Prostero Reviews, Ingredients and Price

What is Prostero?

Prostero is a biogenic complex used by men to treat urinary tract problems, prostatitis and to restore erection. It serves as an effective means of completely restoring the functionality of the urogenital system and has a positive effect on one’s own well-being. According to the manufacturer, the effective complex for maintaining male health should be able to solve the following problems:

  • Removal of the inflammatory process in the prostate and strengthening of the immune system,
  • Stimulation of sexual desire and restoration of a normally functioning erection,
  • Slowing down cell aging, ending painful symptoms of urination and removing stones from the urinary tract,
  • Increasing testosterone production and improving sperm quality,
  • Reducing the size of the inflamed prostate and restoring normal blood circulation in the prostate.

It serves as a food supplement for energy metabolism, which as part of metabolism is responsible for providing and securing energy to the body without interruption. The energy we obtain from our food is used by the human organism for mechanical work such as movement, maintaining homeostasis and body temperature, as well as for the renewal and synthesis of the body’s own substances.



Is Prostero right for you?

It is an effective preparation for mature men from the age of 40. However, it is not suitable for women, as it is used to treat prostatitis and male sexual dysfunction. Scientists at the Health Centre have developed Prostero to prevent the serious consequences of prostatitis and to restore men’s health.

It has natural ingredients that are based on high biological activity and not only alleviate the suffering of the male population, but also the main cause of prostate problems and sexual dysfunction. According to the manufacturer, its methodology is considered the best way to prevent prostatitis for the health of mature men. Prostero is especially intended for those men who show the following signs of suffering:

  • Pain sensation in testicles, rectum, perineum,
  • Pain during urination and need to urinate at night,
  • Signs of an inflamed prostate in addition to general intoxication, which manifests itself through headache, fever, fatigue, bone pain, joint pain, muscle pain and chills,
  • Frequent constipation and decrease in libido
  • Decrease in sexual activity and accelerated ejaculation.

Prostate pain


Prostero evaluation and recommendation

This product contains exactly three natural active substances, which – according to the manufacturer – help men’s health and reduce frequent (mostly nocturnal) urination. The active ingredient Saw Palmetto prevents (or reduces) the enlargement of the prostate gland and has an immunostimulant effect. The bark of the African plum reduces the inflammation of the prostate, has a decongestant effect and prevents the formation of tumour tissue.

The contained pumpkin seeds reduce the urge to urinate in the bladder, support urination and help to regenerate the function of the prostate gland. According to the manufacturer, more than 20,000 men throughout Europe have already been treated with this preparation and have recovered from prostate problems. A success rate between 80 percent and 100 percent is attributed to the preparation. It is reported that the complete reduction of pain, which increased during the exacerbation of prostatitis, is 100% effective. Furthermore, the urge to urinate decreased in 98 percent of cases and the urge to urinate at night disappeared completely.

In addition, 97 percent of men reported complete pain relief during urination, 89 percent normalized prostate size, and 80 percent recovered during erections.

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How does Prostero work?

The preparation is set as a “course” of up to 30 days of intake and can therefore be stopped after this one month – due to complete recovery, according to the manufacturer. Within the first to second week of taking it, the first improvements are probably already visible, which are complete and complete on the last day of taking it.


How does Prostero work?

The preparation is administered in the form of capsules, which should be taken 1 capsule 3 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal. If you cannot swallow capsules well, you can also open them and swallow them as powder with water. Under no circumstances should it be drunk with alcohol (which should be taken for granted)!


General Prostero Test

According to the manufacturer, the preparation should have 98 percent clinically proven efficacy on healed patients and should also have been approved by the European Medical Association. It is considered to be the most effective preparation for men aged 40 plus and has been developed using advanced technologies and 100% ecologically compatible components with no chemical additives.


Can Prostero cause allergies?

It is not possible to potentially get allergies from anything and to exclude them completely with this product.

However, since the pumpkin seeds contained in this product are nuts, people allergic to nuts and men who know that they are allergic to saw palmetto and the bark of the African plum tree should take special care when taking it. In combination with pumpkin seeds and courgettes, a cross allergy can also occur (rarely). Side effects of pumpkin seeds would be gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach complaints, nausea or heartburn, which, however, can usually subside by themselves after prolonged use. Rare contraindications can also be skin rash, shortness of breath or facial oedema.

