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Most people notice beautiful teeth already at the first meeting. In order to keep the teeth shiny white, often a considerable effort is necessary. In addition to regular tooth brushing, there are visits to the dentist, bleaching and other treatments, which you always have to pay extra for. And also the general cleaning is not always pleasant. And all this is done for a radiantly beautiful smile. And it’s so easy if you only have the right Sonic X Pro. That’s why we took a look at the Sonic X Pro today. An electric Sonic X Pro, which is the solution for some tooth problems and which cleans the biter properly.


What is Sonic X Pro?

At the dentist’s, it usually only means that you should brush your teeth better when something is wrong again. But that alone doesn’t really help most people. A relief here is a toothbrush that supports you by taking over the correct brushing movements. In this case, an electric toothbrush is a real support and that’s exactly what the Sonic X Pro is supposed to be. It is described by the manufacturer as 100 times stronger than normal toothbrushes. Here is a brief overview:

  • several modes available
  • 45,000 brush pulses per minute
  • Toothbrush Timer
  • light, waterproof and durable

The toothbrush has everything you would expect from a good electric toothbrush. According to the manufacturer, it changes the entire tooth brushing routine and therefore also leads to better results when it comes to optimising treatment at the dentist.

sonic x pro


Why does an electric toothbrush help?

Even as a child, you are told that there is only one specific tooth brushing technique that you can use to keep your teeth clean. The problem with this is that in most cases, you brush your teeth the way you think is right. This means that the typical movements are neglected and the teeth are not as clean as they should be. An electric toothbrush, on the other hand, can simulate the movements so that it is only necessary to guide them along the teeth. For example, when dentists hear you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, they are usually more satisfied with the dental care you give them. In addition, an electric toothbrush is more capable of brushing teeth better, as it has more turns on it within the two recommended minutes than one could do with one’s hand.

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Accordingly, an electric toothbrush is a real recommendation for oral hygiene anyway.


For whom is Sonic X Pro the right product?

In principle, the Sonic X Pro is a good support for anyone who wants to optimize oral hygiene. It is ideal for both men and women, gender is irrelevant. It is also suitable for people who have never had an electric toothbrush in their hands before. There are no differences here either. The toothbrush is easy to use and a good way for both young and old to give a completely different feeling to brushing their teeth.

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Sonic X Pro Technical Details

Of course it is interesting to take a closer look at the technical aspects of the toothbrush. That is why we have summarized them in the following and set them up in a straightforward way.

  • 45,000 brush impulses per minute
  • Sonic technology (is 100x more powerful than normal brushes)
  • 4 intelligent brush modes
  • Toothbrush timer of 2 minutes
  • extra long battery life (up to two weeks)
  • lightweight
  • watertight

For example, if you want to brush your teeth in the shower in the morning, you can safely take the device with you to the shower. The toothbrush can last up to two weeks without any problems, even if you brush your teeth twice a day. The timer shows every 30 seconds when the mouth area should be changed. This results in an optimal brushing action, which considers the four areas of the mouth with sufficient care. The four brushing modes include a pure brushing mode, a massage mode, a soft brushing mode as well as the bleach mode if the teeth are to be particularly smooth and clean. In addition, the toothbrush has the technology to be an impulse toothbrush. Therefore, it does not need to rotate when brushing, but gives light impulses to the teeth, which removes plaque or impurities even better.

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How do I use Sonic X Pro?

Basically the toothbrush is used like any other toothbrush. After applying the toothpaste, it is only necessary to turn it on and brush your teeth thoroughly. For the brushing mode, simply press the power button several times and select it. After about 30 seconds, the toothbrush will vibrate slightly, indicating that you should change your mouth area. On this way the two minutes pass relatively fast, so that you have a clean mouth and even brighter teeth afterwards.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Sonic X Pro?

Of course, we would also like to take advantage of this opportunity and list all the advantages and disadvantages of the toothbrush in detail. This is the only way to get a good idea of the gadget’s performance.


  • easy application
  • can also be used in the shower
  • better than any normal toothbrush
  • better cleaning results
  • 2 minutes timer
  • several cleaning modes


  • none known

As you can easily see, the toothbrush has only advantages, but no disadvantages. The 2 minute timer makes it possible to brush your teeth as long as necessary at any time. In addition, their performance is much better than that of ordinary toothbrushes. The teeth are finally brushed as they should be, without the need for special equipment. It is also waterproof, so you can even use it in the shower. It couldn’t be better, could it?


General Sonic X Pro Test

Of course, we also wanted to convince ourselves of the performance of this toothbrush and subjected it to a small test. What we can say in advance is that over the last few years there have been many discussions where an ultrasonic brush has been declared to be better than the typical electric models that are available on the market. This one comes very close to an ultrasonic brush and also has a corresponding effect, which can be used to your advantage.

So we tested it. Our test period lasted over three weeks. Already after the first applications we noticed that the teeth felt much cleaner, smoother and more beautiful when we looked in the mirror. Which we also have to mention: The operation is absolutely uncomplicated and therefore possible for every layman. Even if he has never used an electric toothbrush before. Simply press the button and off you go. Overall, we were very satisfied with the result in the three weeks and had the impression that the toothbrush had been very beneficial to our dental and oral hygiene. We would therefore rate it very highly and recommend it in any case.

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General Sonic X Pro experiences and opinions

In our addiction to experience reports on the Internet, we have also come across some. Most people like to use a toothbrush and it cleans the mouth well. Therefore it gets from many a relevant positive résumé, which they pass on gladly. There were actually no negative experiences that we found. The users describe the toothbrush as uncomplicated, easy to use and it leaves a clean feeling in the mouth. And that’s the most important thing for most people. That’s why they are happy to recommend it to others. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Sonic X Pro problems?

One problem we see is the brush head. A total of two brush heads are supplied. For a single person this is enough for a while. However, the problem arises when these two are used up. It is clear that the heads should be replaced from time to time. Because a too used brush head does not allow a perfect cleaning and is also unhygienic. But apparently you can’t buy them later either. At least we haven’t found a source where you can catch up. However, this is the only problem.

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Where can I buy the Sonic X Pro?

Best of all directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer not only offers the toothbrush at moderate graduated prices, but also a pleasant ordering process. This is followed by a fast shipping service and the shipping does not even cost much. Several payment options are made available. Thus the order becomes a safe thing, which one can use without further ado. By the way: Who orders several, can save also still somewhat more money. In addition one has in the way one for on the way as well as one at home.


Sonic X Pro review and conclusion

Overall, we rate the electric toothbrush very positively. It cleans better than any conventional toothbrush and also offers various comfort factors. The four different cleaning modes alone are a real addition for everyone, because the standard programme does not always meet with enthusiasts. In addition, the toothbrush promotes a better cleaning result that is worth seeing. For everyone, this electric toothbrush makes the next visit to the dentist a breeze. This prevents all sorts of problems arising as a result of poor dental hygiene. In addition, it is very easy to order and there is no risk involved.


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