Shadow X Drone Reviews, Functions and Price

Nowadays, flying drones is not always easy. So it is very good that the Shadow X Drone has everything that is necessary to take good pictures. It can be used to create HD photos and videos and is easily controlled using your smartphone and the included remote control. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Shadow X Drone and give you all the details that are important.


What is the Shadow X Drone?

The Shadow X drone is a drone that can be used very Recording HD photos and videos  can use. The manufacturer has equipped it with a few special features for this purpose, which are as follows:

  • foldable drone (thus it is easier to transport)
  • HD photos and videos at 120 frames per second, images up to 12 megapixels
  • increased flight time of 21 minutes
  • Gravity sensor
  • Slo-Mo mode
  • Panorama mode (360 degree images)

Shadow X Drone

As you can see, the Shadow X Drone has all the features to take good pictures. Whoever tries it once, will not want to put it out of his hand so quickly.

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What does the Shadow X Drone do?

If you have ever flown a drone before, you will certainly want to try the Shadow X Drone. It helps to take good HD photos and videos, which can be easily recorded on the smartphone. It is completely easy to control and does not cause any problems. Thanks to the integrated sensor, it is also able to fly without any accidents.


Why do I need the Shadow X Drone?

The Shadow X Drone is aimed at all people who would like to fly a drone that is easy to handle and that can be used practically everywhere without having to worry about any regulation. As it has a gravity sensor, you don’t even have to worry about not having any technical know-how. The drone, with which you can take HD photos and videos, is aimed at people of all ages, and it doesn’t matter which sex you are. Those who have never flown a drone in their lives will have no problems with the Shadow X Drone. Even those who have flown another drone before will have a lot of fun with this one. Therefore it is recommended for everyone to just try it out.


How is the product used?

Basically, it is completely simple. The Shadow X Drone is controlled with your own smartphone and a remote control supplied on hire. If you have adjusted the gravity sensor, you will have no problems taking off and flying. Because it ensures that the ground and other obstacles are detected and elegantly flown around. Collisions are practically avoided. Before using the drone, it is important to charge it. But this is done within a short time. Then you can already try it out. It has a flight time of about 21 minutes. After that it will land and you have to recharge it. After that you can simply fly it again. That is the whole secret. To download the HD photos and videos, however, you have to connect the drone to a computer, or you record the whole thing directly on the smartphone to which it is connected. The overall handling is very simple.

Shadow X Drone Nutzung


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any gadget, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. We would like to give you the opportunity to get an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the Shadow X Drone and get your own picture of it. This can also be a purchase decision aid if you are not yet sure whether the drone with HD photos and videos is something for you.


  • Gravity sensor avoids collisions
  • uncomplicated handling
  • longer flight time than comparable drones
  • different modes for even better film and photo shooting
  • HD photos and videos


  • none known

As you can see, the drone actually only has advantages, from which you can profit. It is so easy to use and shoots really good photos and videos in HD quality. Due to its extended flight time you have a lot of fun with it and afterwards you can recharge it immediately without any problems.

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General Shadow X Drone test and quality characteristics

We wanted to find out for ourselves and tried the Shadow X Drone with gravity sensor. It makes a solid and high quality impression due to its composition. We then tried it out. We loaded the drone, which can take HD photos and videos, and then we tried it out in the air. It can be easily controlled using a smartphone and the remote control supplied, and the integrated gravity sensor she does not bump into anything. She flew a full 21 minutes and took a lot of pictures, which we were able to record directly on the mobile phone. Afterwards, the drone landed safely and, thanks to the gravity sensor, ensured that it did not suffer any damage. Overall, we were very satisfied with the result.

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General Shadow X Drone experiences and opinions

While searching for information we also looked for field reports about the Shadow X Drone and found some. However, these were very positive. Most of the users who have had dealings with the drone have enjoyed it and would recommend it without reservation. The product is easy to fly, takes good HD photos and videos and was therefore designed for exactly the purposes for which the drone had been purchased. Many users also used several of them at the same time to be able to take many pictures. They took advantage of the offers that we will be presenting later and were able to benefit from them. We have not been able to read any negative opinions. Most of them are very happy to recommend them to others. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Shadow X Drone problems?

We have not had any problems with the drone in our test and we appreciate that other people who have handled the Shadow X Drone have not had any problems either. At least this is not what we read in the field reports we received. All in all, the drone is very easy to control and also the Recordings are worth seeing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this.


Where can I buy Shadow X Drone?

Best directly from the manufacturer. They offer special offers on their own website, which you can use to your advantage. Within these offers there is not only one drone, but several models of the Shadow X Drone. All in all these offers are much cheaper than a single order, so you should take advantage of them. In this way you also have always several models at hand, if you take the trouble to shoot HD photos and videos. But beware: these offers are not always available. They are time-limited. That’s why it’s best to take them when you have the chance. Because it’s also not quite clear when the offers will return.

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Shadow X Drone Technical Details

We have also looked a little bit for the technical features of the Shadow X Drone and gathered what is important. So you get a full overview of its properties.

  • Charging time: between 60 and 70 minutes for a full charge
  • Balance can be adjusted with special knob and setting
  • Atmospheric pressure is set with one key
  • Video and photo display in ego-perspective on the Smartphone

Unfortunately we could not find out more about the technique of the Shadow X Drone. However, from the listed details you can already see that the drone has everything you need to take some really good HD photos and videos.


How does the ordering process work?

The ordering process of the Shadow X Drone is very uncomplicated. Actually, the prospective customer only has to fill out the order form on the website and then choose how he wants to pay. There are several options available to him for this purpose, which are very secure. These include Paypal and credit card. After that you only have to fill in the Send order and wait for shipping. If the product is then sent, you will receive an email with the necessary information. There is also a shipment link with which you can track online where exactly the package is located. So you always have everything in view.


Shadow X Drone evaluation and recommendation

All in all we would like to recommend the Shadow X Drone very much. It is a good drone for home use, easy to operate, does not cause any accidents thanks to the gravity sensor and can be flown for 21 minutes. This is more than with some other drones and therefore very advantageous for private use. The photos and videos are of high quality and can easily be taken via smartphone. The control is very easy and can be done by anyone, even if they have no technical know-how. From us you therefore get a good rating.



In this section we would like to clarify the last questions that may have remained open while reading.

  • How long can the drone fly? – 21 minutes when fully charged.
  • Can even a beginner fly the drone? – Absolutely!
  • How many metres per second does the drone fly? – 19 metres per second at a transmission distance of 4 kilometres.
Information about the supplier or shipping partner

Unfortunately, we could not provide much information about the manufacturer. But what we could find out was an address. This is: 21606 Devonshire St. # 3159 Chatsworth, CA 91313 United States. There is a support email address for this, which is Unfortunately we could not find out more information.

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List of sources and further links:

Shadow X Drone

Technical details 8.0
Usage 8.0
Price 7.5