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Shoes are the accessories of women par excellence. In sports, on the other hand, men attach great importance to good-looking shoes. However, in both cases it always becomes an unpleasant matter, especially when you take them off. Especially when doing sports, it is always noticeable that they simply stink when you take them out of your bag. In some cases they even smell so unpleasant, that you get a whiff every now and then during practice.

At the latest then it is time for the chemical club. Some products on the market that are supposed to stop shoe odour are effective but not necessarily healthy for our feet. The Stank Stix, on the other hand, are natural and chemical-free, so you can use them without any problems. We would like to introduce them below.


What are the Stank Stix?

Unpleasant odours can generally only be combated in the household by certain means. Some of them can now even be classified as carcinogenic. The Stank Stix, on the other hand, are a few sticks that are easy to handle and can be used to eliminate unpleasant odours naturally and without chemicals.

Due to their composition they are easy to put into the sticks and after a short time you can already feel the ingredients unfold their effect. Here are the properties that the manufacturer puts in the foreground:

  • laced with natural ingredients
  • noticeable within less than 24 hours
  • combats the worst odours
  • absolutely safe
  • lasts up to 10 years
  • no covering up, likewise unpleasant smells

Stank Stix

The ingredient the rods work with is Silver. It has microbial properties and stops about 99.9 percent of the bacteria that produce unpleasant odours. This makes it much more natural than other products and safe for the whole family. Even if pets get it between their teeth, their master or mistress need not be worried.

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What do these shoe-deodorant sticks help with?

The smell of shoes is unpleasant for most people. It is absolutely irrelevant whether the smell is typical sweaty feet or whether there are other reasons why feet smell unpleasant. The smell is also impossible to get out of most shoes. Instead, most people try to get rid of it with chemical products. But this usually does not work. Moreover, it is always risky to use other products.

Not least because it is the Material that can attack shoes. Unpleasant odours are successfully eliminated by means of the Stank Stix without the use of other products. In addition, it is completely natural and chemical-free, which is much safer for the user.


Why do I need the Stank Stix?

The product is aimed at all people who have the problem of getting rid of unpleasant odours. Not only shoes are affected, because the sticks can also be placed in the wardrobe to eliminate odours. In general, they help to eliminate all odours, regardless of their source. Young and old benefit equally, as do women and men.

The product is simply made for everyone who is looking for a quick and as natural as possible method to finally create a pleasant smell again.

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How is the product used?

To achieve an optimal effect, it is only necessary to put the sticks into the respective smelling garment. In the case of shoes, they are simply placed inside the shoe, one stick at a time. Within a few hours you will already notice an improvement and you can approach the wardrobe again without having to hold your nose. For a really successful utilization it is therefore already recommended to place the bars directly in the shoes after taking them off.

If there are unpleasant odours in the clothing, the bars are simply hung in the wardrobe, which is no problem thanks to the connection between the individual bars. Everything else is done by itself.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like all products, this one also has its advantages and disadvantages. We would therefore like to take the opportunity to summarise them clearly and concisely. This can also influence your purchase decision if you are not sure if the product is the right one.


  • easy to use
  • natural and chemical free
  • to be used for all kinds of smells
  • safe usage
  • up to 10 years durable


  • none known

As you can see very well, the product actually has only advantages. Shoes and other clothing are freed from unpleasant odours, yet it is so easy to use. Of course, the best thing about it is that it only works with natural ingredients and is therefore safe for every user.

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General Stank Stix test and quality characteristics

Of course we wanted to see for ourselves the capabilities of this product and so we did a test. For this we ordered several of the sticks and used them against unpleasant odours. First we noticed that they seem to be made of a very durable material. Dog or cat teeth will not have any problems with this, but the substances inside should not harm them as they are unnatural and free of chemicals.

After less than five hours we noticed a change. The smell was still there, but it was much less than at the beginning. Since we believed the manufacturer, but we waited a full 24 hours, until we got a final picture. Seriously, the sticks had eliminated all smell. Even when we held our nose very close to our clothes and shoes, we couldn’t perceive anything of the bad smell anymore. Moreover, the smell was not only eliminated by replacing it with another smell.

This is one of the problems that most sprays have: They cover up the bad smell with another. So the product had shown a good effect and convinced us. All in all, the product therefore gets a real recommendation from us.


General Stank Stix experiences and opinions

During the research for the article we also read other field reports. These were from users who had already tried the product and could form an opinion. Most of them are so enthusiastic that they recommend buying more than one and think that this product has become an integral part of their everyday life. Especially with smells in the kitchen, or in cupboards, the product does a very good job.

It is therefore highly recommended. We have not been able to find any negative reports to date. We therefore assume that the product has been very well received by all users …and they had the benefit of it. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known Stank Stix problems?

The product is expected to perform its service for up to ten years. Of course, we have no knowledge of this yet, but after repeated use we can still confirm that the product still does what it is supposed to do. Nevertheless, we cannot say exactly whether it will last for ten years in total.

Where can I buy Stank Stix?

The product is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers his goods on his own website. There is the advantage that from time to time he publishes special offers which contain several of the sticks and which become cheaper per model. In any case, one should strike if one wants to buy several at once.

So you have one ready for several locations. Ordering is uncomplicated and completed within a few steps. All you have to do is enter a few details about your own address. Payment is conveniently made by a risk-free method, for example by credit card or Paypal. The Shipping is fast and a few days later you already have the product in your hands.

In addition, the manufacturer gives his customers the opportunity to return the product within 30 days and he gets his money back without any problems.

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Stank Stix Technical Details

As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, there is relatively little to say. But we would like to summarize what is worth knowing:

  • fights odours with silver particles, which are microbial and kill odour bacteria
  • is made of a high-quality plastic, which even dogs and cats can hardly crack
  • safe for all users, even children, and pets
  • up to ten years durable

It is particularly nice to mention once again that the product is as good as can eliminate any smell without the need for further sprays or similar. Here you can fight odours with a completely natural variant and it’s perfectly safe.


Stank Stix evaluation and recommendation

All in all we evaluate the product very positively. Because it helps to completely eliminate unpleasant odours and does so within a few hours. Although the manufacturer states 24 hours for this, we noticed that for most odours there is a significant improvement after just a few hours.

The product provided a lot of satisfaction for the users, so we can recommend it without reservation. Moreover, it works naturally and without danger. So we have a clear recommendation for the purchase of the product.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer is a company based in the USA. Here is the complete address: The GiddyUp Group, 16 N. Oak St., Ventura, CA 93001, USA. In addition, an email address for support requests has been set up. This is: Unfortunately, no more is known about the company.

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