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If you snore at night, you usually don’t notice that in the first place. That this is the case, however, is often shown on the other day. Either through an extremely dry nose, headaches, perhaps you even feel unexhausted. At the latest you notice it when others tell you. Because they couldn’t sleep because of the constant noise. In such a situation you often don’t know what to do. Because you don’t really want to be responsible for someone else not being able to sleep. Snore stoppers are now available on the market in a relatively wide range. Some of them promise more than they can. We have had a look at Silent Snore today and would like to explain what the gadget can be used for and how it can help you get rid of snoring in the long run.

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What is Silent Snore?

When snoring, the affected person makes a typical noise during sleep, which he or she cannot influence. It is caused by a fluttering movement on the palate caused by the suppository. One problem is often that the affected person does not get enough air, the airways are constricted. Silent Snore should solve this problem, so that the affected person gets better air again and stops snoring. Silent Snore promises the following effects:

  • it is safe and comfortable
  • you can reuse it
  • perfect fit
  • 100-percent silicone gel that is compatible for everyone
  • opens the nasal cavities for better breathing
  • helps effectively with snoring problems

Anti snoring products come in many shapes and sizes, one more uncomfortable than the other. Silent Snore presented here is easy to put on and allows you to breathe freely at night. It is absolutely compatible and easy to use. It also has a size that fits everyone.

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What is the snore stopper for?

A big problem with snoring is that the affected person gets less air through his nose. This often blocks the airways and leads to the unpleasant noise. However, snoring not only sounds unpleasant and disturbs others, it also leads to further side effects in the person affected. These can degenerate into headaches and back pains, in addition to which one actually feels constantly sleepless. A feeling of recovery no longer occurs. Furthermore, in the long term, one may develop breathing stops at night. These may even have serious consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to always do something against snoring.


Why do I need Silent Snore?

Anyone who is affected can use the gadget. The gadget is suitable for young as well as older people and is also intended for use by men and women. Due to its good fit it is suitable for every nose and is easy to wear. It is also irrelevant how serious snoring occurs. The snoring stopper helps all those affected, regardless of whether it is only a mild or more severe form.

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How is Silent Snore used?

Basically, the application is very simple. The anti-snoring product is simply placed around the middle of the nose so that it looks like wearing a nose ring. Ideally you should put it on in the evening before going to bed. It is removed in the morning after getting up. It is important that the two ball-shaped attachments meet the acupressure points on the septum. They ensure that you can breathe freely again at night and thus reduce snoring. There is no real guideline as to how long you should wear Silent Snore until it really has a good effect. But since this is a value that can be very different anyway, since we are each our own individual, it can take from several days to a few weeks for an effective effect to be achieved.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Silent Snore?

Each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is always an advantage to know about it. We have therefore compiled a list of all the advantages and disadvantages below.


  • easy to put on
  • suitable for young and old
  • restores normal breathing behaviour
  • compatible material
  • comfortable seat


  • none known

As you can see very well, the advantages are obvious. The snoring stopper fits young and old and helps with the biggest problems at night. The material is very compatible and during the night the normal breathing behaviour is restored and snoring is stopped reliably. It is easy to put on and very useful for both young and old people. It could not be better. Who snores, should try it perhaps simply times and make its own experiences.

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General Silent Snore Test and Quality Features

Of course we wanted to know more about it and did a test with the Schnarchstopper. It ran for a few weeks and so we could get our own picture of the product for anti snoring. The gadget is easy to put on and fits well, so it can’t slip during the night. In the evening we went to bed with the gadget in our nose and slept. What struck us immediately was that it gives you a lot more air, so that you can breathe more freely. In the course of the night it seemed to stay calm, but the next morning we could prove by filming that we had snored again. None of the three of us who had tried the product really stopped snoring.

Silent Snore sleep better

But we waited. As time went by, the snoring became less and less, but what was interesting was that it stopped at different times for each of us. For some it took a little longer, for others it was all over after three nights. All in all we were thrilled. During this time it also became apparent that the product was of high quality and did not cause any skin irritation to any of us, nor was it unpleasant to wear. All in all we were very satisfied.


General Silent Snore experiences and opinions

We also looked around for other customer opinions and wanted to know what others had experienced with the snoring stopper. The testimonials we found all testified to a relatively good experience. The users didn’t have any problems when mooring, let alone at night. It didn’t bother them. In the long run, the snoring stopped at some point. Those who reported something more negative about the anti-snoring product had either put it on incorrectly at first, or it disturbed them massively in the nose. But this is not the rule. Most were content and recommend it therefore gladly further. Further customer experiences are available over this link! *


Are there any known Silent Snore problems?

There are some users who feel disturbed by the gadget in their nose at night. Some also don’t have the best fit, so it can slip off at night. However, these are the only problems that can be mentioned here. Otherwise, the snoring stopper works well and you can’t really expose anything.


Where can I buy Silent Snore?

The best way is to buy the anti snoring product directly from the manufacturer. Here you will not only find information about the product, but also an easy way to order it. Furthermore, the seller offers special offers where you can not only buy one gadget, but several at once at a preferential price.

You should strike if you have the opportunity to do so. Because these offers are only available for a limited time. It is therefore worthwhile to stop by from time to time. Of course, the payment is also advantageous. It is taken up over several services, so that for everyone the most suitable is present. Paypal or credit card, Sofortüberweisung or cash on delivery – all this is possible. So it remains as risk-free as possible and you can enjoy your product directly.

In addition, it is shipped particularly quickly and delivered to the front door.

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Silent Snore Technical Details

As far as the technical details are concerned, not much can be collected with the snore stopper. Nevertheless, we’ll summarize all the key points here:

    • pleasant fit
    • made of 100-percent, compatible silicone
  • Silicone pads stimulate the desired acupressure points

The product works on a completely natural principle and is therefore also very compatible for many users. It is made of a pleasant silicone and therefore also compatible for latex allergy sufferers. Who would like to try it with pleasure, has with the product to the anti snoring surely no problems.

Silent Snore pleasant sleep

Silent Snore evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we rate the product as very positive. The anti-snoring product provides the right template so that the body gets enough air again and therefore no longer has to snore at night. Anyone who has snored once in their life knows exactly how tiring this can be, even if they believe that they will regain enough energy through sleep. The product gives the body exactly what it needs and ensures that snoring stops at night. It is also extremely easy to use, made of a compatible material and therefore ideal for all levels of snoring. We are happy to recommend it to others.


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The gadget is sold by a provider based in Hong Kong called Hyper SIs Ltd.

Hyper Sls Ltd
7/F, The Grande Building
398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, HongKong

Homepage: *


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