stick is simply plugged in and that’s it.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize for you in the following. So you can also decide much easier whether the TVSurf is the right thing for you and it can be a purchase decision aid.


  • uncomplicated and safe use
  • high-grade 4K quality
  • various Android apps included
  • no further installation required
  • usable without any hidden costs


  • none known

As you can see, the TVSurf actually only has advantages that you can benefit from. The streaming device is easy to use and has a really good and high-quality 4K resolution, if the television stations provide this information. The use of TVSurf is simple and safe, and there are no hidden costs. All in all, a device from which you can expect nothing but advantages.

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General TVSurf test and quality features

We wanted to know it a little bit more exactly and ordered TVSurf ourselves and tried it out afterwards. The order went without further problems, so that we could hold the streaming device in our hands within a few days. TVSurf seems to be well made, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. It’s very easy to use by connecting it to the USB port of the TV. In the connection you can select the external devices, which includes the TVSurf. If you select it, the device is loaded and then all Android apps installed on it are displayed. All processes are fast, so that there is no delay. In the different services, one can then log in with one’s user data and thus have a complete range of possibilities to enjoy the streaming on the TV.

Besides typical services like Facebook and YouTube, Twitch is also available as an Android app on TVSurf, which is mainly known for watching Let’s-Plays and the like. But beside this, one also gets access to free stations that are broadcasted from the USA. These include abc, NBC, or Fox Sports. Everything is played back in high-quality 4K, if the station allows it. In addition, you can enjoy music as well as a good TV program via TVSurf. This includes all the services that are otherwise known. Spotify, Amazon Prime Music or just iTunes Music. Overall, we were very satisfied with the TVSurf, so that we can conclude our test with a positive verdict.

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General TVSurf experiences and opinions

We looked around on the internet for reviews on TVSurf and could also find a few testimonials from users who have already tried the streaming device. They could benefit from the variety of Android apps and use it accordingly, without the need to purchase additional receivers. They described the quality, in terms of picture, as excellent and were delighted with the ease of use. The streaming device became a significant asset for many when it comes to viewing streaming content. TVSurf therefore most of them do not want to give it away anymore. Therefore, most people recommend TVSurf to others and will certainly use it for a long time. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known TVSurf problems?

After doing our own test, as well as evaluating the reviews of other users, we think that there are no problems with TVSurf that you have to worry about. It works flawlessly without any problems and there are no delays when it comes to the transmission quality. We can therefore answer this question with “no”.


Where can I buy TVSurf?

TVSurf is best purchased directly from the provider. This has its own website on the Internet, where it offers various formats of offers. These usually contain not only one model of the device, but several. They are ideal, for example, if you want to equip your household with TVSurf and want to order it from no TV wants to do without the streaming device. Nevertheless, the offers are also very good to use if you want to order in a group and save some money. The big advantage of the mentioned offers is that each single device is altogether much cheaper than if you buy a single one. Therefore, it is recommendable to use the offers.

But be careful: The offers are only limited in time. Therefore, it is always advisable to strike if you have the opportunity to do so. Only then is it guaranteed that you get the streaming device much cheaper. Whether and when the provider will discontinue the offers is questionable.

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TVSurf Technical Details

Let us now come to the relevant technical details, which we would like to summarize. The manufacturer states that the TVSurf has the following characteristics:

  • powerful Android stick
  • 4K quality is supported
  • easy connection possible
  • Wi-Fi enabled

More than one Internet line and a corresponding connection on the TV set is simply not needed to operate the TVSurf. The streaming device has already been provided with all necessary Android Apps at delivery, that are easy to look at. In addition, it delivers an outstanding 4K quality that is worth seeing.


How does the ordering process work?

Ordering the streaming device is usually very easy. The TVSurf is sold through the manufacturer’s website, where they also offer a simple order form. Here you only have to fill in a few details about the orderer and select a suitable offer. Afterwards you only have to decide which Payment method you want to claim. Secure methods such as Paypal or credit card are available, which can guarantee the highest possible security. Afterwards the order will be sent. If you change your mind, you have about 12 hours to cancel the order. After that you have to wait, because the streaming device will be shipped within a few days and will be delivered to the recipient by mail. The recipient can then try out the streaming device right away.


TVSurf evaluation and recommendation

Overall we rate the streaming device with a good rating. We are very happy to recommend the stick to others and think it can be a good addition to the whole household to enhance your entertainment. We find it especially advantageous not only the range of standard content that can also be received on other devices, but also the more extras, such as American channels that you simply can’t receive otherwise. On top of that no hidden costs you have to worry about when using the TV stick. Just plug it in, set up Wi-Fi and you’re ready to go. We’d advise anyone to give it a try and see that it’s really ideal for streaming content easily.


Finally, we will summarize the questions that might have remained open, so that you have all information at a glance.

  • Are there any shipping costs? – That depends on whether you get one of the offers or not. It can also happen that you have to pay shipping costs when ordering.
  • How long does the delivery take? – The manufacturer speaks of a delivery time of about 30 days. During this time the company must deliver in any case.
  • Is there such a thing as a right of return? – If you are not satisfied with the stick, you can request a return within 30 days. However, only an exchange and a credit note is possible. The money will not be refunded. There are also some conditions for the return, which can be found in the FAQ-page of the manufacturer.
  • Can I track my delivery? – After ordering, every buyer receives an email with the necessary data. This also includes a tracking number. With this number you can see where the package is at any time.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The supplier of the stick has the following address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, 68308, G/F Building Kowloon East, 12 Street Lei Yue Mun, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. So it is a Chinese company that manufactures the sticks. A good support can be obtained by using the set up email address. For this, the English language is used at best. It is: A service phone number is unfortunately not given. Unfortunately we could not find any further details about the provider.

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Technical Details 7.0
Applicability 9.0
Price 8.5