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Anyone who owns a car also appreciates a beautiful paint quality. However, this is not always guaranteed when driving through the car wash. In addition, scratches can easily occur that you don’t necessarily want to have ironed out by a specialist. In order to protect the paint in the best possible way, some people go over to it and apply a film to their car. However, one notices these partly directly on the first view, which is again not the purpose of the whole. But a nice paint can also be a matter of proper care. That’s why we would like to present here a care that not only protects the paint, but also gives it a special shine.


What is Shine Armor?

Shine Armor is a product that is ideally suited for regular car care. And that’s not all: car care can also be used to care for other surfaces, from boats to other demanding surfaces. It is a concept that is the most advanced of its kind and offers a 3-in-1 ceramic coating. A single layer is enough. Here’s what the manufacturer promises:

  • perfect combination of surfactants and SiO2 ceramic coating
  • suitable for cars, boats and other demanding surfaces
  • 20 times stronger than wax
  • radiant gloss in the varnish
  • no streaks or scratches
  • Developed in the laboratory, user-friendly and innovative technology

shine armor

The concept supports everything you want from a good car paint care. The paint care cleans, seals and protects against new damage. Actually, this is exactly what you want, especially for new cars, but it is also beneficial for older models.

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What is the point of car paint care?

Anyone who has ever had a scratch in their car will know how it feels. You try to polish it out, but that doesn’t always work. If the scratch is deeper, you have to go to Lack-Doc anyway, but in some cases sufficient cleaning and sealing is enough to make the paint shine again. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always last. Therefore, this concept is used not only to improve the paint, but also to seal it. Soiling is effectively cleaned. For this Shine Armor uses several stages, which can also be used individually.


Why do I need the Shine Armor?

Basically, everyone who has a car or wants to treat a more demanding surface with paint care benefits from Shine Armor. The water rolls off after the treatment, the paint simply looks better and also newer. It can be used by both men and women at any age. Even novice drivers are well advised to use this procedure on their first car. Even if the old car has a few scratches – a good treatment pays off.


How is Shine Armor used?

It depends on which product you choose when it comes to treatment. However, they all work on the basis of simple use. Shine Armor is simply sprayed onto the paint and then carefully rubbed with a soft cloth. There is no need to re-polish. In most cases a single treatment is sufficient. As soon as it becomes apparent again that the varnish appears somewhat duller, the varnish care should be used again. In this way one can provide permanently for a beautiful appearance and eliminate some mistakes easily.

Shine Armor Effect


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Shine Armor?

Before purchasing car paint care, it makes sense to know all the advantages and disadvantages and to get an overview of them. Therefore, we have examined these two points in more detail and summarized them in a list:


  • easy application
  • gives the paint back its shine
  • also suitable for other surfaces
  • long durability
  • protects, cleans and seals the surface


  • none known

There are no known disadvantages with this product. But it has a lot of advantages which should not be ignored. It is particularly easy to use, so car paint care is child’s play. The old paint is re-polished and it is also interesting for other surfaces, such as boats. Shine Armor has a long durability and does not only protect the paint. Car care also ensures thorough cleaning and seals it in one go.

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It couldn’t be better.


General Shine Armor Test and Quality Features

Of course, almost everyone in the editorial department owns a car, so we just wanted to try out the product for ourselves. So we simply ordered the car care and then tested it. When we unpacked it, we had a good feeling. When we opened the solution, we found a pleasant smell. In the test we treated different paints, all of which had a different age. One of our employees still owns a somewhat older vehicle whose paint has a relatively large number of scratches and already looks a bit dull. After a partial treatment, the car was hardly recognizable. The paint shone in new splendour thanks to the car care. Some of the scratches were softened, others disappeared completely. All in all, the car paintwork gave us a good result that we enjoyed. The quality seems to be impeccable, as did the procurement. It was easy to place an order if you know exactly what you want.

Shine Armor En


General Shine Armor experiences and opinions

We also looked around for other opinions during the research. There are positive but also negative reports, although the latter are limited. The positive reports on car care all had approximately the same tone. Consumers were very satisfied and very happy to recommend the product to others. Most of them treated their car with it, there were also some who used the product for other surfaces. They all got along very well. Some of the negative reports were mainly about too high expectations. Many of them had an older car at home, some of which had scratches. Although we were even able to recondition our employee’s old car in our test, a car has to meet certain requirements and you can’t expect a new car afterwards. Therefore, these negative evaluations can only be classified with mixed feelings. Further customer experiences are available over this left!


Are there any known Shine Armor problems?

We didn’t notice any problems during our test and think that you can only develop some if you use the product wrong. You can get streaks if you spray on too much. This requires a good polish. However, car care does not have any other problems that we could list here.


Where can I buy Shine Armor?

The product is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The car paint care can be purchased on the website of the manufacturer in different packages. Three bottles of Quick Coat are available, as well as 2 Spray Wax Bottles and one bottle of Quick Coat. Here it depends completely on the own expectations. There are also other combinations of care that you can use to your advantage. It is important that you always get a good price-performance ratio and that you can order very easily. The offerer makes besides different payment possibilities available, so that one enjoys as risk-free an order as possible. There is actually no better way. In addition, the package is also sent to the front door.

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Shine Armor Technical Details

Relatively little can be summarized about the technical details. We’ll try it anyway:

  • 3-in1 Car Paint Care with Ceramic Coating and Gloss Formula
  • seals, cleans and protects
  • innovative, user-friendly and developed in the laboratory

The fact that the product was developed in the laboratory alone proves that it is a high-quality recipe of the highest quality. The active ingredients have been scientifically researched and at the same time offer an innovative technology that always seems to be one step ahead of other products. There is no need to read a manual in which you can find out how to use the product.


Shine Armor Evaluation and Recommendation

We rate car paint care very positively and gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to treat a high-quality surface with it that has certain requirements. For the car it is an ideal form of care, as it not only cleans, but also seals and provides long-term protection. If scratches are present, there are also other special products that can be used to repair them as well as possible without having to visit a painter. We are therefore happy to recommend this product to anyone who wants to try it. In addition: Who wants to use a good price, looks regularly on the operator web page, in order to grab thereby an outstanding composition of the care, combined with an easy order and as risk-free a payment as possible.


Information to the offerer and/or dispatch partner

The supplier is a company based in the USA. Within the scope of a normal order, it is possible to bundle several bottles of the Coat Spray, but the manufacturer offers even more. This also includes an option to remove paint scratches. The correct company address is:

Shine Products LLC 8600 Long Leaf Dr. Parkland FL, 33076


Phone: +14027801427

Of course, it is always recommended to order directly on the German website, because you get the best conditions here.

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