Sarah´s Blessing Reviews, Ingredients and Price

What is Sarah’s Blessing?


Sarah’s Blessing is the brand name for a special CBD oil, which is supposed to help effectively against all illnesses and complaints and even cancer. This oil has been produced from the whole hemp plant, which has been grown, harvested and reused from purely natural sources. It is THC-free and therefore without intoxicating effect for you.


Is the Sarah’s Blessing right for you?

Today’s world demands that men are always ready and able to perform. Ever faster and ever more must be achieved. More and more reports about burn-out or depression and sick leave are rising. The oil is perfect for all complaints of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, nervousness, anxiety or poor sleep quality.

Taking this medicine will help you to relax deeply, improve your sleep and reduce your anxiety, depression, high pulse and heart rate. So this oil is suitable for every man who has to do a lot, but needs to be relieved by too much stress and mental and physical complaints to be able to do it.

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Sarah’s Blessing Rating and Recommendation


This oil from Sarah’s Blessing, which is made from hemp extract and THC-free, is a 100% natural remedy for stress, depression, nervous anxiety, poor sleep quality or high blood pressure and heart problems. It has numerous application possibilities for many diseases of the psyche as well as the body, also against cancer it should help. In addition, it has a calming effect and promotes sleep, which is disturbed by restlessness and stress.

This oil is also THC-free, so you don’t have to worry about any intoxicating effect when you take it, as it is this substance in hemp and cannabis (tetrahydrocannabinol) that helps these plants mutate into drugs and make you “high”. Due to the fact that THC is missing here, it can only be sold legally and widely without being punishable as a “drug dealer”.

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How does the oil work?


How long this oil should be used before you feel an effect varies from person to person. There are no exact details about this. But customer opinions speak of the fact that they already noticed and felt positive effects after one week, so that the effect does not take too long for itself. How long the oil should be used, is likewise little registered. Since it seems to possess probably no side effects and since it is prescribed with heavier illnesses also as medicine, it may be used probably also longer-term.


How does the Sarah’s Blessing treatment work?

A general recommendation for use is not given, as CBD is used for a whole range of illnesses and therefore the dosage varies greatly. In general, however, the recommendation for CBD oils is that you should start with the lowest level of CBD, in this case the 3% Sarah’s Blessing oil (i.e. 300mg), which you dribble under your tongue twice a day (best in the morning and evening) with 5 drops.

However, if you want to start directly with a higher dose of CBD (about 6 or 9 percent, i.e. 600mg or 900mg) from Sarah´s Blessing Oil, you should also reduce the dosage to 2 to 3 drops in the morning and evening. With CBD there is no overdose, but everyone reacts differently to this foreign substance in the body, so always start small and then slowly increase.

In this way, for example, you can do it for a week or a few days and finally increase or decrease the dosage a little, depending on how you tolerate the oil.


Sarah’s Blessing Test

This special hemp oil from Sarah’s Blessing is advertised and marketed on the Internet as the “No.1” oil among all other oils of this kind throughout Europe. For this you have to know that apart from this full spectrum CBD oil – which is the subject here – there is also the so-called “hemp seed oil” and the “isolate CBD oil”. In both the latter, however, the important components CB1 and CB2 are removed, so that these oils contain far too little CBD.

In the manufacturing process for the full spectrum CBD oil, however, these two very important components remain, which are only the important part of the hemp plant, the cannabinoids, and can thus develop the health-promoting effects. Only a few years ago, in 2015, all scientific studies have already successfully proven a better and also much faster effect through the full spectrum oil than any other form of CBD oil could have. Furthermore, this full-spectrum oil is completely THC-free, which removes every last aspect of a drug and therefore cannot have an intoxicating effect.

Moreover, at the beginning of the research on the healing function of cannabis, the so-called Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered, which says that the human body probably has different receptors that make it possible to absorb cannabinoids. The two particularly important receptors CB1 and CB2 are part of this ECS and regulate certain processes in the body to keep it running.

