Synbiotic Vital Active Ingredients and facts

An equally healthy and balanced intestinal flora is of decisive importance for the health of your body. While in the past the importance of bacteria in the intestines was completely overlooked, we now know that they are vital for human survival. Recent studies show more and more clearly that the intestinal flora is a central component of our immune system. However, unhealthy nutrition, excessive use of various drugs, especially antibiotics, and a variety of other factors can disrupt the intestinal flora and harmful bacteria can implant themselves. This is where the synbiotic Vital Active capsules from Bodyfokus come in. The ingredients contained in it are used to cleanse the intestines and inoculate them with healthy bacterial strains.

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Synbiotic Vital ActiveThe capsules contain the following ingredients:

  • Probiotic bacterial cultures from 13 different strains with a total of 10 billion bacteria
  • Insulin and oligofructose as food for the bacteria
  • Calcium and ficin to cleanse the intestine
  • Hydroxypropymethylcellulose capsule
  • magnesium salts and silicon dioxide
  • Information about the Synbiotic Vital Active Effect

These capsules have different effects on your intestinal flora and health. First, the calcium and ficin cleanse your intestines. Calcium is also an important mineral in the body, which is completely indispensable for blood coagulation, energy metabolism, healthy muscular function, signal transmission by nerve cells and the functionality of digestive enzymes. Ficin is an enzyme from the protease group and is obtained from figs. It helps to digest meat in particular, but can also attack undesirable bacteria. Silicon dioxide also fulfills two functions. On the one hand, it serves as a filler for the capsules to which the bacteria can attach themselves. On the other hand, it scrubs the intestine clean to a certain extent. In order for the healthy bacteria to settle in your intestine and contribute to the fact that you no longer have allergies, they must first get free space in your intestine.

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Our Synbiotic Vital Active test

In our test for these capsules, we tested their effect. The regular intake of the Bodyfokus capsules showed a health-promoting effect. However, you should note that the effect in the test does not have to completely match the effect in your body. The reason for this is that every human being has a unique intestinal flora that can be disturbed in different ways. Since the colonization of your intestine with harmful bacteria of different species may have occurred, or it may even be a single species, the expected effect is unpredictable. To achieve a long-lasting, noticeable effect, all harmful bacteria must be removed from your intestines and the species and strains contained in the capsules must develop in large numbers into a healthy intestinal flora. This depends largely on the conditions in your intestine.

General Synbiotic Vital Active experiences

The general experience with Synbiotic Vital Active is very good and they develop their full effect over time. As already mentioned, the intake must be adapted to the own body. Each capsule contains about 10 billion bacteria, but only a small number of them can settle in your intestine at every time and begin to displace the harmful bacteria. This leads to a competition in your intestine, in which the new bacteria first have to assert themselves. However, you have to imagine that there are many more bacteria in your intestine than can fit into one capsule. That’s why the new bacteria are outnumbered and you need to support their colonization by regularly taking the Bodyfokus capsules, which cleanse your intestines and thereby create the habitat for the new bacteria. Only then do you have a correspondingly good experience and feel the effect. You can also find more customer experiences via this link.

My Synbiotic Vital Active experiences

  • Day 1: On the first day I was relatively desperate because I had tried a lot so far to get my metabolism under control and rebuild my intestinal flora. Even a doctor had told me that in view of my allergies he had little hope of ever getting a grip on this without totally restricting my entire diet. Socially, this is always a problem, because you can’t do what you want. That’s why I tried Synbiotic Vital Active capsules. On the first day, however, no change was noticeable.
  • Day 7: One week after I started taking it, I notice that my stomach rumbling has decreased a little. I’m a little fitter than usual, less beaten off, which is mainly noticeable when I get up early in the morning and have to get up for work. The intake works perfectly so far and I cannot feel any side effects. Here it seems to be really noticeable that Synbiotik Vital Aktiv was produced with natural ingredients that simply do not have any such side effects. So the tolerability is great.
  • Day 14: After two weeks I notice that my almost regular diarrhoea is becoming less and less common. The intestinal flora seems to change slowly but surely. Of course I should give it a little more time without expecting too much. It is said that the surprise and enthusiasm is greater then. However, my health is still on the rise and improving.
  • Day 21: After three weeks, the regularity of regular toilet visits gradually increases. My stomach feels less stressed, my metabolism seems to get going and it is like a real detoxification. Taking it twice a day is still not a problem. Recently I was even able to notice that my diet is improving. I still have to be a little careful what I eat, but my body doesn’t react as bad as before and doesn’t lead to diarrhea and nausea. A great relief.
  • Day 30: I don’t regret a single day of taking it yet and I have some worries already when I finish the cure. I hope, however, that it leaves something good behind. Otherwise I will have to continue taking it or I will ask the manufacturer for a comparable remedy that can be used after ‘detoxification’. My digestion works perfectly, my metabolism is relieved and diarrhea is a horror tale from days gone by. I was even able to limit my allergies a little and hope that this will continue to be the case.

