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If odours are a burden on our everyday life, this also affects our well-being. Everything is not always so fragrant and is therefore constantly exposed to chemical scents. Room sprays and the like promise a pleasant room climate, but cannot do without artificial substances. These not only pollute the environment, but also do not always smell as good as the manufacturer suggests. Finding a natural alternative is difficult, however. Regardless of which room you are in, the PureAir Max is a bamboo activated charcoal bag that can be used in any room. When travelling in the car or in the sports bag, it provides a pleasant room climate and is always and everywhere a useful help to eliminate unpleasant odours. We wanted to take a closer look at the PureAir Max and tried it out. In addition, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of the bag and what else you need to consider when buying it.


What is the PureAir Max?

PureAir Max is a bamboo activated charcoal bag, which significantly improves the ambient air, ergo the room climate. The manufacturer promises the following properties:

  • immediate improvement of air quality in the environment
  • odourless technology for better cleaning
  • suitable everywhere, at home, in the office or in the car
  • absolutely non-toxic, without chemicals and perfume additives
  • safe to use, for everyone
  • contains no allergens

Pureair Max

Whe PureAir Max, as you can see, has everything it takes to quickly improve bad air and make it more comfortable. The bamboo activated carbon is made of manufactured from biodegradable materials and therefore still good for the environment when it can no longer be used. Then you simply leave the contents to rot on the compost, while the jute bag can be disposed of with the household waste.

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What does the PureAir Max do?

Everyone knows this: at some point, a bad indoor climate develops both in the home and at work, where you just want to open the window. In this case PureAir Max provides a good remedy that is easy to work with. It does not matter in which rooms the bamboo activated carbon is used, it provides better air in all places. PureAir Max is also therefore particularly suitable for people who keep pets. They are particularly familiar with the fact that odours are not very pleasant. The same applies to those who like to go to the gym. In addition to a good indoor climate, the bamboo activated carbon can also be stored in bags for a better smell.

It is also a natural alternative that is completely non-toxic, even if it gets on the skin. Especially worth mentioning at this point is also the length of use. PureAir Max can neutralise any odours for up to eight weeks and make it more pleasant before it needs to be replaced. It is simply disposed of with compost or household waste, and almost all of its components are biodegradable. Ideally, you also have a direct replacement that you can use instead.


Why do I need the PureAir Max?

The PureAir Max is primarily aimed at people who want to create a pleasant indoor climate that goes hand in hand with good air quality. Those who feel disturbed by room sprays and are looking for the most natural alternative. The age of the user is absolutely irrelevant, the bamboo activated carbon is equally suitable for young and old. Since the bag is also only hung up, there is no problem with its use. By the way, it can also be used by both men and women. The PureAir Max is also suitable for already try out other methods but were not satisfied with it and are now looking for an alternative that improves the indoor climate in a natural way and in a non-toxic way. So the target group is quite broad if you think about PureAir Max.

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How is the product used?

In principle, the PureAir Max is very easy to use. The bag has an eyelet on one side at the top end. Here you simply attach a string with which the bamboo activated carbon bag can be hung up. This way it can be easily attached in cupboards and other rooms. For the most part also in places that you cannot see directly. On the way in the car it is also hung up, possibly even directly on the mirror, or in the trunk, where any odours are absorbed and eliminated. An alternative for hanging it up is of course to simply put the bamboo activated carbon bag inside. For example, it can be easily carried in the sports bag, where it neutralises all odours and ensures a pleasant room climate. More is absolutely not included.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like all gadgets, the PureAir Max has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. We have therefore taken the opportunity to summarize what the bamboo charcoal has to offer. So you can also make a better judgement if you want to buy the PureAir Max but are still not quite sure if it is the right thing for you.


  • cleans the air of all kinds of odours
  • is biodegradable
  • can be used everywhere, at home, in the office or in the car
  • absolutely non-toxic and safe to use
  • contain no allergens


  • none known

The PureAir Max has all the features you would expect from a good air purifier and will rid any room of unpleasant odours. The room climate can be improved immediately. In addition, it is biodegradable if it has to be disposed of after about eight weeks of use. The bag generally consists of jute, its inner life can be disposed of in the compost. All in all, the bag is ideal for everyone who is looking for a good way to clean the air without toxic substances and to create a pleasant indoor climate.