Sarah's Blessing Test Experiences

CB1, for example, is located in the brain, central nervous system and many other parts of the body. CB2 has been found throughout the body in cells that work with our immune system. CBD is therefore not a foreign substance and can therefore be easily processed.

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Can it cause allergies?

The oil from Sarah´s Blessing is not said to cause allergies or any side effects, as it is a purely natural Sarah’s Blessing. But since everyone reacts differently, allergies, side effects or other possible risks can never be completely ruled out. Therefore a low dosage at the beginning is advisable, in order to test whether you can tolerate this oil at all or whether you should stop it again. If you know in advance that you are allergic to hemp or cannabis, you should not use it at all.


General Sarah’s Blessing reviews and opinions

Most people still associate the words “cannabis” or “hemp” with the pictures of dealers on the street who sell drugs and where you get high on. But now many people know that these drugs become intoxicating drugs only because of their high THC value and that they can be bred and sold without this value. Many sick people – whether seriously ill or mildly ill – take CBD as a medicine, as a medicinal herb and feel the positive qualities for their health and well-being without being intoxicated by it.

Sarah´s Blessing offers you various bottles of oil to make it easier for you to enter the world of CBD, because from the low dosage up to higher dosages you can freely choose where you want to start and eventually “rise” further. Due to the missing THC content, which not every CBD oil offers, you are at least on the safe side when it comes to being high.

An enthusiastic user of the oil writes how he has always suffered from anxiety and sleepless nights. He didn’t know what to do until he came across Sarah´s Blessing Oil from hemp extract. Since taking it he has no more fears and can sleep really well again. He feels relaxed and refreshed.

Another user reports how he suffered from constant joint pain until his doctor recommended this special oil. At first a little sceptical, he applied it and was surprised how quickly his pain disappeared and he became agile and fit again.

A next user writes how he was constantly suffering from anxiety attacks and finally received a tip from a colleague to use this oil. Since he took it, he no longer needed his remaining medication for his anxieties and could now sleep peacefully and walk through the day without fear. He finds it particularly good that the oil is THC-free, so that he does not have to work “under drugs”. Via this link you can also find more customer experiences! *


Advantages and disadvantages of the Sarah’s Blessing

The advantages of this CBD oil lie in the fact that

  • it helps the psyche to relax and reduce anxiety, stress and pressure,
  • it helps you sleep better and wake up more relaxed,
  • it helps you with numerous physical ailments,
  • it works without THC, so it doesn’t intoxicate you,
  • it’s completely legal.

There are no known disadvantages to this oil.


Where can I buy Sarah’s Blessing?

This oil from the hemp plant can only be purchased from the manufacturer. Unfortunately no discounts are offered to you here, however, there is a money back guarantee with dissatisfaction as well as a fast and free shipping home. There is also a PCI-compliant check-out during the ordering process to send your data encrypted.

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What does the Sarah’s Blessing price look like?

On the manufacturer’s site you can find three different CBD oils, with three different dosages and still the same amount of content with 10ml. The first vial has a CBD content of 3 percent (300mg), the second vial 6 percent (600mg) and the third vial 9 percent (900mg). The higher the CBD content, the higher the price of the vial.



What are the individual active ingredients?


Apart from the pure hemp extract contained in this oil, no other active ingredients can be found in this oil. The hemp extract was grown in Switzerland and then harvested for further processing. The pure hemp plant is the only component of this oil, so that the effect is not falsified or reduced by other substances.


Who is the supplier of the product?

Not much information can be found about the producer. Only an address is to be found on the manufacturer side as well as opening times and an email address. In addition, please note that Sarah´s Blessing belongs to and is distributed by the following company:

Spring Life Ltd.

Spring Life, 3rd Floor

86-90 Paul Street, London

England, EC2A 4NE

Homepage: *

Please contact the supplier directly via the official homepage listed above for direct order questions!

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Sarah's Blessing

Ingredients 9.0
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 9.0

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