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My personal conclusion

I can only recommend taking Synbiotic Vital Active. It changed my life – only for the better! It is therefore particularly recommended for those who have allergy problems and suffer from diarrhea and other digestive and stomach problems. Already after 30 days of taking it I feel so much better, while I had been struggling with years of problems before. I wish I’d had the product sooner. Meanwhile I am very convinced of the effect and hope that it will also help others.

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Procedure of the Synbiotic Vital Active intake

For the correct intake of the Synbiotic Vital Active capsules you have to understand how these capsules work at all. The small capsule contains 10 billion bacteria, which should be distributed as evenly as possible in your intestine, so that they can settle in any free area. For this to happen, you should take the capsules with plenty of water so that the bacteria dissolve in the water and spread more evenly. However, as water flows very quickly through the digestive tract, the bacteria would hardly have time to settle and they would be washed away. To prevent this from happening, you should take the capsule twice daily before meals. The bacteria find fresh nutrients in the mash to multiply and the large surface of the chewed food offers them much more support so that they pass through the intestine more slowly to settle.

Are there known Synbiotic Vital Active side effects?

Synbiotic Vital Active contains only natural ingredients that do not cause known allergies. Other allergens such as soy, dairy products or the lactose or gluten contained therein are not present. Flavors and preservatives have also been dispensed with in these capsules. This way you can be sure that you can tolerate all ingredients without any problems. The main component of the capsules consists of 10 billion living bacteria from 13 different strains, which should occur naturally in a healthy human intestine and normally do. This way you can be completely sure that the Bodyfokus capsules will not have any harmful side effects. In fact, the opposite is the case. The capsules do not cause allergies, but help to improve even allergies by building up a healthy intestinal flora. This way you can be sure that there are no undesirable side effects and the intake is harmless.

Where can I buy Synbiotic Vital Active?

Synbiotic Vital Active is only available in the manufacturer’s online shop. This direct and at the same time very convenient source of supply has many advantages for you. One of the most important advantages is that you don’t have to look for the capsules in the local retail trade, which means pharmacies, drugstores, health food stores or large supermarkets. This will save you a lot of stress and trouble if you find out that there is no retailer in your area offering the capsules. There are also financial advantages for you. If you were shopping in retail stores, you would not only have to pay for the capsules and the pure shipping. The prices, probably also still different from dealer to dealer, the expenses are contained to operate the loading and a strong iextra charge which serves for the fact that each one involved earns on it.

How is the Synbiotic Vital Active price graduated?

The biggest distribution when buying Synbiotic Vital Active directly from the retailer is that the retailer can increase its price completely by itself. This allows him to offer you a graduated price if you buy several cans of these capsules directly when placing an order. One can contains 60 capsules. These correspond to a monthly ration for 30 days with the recommended intake of two capsules daily. You can get a single can for about 50 EUR. However, since you should take the capsules for a longer period of time, we recommend that you take advantage of the more favorable offers of the graduated price. With the purchase of 3 cans you already save 14 % of the price and with 6 cans even 26 %. This saves you money and you don’t have to think about reordering all the time and wait for the mail. Since the capsules have a shelf life of 2 years, you can store the ration for 6 months without any problems.

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Synbiotic Vital Active conclusion

The results of the Synbiotic Vital Active capsules are consistently positive. With these capsules you can cleanse your intestines, rid them of harmful bacteria and colonize them with new, healthy bacteria. The healthy intestinal flora is a vital component of your immune system and it has already been shown that allergies can be improved by it. The entire digestion is also stimulated, which will soon significantly improve your general well-being. When taking it, always remember that the effect depends on your body and your existing intestinal flora. If your intestine is colonized with a variety of harmful bacteria, it may take a very long time before a positive effect is noticeable. You must not forget that the bacteria contained in the capsules must prevail in your intestines.

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