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Everybody has experienced the problem of suddenly closing your ear. You can no longer hear anything and all cleaning attempts fail. Most people then try a cotton swab, but they don’t know how much it will damage their ear canal, and especially their eardrum. However, there is a very simple way to clean the Tomote cleanliness of the ears and at the same time ensure health. pro The ear becomes clear, you can hear again and the product is suitable for every ear canal. We would like to describe and introduce the ear cleaner below so that everyone can get a good idea of the product for themselves.


What is the Q brains?

The production of earwax is completely natural. However, a big problem occurs when it simply becomes too much. Therefore it is recommended to clean the ears regularly. But what is the best tool to do this? In most cases people use the so-called Q-tip for this purpose, which is not really useful. It either damages the eardrum or cannot remove all residues. The Q Grips, on the other hand, is a tool that does not injure the eardrum and removes all earwax residue. Here are the attributes that the manufacturer puts in the foreground:

  • made of soft plastic and silicone
  • easy and safe to handle
  • equipped with spiral head, for easy cleaning
  • protects the environment, as no unnecessary waste is produced
  • no danger of injuries

Q Grips

The ear cleaner is suitable for a wide range of ear canal sizes and is very easy to use.

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What does the Q Grips help with?

The ear cleaner replaces the cotton swab in a simple way, with which one can remove earwax excellently. It is usually necessary to penetrate a little deeper into the ear canal. The problem: With a cotton swab, it usually happens that you injure yourself or just push the earwax deeper into the ear. Residues remain, which cannot be removed and thus cause a …a trip to the doctor is inevitable. This can be avoided very quickly by using this ear cleaner. Because it is only pushed into the ear to a certain extent and then turned. It absorbs all residues of earwax and removes it reliably and safely. One does not hurt oneself anymore and can assume that a good ear cleaning is guaranteed.


Why do I need the Q Grips?

In principle, the ear cleaner is aimed at all people who prefer clean ears and want to enable professional cleaning. Both men and women get along with the tool perfectly, and it is also absolutely independent of age who uses the product. However, you should be a little careful with children, as they have an even smaller ear canal. However, the tool also gives you extra safety in this case, as a smaller ear canal can also be …to be pushed that deep into your ear. This ensures in any case that you do not injure yourself additionally. The target group to which the product is directed is therefore very broad.

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How is the product used?

The application of the product is completely uncomplicated. Simply take the ear cleaner in one hand and with the other hand pull the ear slightly upwards by pulling the upper edge of the auricle upwards. Then the tool is slowly and carefully guided into the ear, up to the point where it cannot penetrate further. Now the tool is slowly and carefully turned around its own axis. The direction of rotation is marked on the tool, so that you can orientate yourself very well in the mirror. After about one or two rotations the tool is slowly pulled out again. The lard deposited in the spirals can now be washed off well under running water. It is recommended to use warm water for repeated use. This is because the tool is wetted with it, some residues dissolve even more easily. Afterwards, the tool is simply cleaned thoroughly once again and can be reused next time.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any health product, this one has its advantages and disadvantages. We would like to list them below and give you the opportunity to get more information. This may also influence your decision to buy if you are not sure whether the product is suitable for you.


  • easy use
  • safe and straightforward
  • reusable
  • applicable to all auditory canals
  • made of soft silicone


  • none known

As you can see, the advantages are obvious. The product is easy to use, reusable and suitable for all ear canals. It is easy to use and comfortable in the ear when you work with it. It removes lard without great difficulty and thus enables better ear health and a perfect sense of hearing.


General Q Grips test and quality characteristics

We wanted to see the capabilities of the product for ourselves and ordered several to try it out. The quality makes a solid impression. It is made from a combination of silicone and plastic, the soft silicone part gets into the ear later, and the plastic handle allows optimal guidance. We have cleaned our ears with the device and then examined the results once. Each of us knew how to clean our ears in a complicated way. With this ear cleaner, however, it is completely safe and uncomplicated. What used to be painful in the past was now completely problem-free. The device only goes as deep into the ears as it fits. In this way you cannot actually hurt yourself, but you can still enjoy the Clean your ears perfectly. We therefore recommend it with pleasure and believe that it is a good enrichment to clean the ears.

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General Q Grips experiences and opinions

While searching for information, we also looked for other experiences and found what we were looking for, in the form of reports created by users who already had experience with the tool. The opinions are clearly positive and give us the same impression we had during the test. The product is easy to use and facilitates regular ear cleaning. It also provides the right approaches, even if you have a smaller ear canal. For children the application is also uncomplicated, so they’re easy to join and don’t have to be talked into it. The lard can be easily removed, so that nobody really wants to do without the product anymore. Overall, the tone was very positive and we can recommend the device very well. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Q Grips problems?

We did not have the impression, either during our test or when reading the test reports, that any problems with the product would arise. Therefore we can answer the question with a clear “No!


Where can I buy Q Grips?

It is best to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers it on a separate website. Here you can also make sure that you get the original and not a worse copy. Ordering is uncomplicated and can be done with just a few details. In addition, you can take advantage of offers. These are especially useful if you want to buy several and thus create a stock. The advantage here is that if you have several, the individual device itself costs much less than if you buy it individually. Thus, it is ideal if one would like to have one or several for exchange. Additionally, there is a uncomplicated payment method. Paypal and credit card are accepted without problems. The delivery takes place a few days later after the order, directly in front of the door. So you take practically no risk and you should just try it out.

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Q Grips Technical Details

As far as technical characteristics are concerned, there is relatively little to say about this product. But here is what we were able to find out:

  • skin-friendly plastic and silicone processed
  • soft and safe handling guaranteed
  • 16 washable tips included for regular replacement
  • only penetrates as deep into the ear as possible

What is clearly in the foreground with this product is safety. It is shaped so that it really only reaches as deep into the ear canal as it fits. This means that it is virtually impossible to insert it too deep. Meanwhile, the technical details ensure that it can be used over a long period of time and that it is easy to will not cause any problems.


Q Grips evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we would like to recommend this product highly, because we believe it can be a good tool to promote ear health and regularly remove impurities. It is safe to use and completely harmless. It is suitable for children and adults alike, regardless of their age. The 16 included tips ensure long-life durability and so we recommend that you just give it a try.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions: https://ecomerzpro.net/faq.html

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Q Grips

Technical details 8.5
Applicability 8.5
Price 7.5