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Nowadays there are countless streaming providers that are supposed to keep you entertained at a high level. Unfortunately, some providers only allow you to watch them on portable devices. For example on a tablet or mobile phone. Even if the program is played back in HD quality, it is almost impossible to really enjoy a movie or series because you can hardly see anything. To receive them on the big screen, however, additional hardware is usually required – such as the TVShare Max Screen-Sharing Gadget.

For example, via a computer or a game console equipped with an appropriate app. The product presented here is a Wifi Dongle, which streams the program from the mobile device to the TV screen without any problems. So it can be enjoyed much better.


What is the TVShare Max?

Everybody has been in this situation at some time or another: You came home and all you wanted to do was let some series or movie on the television drizzle you. Nowadays a lot of people spend their time in front of the TV and pursue this hobby. However, they use streaming services for this purpose, which broadcast their program in high quality HD and show a top program in return. But if you don’t want to enjoy this on your own, for example on a tablet or smartphone, it is simply uncomfortable in the long run.

It’s better to stream the programme onto the television. In many cases, however, streaming providers only allow this under certain conditions. The TVShare Max enables HD screen sharing, which makes it very easy to transfer the program from the mobile phone or tablet to the TV. In addition, it also offers ingenious HD quality. Here are the facts that the manufacturer promises:

  • Playback without lag and delay
  • instant streaming
  • Full HD quality with 1080 pixels
  • compatible with Wifi
  • Support of numerous streaming services
  • simple and uncomplicated installation

Tvshare Max

In principle, this device is exactly the right thing if you want to reproduce the experience on the big TV. A special pre-setting is not necessary, because the Wifi Dongle simply has to be plugged in and can be used afterwards. The playback is of course in HD quality, so that you can enjoy the film or a series to the full.

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What is the TVShare Max for?

Most streaming services that can be booked today offer the experience via mobile devices. This means you can enjoy it via smartphone or tablet. As TVs get bigger and bigger, they offer the ultimate experience.

Unfortunately, despite being smart TVs, most of them do not necessarily come with apps, so you can still use the services. Sometimes a little know-how is required to install the apps, but some devices don’t allow the installation of apps at all. With this Wifi dongle, however, it is completely simple to stream the program from a smartphone or tablet, and so you can also use the big screen without any loss of quality.

HD screen sharing can be used for all services and is therefore an essential device that you don’t want to do without.


Why do I need the TVShare Max?

The product is aimed at anyone who uses streaming services but does not want to do without playback on a large television set. There are no regulations regarding age, the device is aimed at young and old. In addition, it is also completely problem-free to set up and operate. In principle, everyone can feel addressed, regardless of age or gender. The target group can therefore not be clearly defined.

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How is the product used?

For use with the television, it is only necessary to connect the device to the television via HDMI and provide a power connection. Afterwards, it is only necessary to establish a connection via Bluetooth in the mobile device. This is easily done in the menu that is responsible for the settings. Once the device for HD screen sharing is in the list, it is simply selected.

Afterwards, an icon appears in the upper corner of every app that can be used for mobile streaming. If you tap on it, the running program is immediately transferred to the screen. Playback is in HD quality, only the operation is still done via the smartphone or tablet. Everything else is self-explanatory.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

With every gadget there are advantages and disadvantages, which you should know about in any case. Therefore, we have taken the opportunity to list the things that need to be mentioned about the gadget below. This may influence your purchase decision if you are not sure if the gadget is right for you.


  • simple connection
  • HD quality in terms of audio and video
  • no delays in transmission
  • better sound than on the small screen
  • supports numerous streaming services


  • none known

The advantages of the product are obvious. Not only is it easy to handle, but it also sends a good quality message to the screen. It does not generate any lags during transmission, thus enabling flawless entertainment, which can come from a wide variety of streaming services.

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General TVShare Max test and quality features

We wanted to take a closer look at the device for HD screen sharing and tried it out in a test. All of us in the editorial office regularly use streaming services, but are mostly annoyed by the much too small screen. Therefore, the TVShare Max seemed to be the right alternative. So we tried it out.

The quality of workmanship made a solid impression, and the connection was extremely easy. Simply plug the HDMI connector into the TV and connect the device to the power supply. Then we could connect it to our smartphone. Quite simply via Bluetooth. Within less than five minutes we were ready to go. We selected Netflix as our streaming service and started a movie. Immediately, a symbol appeared in the upper corner, which triggered the transfer when we tapped on it.

The transmission of the Wifi Dongle was error-free, without artifacts or similar. There were also no lags and the quality was good. The operation is still done via the smartphone, but everything else can be enjoyed on TV. All in all, we were very satisfied with the product and are happy to recommend it to others.


General TVShare Max reviews and opinions

While searching for information about the Wifi Dongle, we also found other experience reports that could support our experiences from the test. Most of them were enthusiastic about the device for HD screen sharing and reported that they now always use it when watching a streaming provider’s program. Another positive aspect was the easy and problem-free connection. Most of them were very happy to recommend the product to others and would buy it again and again. You can find out more about customer reviews by clicking on the following link! *


Are there known TVShare Max problems?

We can say from the test that there are no problems whatsoever with the HD screen sharing device. Neither delays nor lags affected our program. There was also no problem with the connection. Accordingly, we can answer this question with a clear “No!”.


Where can I buy TVShare Max?

It is best to purchase the device directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has its own website for sales and regularly provides special offers for customers. These often include not just one of the devices, but several. It is also possible, for example, to place one in the living room while the other finds a place in the bedroom.

The offers are knitted in such a way that the respective device costs less than if you buy it separately. Ordering is uncomplicated and is done by filling out a form. Afterwards, the appliance is quickly shipped and arrives a few days later directly at the front door.

Risk-free methods of payment are also used, including credit card or Paypal. Moreover, when ordering directly from the manufacturer, one always has the guarantee that one gets the original instead of a faulty copy.

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TVShare Max Technical details

At this point we would like to summarize all the technical details that contribute to the fact that especially professionals can get an even better picture of the device for HD screen sharing:

  • Full HD resolution in 1,080 pixels
  • H.265 decoding is supported
  • 50 percent higher processing speed
  • plug and play
  • suitable for Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0 and MacOS 10
  • Radio frequency: 2.4 G
  • Video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB
  • Audio formats: AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Photo formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • no further drivers required

It therefore has all the prerequisites to guarantee a perfect transmission and can therefore be used for any streaming service.


TVShare Max Evaluation and recommendation

In the future, this device will be able to play all content from streaming services on the big screen. The connection is completely problem-free and guarantees high-quality playback in HD format. We highly recommend the device and believe that once you try it, you will not want to miss streaming movies or series.


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