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Tap N Charge – Charging a mobile phone battery in a car is a real problem, which has been solved so far by means of cables. However, these cables do not always hang where they are supposed to and may hinder the driver in handling the joystick, or even steering. This poses a significant risk to traffic, not only to the driver himself, but also to all those who are simultaneously moving in traffic.

With the help of the gadget presented here it is possible to Smartphone and without any disturbing cables or other to have to act. We would like to introduce the product below and explain why it is definitely worthwhile to choose one.


What is the Tap N Charge?

The product presented here is a charging station that you can use in your car to charge your smartphone wirelessly. It is simply inserted into the holder after it has been properly fastened and then simply charges the battery. Here are the characteristics that the manufacturer places special emphasis on:

  • Wireless Charging the battery
  • Car charger that is easy to attach
  • works with all common Smartphones
  • easy access at any time
  • small size and weight
  • fast charge possible

Tap N Charge

The car charger thus has all the capabilities that you would expect from a good adapter of this type and meets the requirements for driving as safely as possible on the road, even though you use your smartphone from time to time.

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What is the Tap N Charge for?

Everyone who has a smartphone knows the problem that the battery is always empty when it’s not really needed. To avoid this problem, there are countless adapters on the market that can be hung in the car and ensure that the mobile phone at least has a fixed place.

Very few of them also have an integrated charging station. In most cases, an additional cable must be inserted into the normal charging port of the smartphone, the other end of which is usually placed in the cigarette lighter. However, the cable usually hangs over other instruments of the car, which you must operate during the journey. It is not uncommon for cables to get tangled up and the driver desperately tries to untangle them on the way. This is not only inconvenient but also dangerous, so that an accident can happen as a result.

In order to avoid this, the car charger presented here has an integrated charging mechanism that is charged at home via a socket and then installed in the car. This way, it provides the mobile phone with the necessary power to charge the battery without hindrance. It doesn’t really get any better than that.


Why do I need this product?

The product is aimed at all smartphone owners who would like to use a wireless alternative to charge their mobile phone in the car. Only with its help is it possible to charge your mobile phone safely and drive a car at the same time.

Thanks to the simple operation, the age group is completely irrelevant and therefore quite simple. Both young and old benefit from the capabilities of the device. It is aimed at both men and women and delivers the desired performance that the manufacturer promises.

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How is the product used?

It is first necessary to charge the device at home at the power outlet. In principle, it then functions like a power bank for the mobile phone. Once it’s charged, it has enough energy to  in the car and attach his phone to it. This is then charged completely wirelessly. The car charger can then be used as long as it has the necessary energy. Afterwards it must be recharged. There is really nothing more to explain in terms of operation.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any gadget, the car charger has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should know about. We would therefore like to take a look at the respective categories below and show you what to expect. This may also influence your purchase decision if you are not sure if the device is for you or not.


  • easy control
  • no cable tangle on the way
  • safe driving possible
  • charges the battery very quickly
  • compatible with many smartphones


  • supplies only limited energy itself

What you should bear in mind when buying is that the device itself supplies only limited energy. Therefore, you have to recharge it again and again in the meantime in order to provide the smartphone with sufficient resources. Otherwise the car charger has only advantages, from which one can profit in any case.

You no longer bother with twisted cables while driving and thus no longer endanger yourself and other road users. Thus, the car charger is an ideal gadget that you can use anytime you are on the road.

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General Tap N Batch test and quality characteristics

We wanted to see the capabilities of the product for ourselves and did a test. First we evaluated the appearance and quality. However, these two factors made a very good impression, so that we could finally move on to the practical test. It is important to charge the device first, which is possible via a normal power outlet. So this took some time at first.

Then we clamped a smartphone into the device and watched the battery status display. This shot up relatively quickly, so the loading took place without any problems. We also tried this with different smartphones to test the compatibility. No matter whether Apple, Android Smartphone or Windows, the device could charge all mobile phones equipped with the appropriate technology. Above all, the device was finished very quickly.

Of course, we notice here once again that it is always a little annoying that the adapter needs to be charged regularly, but for safe driving, it is a very good tool that one can gladly fall back on. Furthermore: Whoever makes use of the seller’s offers always has one available to change. So one is always full. By the way, it can be fixed in the car simply by means of a clip inside the ventilation slots.


General Tap N Charge experiences and opinions

While searching for the necessary information, we also found other testimonials from users who have already tried the product. The opinions were very catchy and mostly positive. Most of the users were very satisfied and are happy to recommend it to others. We could not find any negative opinions.

Most of them mentioned above all the omission of any cables, which they appreciated very much. Many of them had experienced on the road that the cable had wrapped around the control stick and thus had a negative influence on the driving behaviour. So you don’t want to miss it anymore. The product was therefore generally very well received. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Tap N Charge problems?

As mentioned above, the product must be recharged repeatedly to maintain its wireless capabilities. However, the fact that it works without a cable is such a good feature that you are happy to charge it at home and can live with it without any problems.


Where can I buy Tap N Charge?

The product is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The latter offers it on his own homepage, where he also has corresponding offers to choose from. Customers not only have an easy to manage order, but also have the option to pay for the product using secure and risk-free payment methods.

Within the offers, most of the times, several of the devices are included and therefore, the individual devices are cheaper than if they were ordered separately. In this way the buyer can benefit from a volume discount. After the order is placed, the product is quickly sent on its way and usually arrives a few days later at the recipient.

If you wish, you can also have your offer insured with an additional replacement guarantee. In this way, the product remains with you for life, since you always have the right to ask for a new one if the old one breaks down.

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Tap N Batch Technical Details

Here are the technical details that we found out about the product:

  • Size: 80x70x165 mm
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Colour: black
  • Loading speed: high

Unfortunately we could not find more technical properties.


Tap N Batch evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we think that the Tap N Charge is an ideal way to wirelessly charge a battery in the car. You can drive safely without the actual cable always lying somewhere where you can’t use it. The device quickly charges the mobile phone battery and is easy to use.

There are no problems with the function in general, the quality is good. We would therefore like the device recommend very gladly and are convinced that it is a popular gadget that you will not want to do without after a short time of use.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is a company founded by people who have made it their business to find simple solutions for motorists and to distribute them in the form of gadgets. The company is based in Hong Kong.

Here is the complete address: Think Tech Sales Limited, Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, WAN CHAI, Hong Kong For questions, a support email address is also set up, which is: support@tapncharge.com. The service can be reached by telephone from Germany at 0800-6310 000.

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Tap N Charge

Technical details 8.0
Applicability 9.0
Price 7.5