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General PureAir Max test and quality features

We wanted to know a little bit more and tried PureAir Max. The bamboo activated carbon bag made a good impression at first after we ordered and received it. As it has a very small size, it can be used very well in all areas of life. Here PureAir Max provides good ambient air. It is easy to hang it up with a cord, which can then be attached in the cupboard or anywhere else. You don’t even need to see the bag directly when you enter the room. It is also a welcome alternative to all odour products that neutralise unpleasant odours that lurk in sports bags and other bags.

Here, the PureAir Max is simply taken along and provides a very good neutralization on the way.

The effect is not long in coming after the bamboo activated carbon has been applied. The room air is immediately filtered by the bag and a pleasant environment, where you feel comfortable. We also find the naturalness that the PureAir Max brings with it particularly beneficial. After eight weeks you can simply dispose of part of it in the compost, while the rest is disposed of in the household waste. The only part that is not really degradable is the eyelet that is inserted. The rest is taken up again by nature, creating a really environmentally friendly alternative for room sprays and the like. Overall we were very enthusiastic about this product.


General PureAir Max experiences and opinions

In search of information about the PureAir Max we also looked for the opinions of others. We read through some experience reports and wanted to know if the satisfaction of the users was generally good or rather bad. However, we were surprised by the positive tone that could be read from all experience reports. Most of them got along very well with the PureAir Max and reported that they achieved a good result with the bamboo activated carbon. Both at home and at work they used the PureAir Max and received a pleasant room climate, which created clean air. Most people praised the product mainly because of its naturalness and that they so easily disposed of,without observing any instructions. Some of them do not want to do without it any more and are happy to recommend it to others. The PureAir Max made life a lot easier for some people, especially when it came to general air quality. We could not find any negative reports, so we assume that the satisfaction was very high. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known PureAir Max problems?

The only shortcoming that should perhaps be addressed is the durability of the bamboo activated carbon. The PureAir Max will last for about eight weeks and then needs to be replaced. Ideally, however, thanks to the offers available from the manufacturer, you will have a direct replacement that you can use. Thanks to the activated bamboo charcoal, there is no impact on the environment because it is biodegradable. Therefore, this cannot really be called a problem, but only an indication that should be taken into account.


Where can I buy PureAir Max?

PureAir Max is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They have their own Internet site on the Internet, where they sell their products. In order to obtain the bamboo activated carbon, one simply orders via a form for which one only has to fill in a few data. Then you choose the method of payment. This is done by means of uncomplicated and risk-free methods, including Paypal and credit card. If you wish, you can take advantage of a money-back guarantee for a while after receiving your order if you are not satisfied with the product.

This way you get your money back in full. But if you have ordered, you will first receive the PureAir Max by mail, the shipping follows relatively fast after receipt of order. Therefore, one does not even have to go to the door, but simply accepts the parcel, as it is delivered by mail. After unpacking it can start immediately. A tip by the way: Those who want to buy several devices should in any case fall back on the graduated offers that the manufacturer makes available from time to time. These include several devices at a preferential price. Within these offers, a single device is much cheaper than a single order. If they are available, it is time to buy.

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PureAir Max Technical Details

Let us now come to the technical details, even if there are not many of them that can be mentioned. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is keeping a relatively low profile in this respect. But we can summarize what we could find:

  • Both bag and contents are considered biodegradable
  • made of natural materials
  • lasts for a period of up to eight weeks
  • without any allergens

The PureAir Max has all the technical features you would expect from a product like this. The range of possible applications is wide, so that you can in practice in every situation from which bamboo activated carbon bags can benefit. The PureAir Max is non-toxic, natural and biodegradable. This also makes a good contribution to the general environment.


PureAir Max rating and recommendation

We would like to recommend the PureAir Max very much at this point. We believe that the bamboo activated charcoal bag is a great enrichment in all areas of life and that you can use it to ensure that the environment always smells better than if they are treated with a room spray or other alternatives. PureAir Max can be used everywhere, at home, in the office and for other occasions. It is therefore highly recommended. The bamboo activated carbon bags can be used at home or on the road in a sports bag. After eight weeks they must, however, be replaced. Ideally, however, one then has an exchange model with which one can work. This is very easy thanks to the many offers that the manufacturer of PureAir Max provides. The bamboo charcoal bag is positively evaluated by us and we think that PureAir Max is a good enrichment for everyone.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The PureAir Max is distributed by a company called Novads OU. Here is the complete address: Novads OU, Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn Estonia. For questions or similar there is also an email address available, which can be used. It reads: support@hyperstech.com. There is also a telephone hotline, but this is only an international source of information and you should know the English language. It is: +44 20 3808 9234 and is available 24 hours a day. More is not known about the manufacturer.

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PureAir Max

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