Testogen Reviews, Ingredients and Price

There are many problems where testosterone plays an important role. Especially in men, testosterone levels are responsible for many things and are therefore difficult to control, especially when it comes to the elderly. We took a look at Testogen, a product that focuses on testosterone levels and is used for many purposes. The product is already known in the areas of bodybuilding and muscle building, but there are also possibilities in other areas to use the product sensibly and efficiently. In the following we report about the experiences, functions and further information around the product.


Testogen facts

The testosterone level in a man’s blood is very fickle, especially when it comes to getting older and older. Let’s take a closer look to see exactly what he’s responsible for. Testosterone belongs to the group of sexual hormones, which is present in both sexes, but is usually increased in men. In men, it is mainly produced in the testicular region, but the adrenal cortex also releases small amounts of testosterone. Testosterone has different functions, including growth, sperm production and more specifically, formation of muscle mass and fat storage. Testosterone also influences the psyche.


Testosterone, for example, controls aggression and other emotions. In bodybuilding and muscle building, however, there is not always enough testosterone in the blood, which is why many men do doping by taking steroids. However, there are other ways and means, including this product. The so-called natural power contains natural ingredients and leads to an increase in testosterone levels. In this way you can train again at your usual performance level and thus generate more muscle mass. The product also has other advantages:

  • Strength and endurance are increased
  • the focus is strengthened, both at work and in leisure time
  • Elimination of fatigue, irritability and loss of concentration
  • Libido is increased again
  • Fatigue symptoms are reduced

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Testogen Ingredients

But what exactly is contained in it that it has such an effect? Looking at the list of ingredients, we know that these are only natural raw materials. But you want to know exactly which substances are involved. And that is:

  • D-aspartic acid
  • fenugreek
  • Ginseng Extract
  • selenium
  • arrearthorn
  • vitamin B
  • vitamin D
  • zinc gluconate

D-aspartic acid is a regulator that influences amino acids and is crucial for the production of hormones. This stimulates the production of testosterone and generates additional muscle mass. Another effect: It has a positive effect on the metabolism. Fenugreek is an herb that can increase libido and is therefore a real testosterone booster. Insulin release is increased. Ginseng extract is known as an aphrodisiac and stimulates libido. The body feels amazingly comfortable with this material, which improves performance. Selenium belongs to the natural minerals that improve the function of the body. Antioxidants are exhausted to a maximum and toxins are eliminated in the body.

The burl thorn is an herb that has astonishing properties and actually acts as steroidal saponin. Vitamins B and D contribute to health and also influence the testosterone balance. Zinc gluconate is effective as a testosterone booster, it is also found in oysters, for example. The body loses an astonishing amount of this by sweating, which can easily cause a deficiency. All in all, this is a good concept for many ingredients, all of which should ensure a better hormonal balance in men.


Who is Testogen suitable for?

Testogen is aimed at adult men who are over the age of 18 and who want to increase their testosterone levels. The product is a natural testosterone booster which contains no harmful steroids and also provides good results in bodybuilding. The product is particularly popular with men who also take part in competitions or endurance events, especially with all athletes who need strength and endurance for their activity. It is also suitable for men who want to get their libido back on track.


General Testogen Test

Surely everyone who does bodybuilding and even those who knowingly have lower testosterone levels will want to use supplements in their diet sooner or later to get back on their feet and deliver better results. We simply did a test on Testogen because we wanted to know how well it affects a man’s testosterone balance. For this purpose, we invited various test persons to try out the product. Many were enthusiastic that it is based only on natural ingredients and is also approved for sports, where some substances are on the index.

Especially in the area of competitions it was therefore very interesting for them. Within the first few days there was no major change in the test. By the way: These were all documented in detail, so that it was more comprehensible for us how the product works. After about two weeks, the first reported a considerable boost, which they received both in training and in general. The athletes could train better, had longer strength and could perform their sets better during training.

The others felt much better and more balanced again. As their intake progressed, their behaviour improved and their training became more efficient. As for the libido, everyone reported a better feeling and that it increased. Eventual periods of tiredness, which were almost the rule before, did not occur at all with time and overall our test persons were very satisfied with the product. Finally, we can only give this product a good judgement, because in our test it convinced every test person without exception.


General Testogen Experiences

If you look around on the Internet, you will quickly find more test and experience reports. Some report a resounding effect, others are also enthusiastic. And then there are the few negative reports where it had no effect. The latter was often due to an incorrect dosage strategy, sometimes the testers simply did not stick to the dosage, which should not be exceeded at all. Many wrote of the naturalness of the product that they would not feel any negative effects apart from the set goal and that the product does exactly what the manufacturer promises. Bodybuilders and athletes are thrilled because it improves performance and makes training so much better. All in all, the test reports coincided with ours and were predominantly positive. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *

How does the Testogen effect work?

With the help of its ingredients Testogen ensures a higher testosterone level. For example, fenugreek is known to have already shown a significantly positive effect in studies, which also includes physiological aspects of libido. Studies have shown that D-aspartic acid increases testosterone, whereas Asian ginseng improves training performance and makes optimal use of many processes in the body. This results in maximum oxygen intake, better working capacity and a healthier heart rate.

In principle, only those things are used here which are otherwise known from life and which are often known as aphrodisiacs. As already mentioned, zinc gluconate is also available in oysters. Ginseng is also known as testosterone booster. And last but not least, aspartic acid is also present in asparagus. All things you get recommended anyway when it doesn’t work in bed. Since they’re all raising testosterone levels.

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What is the Testogen intake?

The dosage is very different and depends on the project you have. The manufacturer therefore recommends limiting the dosage to no more than four capsules per day. The capsules are always taken after a meal. Together with enough water. That’s all there is to it. It may be advisable to start with the full dose and then perhaps go down a little after a week or two to see what the effect is. Afterwards, the dose can be increased again at any time, if necessary.


Are there known Testogen side effects?

Since the capsules contain only natural ingredients, there are virtually no side effects. Within the first few days, the metabolism may react in a somewhat unusual way, but this quickly subsides. It is therefore worth trying the product. It is important to look in advance at what is in it and whether you can tolerate it yourself. Failure to do so may cause problems. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is advisable to consult a doctor who can also give you advice during the treatment.


Where can I buy Testogen?

It is available on the Internet directly from the manufacturer’s website. Whoever buys here can not only assume that he will receive the original, but he will also receive good offers at times, which he can use if he wants to take advantage of a long-term treatment. Because then it is definitely worth buying several bottles of the product.

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How is the Testogen price staggered?

Testogen is available on the manufacturer’s website in three different versions. The price is staggered and is as follows:

  • 1 bottle (1 month’s supply): 39 Euro
  • 2 bottles (+1 bottle free): 89 Euro
  • 3 bottles (+2 bottles free): 150 Euro

You can always save money with every offer. The product is also shipped free of charge and arrives quickly. With the normal bottle only a small amount of about 6 euros is saved. If you order several bottles at the same time, you can save between 45 and 100 euros. It’s worth it!



Ingredients 9.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 9.0

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