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Whether for business or pleasure: travelling is something wonderful, where you not only get to know other countries, but also other cultures. But what happens when you are in a foreign country whose language you don’t understand at all? Of course, there are many people today who speak at least one or two foreign languages. For the rest, the journey to a foreign country is often a real debacle.

At the latest when they want to order something to eat and get something completely different than they expected. A solution for this can now be found in the Smart Translator. It provides fast translation of 30 different languages and is a real relief in all areas of life when it comes to understanding other people’s language and maintaining good communication.


What is the Smart Translator?

The device presented here is a translation aid capable of translating over 30 languages at lightning speed. It doesn’t matter whether you are addressed in a foreign language or want to answer something in another language. It is basically an intercom system, which can also be connected to a mobile phone in order to avoid communication problems. The device even translates the speech in real time, in good sound quality and without noise. It also fits in every pocket, so that you can use it to your advantage both professionally and professionally.

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What does such a Translator device do?

Foreign languages are beautiful because they enable communication between different peoples. However, there is a problem with most people: they often do not speak more than their own mother tongue. Ideally, they speak one or two foreign languages. But depending on where you go, the people who live there do not speak English, French or Spanish. What to do in such a situation? Especially if you travel to various countries where education is not yet adapted to Western standards, linguistic communication is often at risk.

In a restaurant, at the latest, there is a nasty surprise when you have something completely different on your plate instead of the desired dish. The Smart Translator makes it possible to translate over 30 languages, both when you are addressed and when you want to answer something. He thus mediates in a world where two parties do not speak a common language but want to communicate.

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Why do I need this product?

The device is aimed at many target groups, which cannot be generalized completely. Younger people learn several languages and are often more educated than the older generation. But as soon as exotic languages are added, they are not up to date either. Therefore both young and old are addressed and target group of the device. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female.

The device records equally and has a good recording quality for both audio tracks. If you want to use the device for business, you can do so just as you would on a normal trip that you would on a private level. So the device covers a lot of target groups and can be a good help for many people.

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How is the Smart Translator used?

The Smart Translator is small and fits in your handbag. Nevertheless, it has a few elements that are easy to use. To switch it on, press the side button. Then you use the red button to record what the other person is saying and then use the blue button to play it back in your own language. To use the whole thing in the other direction, you now record the answer in your own language using the blue button and play it back in another language using the red button.

In this way a back and forth and thus a full-fledged communication is created. The device uses a computer language, which is however very understandable and therefore good for both parties to use.

The language itself is set by means of another switch on the side.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product?

Every gadget has advantages and disadvantages that you should inform yourself about before buying. Therefore we took the chance and collected all these points once. They can also influence a purchase decision, but at the same time also clarify what to expect from the device.


  • easy handling
  • long battery life
  • handbag size
  • over 30 languages possible
  • translated in real time
  • can be used both privately and professionally
  • good sound quality without noise


  • none known

Since there are no disadvantages, the advantages are quite obvious. Due to its size, the device has the possibility to take it everywhere and use it for its conversations. The operation is very simple and can also be understood by those who do not otherwise work with technical devices.

Hardly any other device has the ability to translate in real time, which is why this device has something ahead of all others. It also has more than 30 languages in which you can communicate with others. So it’s definitely worth making a recommendation if you’re often in other countries for business or pleasure.

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General Smart Translator Test

Speaking another language often requires years of learning. Even most people only learn English when they use it in everyday life. At school, however, only basic English is taught. Meanwhile, the subject English is not taught at all. The situation is similar in courses that can be taken at adult education centres or other institutions. In addition, these often cost a lot of money.

Therefore, this device is a real solution for everyone who deals with other cultures and wants to communicate with people there. It is in any case a considerable relief. In addition, the quality of the processing speaks for itself. The device not only looks good, but is also available in different colours.

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General Smart Translator experiences and opinions

In our research we have of course also dealt with the opinions of other people. Those who already had the chance to try out the device. Accordingly, we were able to get a good picture of the Smart Translator. Most are enthusiastic and use the Smart Translator both professionally and privately when they travel. They really appreciate the fact that there are over 30 languages that can be translated. The recording is done quickly, as is the translation.

So for most, fluent communication is possible without any problems. A few complained about the recording possibilities, as the device did not necessarily understand everything and therefore translated incorrectly. However, since it can be paired with the mobile phone, a further control via app is possible. But that’s the only thing some people had to complain about. Otherwise, they like to recommend it to others and think that you can use it very well if you’re on the go a lot. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *


Are there any known Smart Translator problems?

As already mentioned, the device sometimes records something incorrectly and then translates it incorrectly in the other language. However, since a check on the mobile phone is possible, this problem can be overcome. However, the errors are only minor. In most cases such a problem clears up quickly and can still be solved during the conversation, so that no false statements are made.

Simply click the link below to check the current price at offical site!

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Where can I buy the Smart Translator?

To order the device, you can consult the manufacturer’s website. Here you will not only find information, but also an easy way to order. A further advantage is provided by the manufacturer by making special offers available. Here you can buy a single device as well as two or three in multiple packs. Accordingly, one can calculate that one can save a lot of money.

This is what makes the purchase on the site so attractive. Furthermore, one does not pay any shipping costs and can look forward to a quick shipping that delivers the device to the front door. This is actually only completed by the different payment options, so that there is practically no risk when buying. It couldn’t be better!

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Smart Translator Technical Details

There is little information on the technical details provided by the manufacturer. But let’s summarize what we know:

  • is available in several colours
  • translated in the following languages: plain Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, traditional Chinese, English (China, USA, UK, Australia, India), Korean, Japanese, French, Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Russian, Arabic (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, International), Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish
  • very accurate translation, regardless of length
  • long battery life with 3,7V 750 mA battery
  • wireless Bluetooth connection via smartphone
  • Speech recognition up to two meters
  • Distance of up to 10 meters between telephone and recording device possible

The technical features speak for the device and thus provide the best conditions for problem-free communication.


Smart Translator evaluation and recommendation

As it is becoming more and more important today to communicate in other languages as well, we find that this device is the best solution for all parties. It translates into over 30 languages, has different dialects and thus contributes to uncomplicated communication. All in all, there is a real recommendation from our side. You should try it in any case.


Information to the offerer and/or dispatch partner

Not much is known about the manufacturer, except that he is based in Spain and you can also order and pay there. The company offers the device only during the market introduction to the favorable conditions.


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