If these side effects occur, the product should be stopped immediately and a doctor should be consulted!

pumpkin seeds

In rare cases, Saw Palmetto can lead to dizziness, fatigue, headaches or stomach complaints. Spongy statements even mention liver and stomach damage as side effects, but it is not quite clear whether these are actually side effects of Saw Palmetto. However, Saw Palmetto (saw palmetto extract/fruits) may inhibit blood clotting, which can be life-threatening during surgery and lead to increased bleeding. Therefore, the preparation should not be taken at least two weeks before an operation.


General Prostero experiences and opinions

Due to the natural ingredients and the high number of men who have already recovered, this product is a good choice for prostate problems or sexual dysfunction. Especially the short duration of use is an attractive thing, because it avoids an everlasting treatment and still after a very short time a complete recovery can be felt. There is a lot to be said for this prostate preparation.

The evaluations and opinions of users on the Internet all sound consistently positive and one patient was glad that he did not need a prostate massage, but the doctor advised him to use Prostero. After just three months, he felt “excellent”. Another user writes that after only one month his pain had disappeared, the toilet went back to normal and the sexual function improved.

The next person writes that he was about to have a prostate operation due to an enlargement and inflammation of the prostate and that he was diagnosed with “prostatitis”. When he was prescribed this preparation as the last solution, instead of surgery, after a month “suddenly everything had dropped off” and nothing hurt anymore.

Also two medical specialists assess this preparation very positively. A specialist in andrology and sexology writes that he only sees his patients twice, firstly for diagnosis and secondly when they thank him for the prescription of this medication, as they are now healthy. This specialist says that Prostero is a “free doctor” and you can save expensive clinics that only “cash you in”.

The other specialist in andrology says that this is an “absolutely safe remedy for the older generation of men” and that the unique formula of this remedy prevents prostate problems from returning.

Commission E [the independent scientific expert commission for herbal medicinal products of the former Federal Health Office (BGA) and today’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM)] assessed the use of pumpkin seeds for micturition problems and for the irritable bladder in an existing stage I to II prostate adenoma as positive. The Commission also assessed saw palmetto extracts as equally positive for use in prostate hyperplasia as early as 1989. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

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Advantages and disadvantages of the product

Advantages of taking it:

  • hypoallergenic, one hundred percent organic, antioxidant, regenerative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood circulation stimulating, stimulates sexual activity, reduces the need to urinate at night, relieves pain and prostate problems, improves urination,
  • does not contain any harmful chemical compounds,
  • can be taken preventively,
  • easy handling and short treatment time,
  • does without expensive diagnostics, surgery, expensive tablets and ointments and vaccinations as well as humiliating massage of the prostate by the doctor.

Disadvantages of taking them:

  • hardly known, possibly intolerance to the active components of the complex preparation (depending on the known hypersensitivity of the individual).


Where can I buy Prostero?

Prostero is not available in online shops, but only from the manufacturer. Here you will also find a discount campaign of up to 50 percent on the sales price of the product.

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What does the Prostero Prize look like?

The product is offered in individual packaging and delivered within four to eight days. Payment will be made upon receipt of the goods or cash on delivery. On the manufacturer side, the order is processed by the button “Order” or “Purchase” and by a subsequent callback of a customer consultant. Shipping costs are not indicated, may be mentioned during the ordering process.


What are the Prostero active ingredients?

Prostero contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Bark of the African Plum Tree (Pygeum africanum)
  • Pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita pepo)
  • Saw palmetto fruits (Saw Palmetto, Serenoa repens, Sabal serrulata)

The bark of the African plum tree or hard is primarily used to treat diseases of the bladder, kidney and prostate and its significant active ingredients are lipid-soluble phytosterols and pentacyclic triterpenes. This can significantly reduce the symptoms of a benign enlarged prostate, normalize the flow of urine and decrease the nightly urination and residual urine.

Bark of the African plum tree

Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols in free and bound form as well as the amino acid cucurbitin and vitamin E and selenium. Phytosterols inhibit the conversion of testosterone into active dihydrotestosterone. The effect has been proven in micturition problems as accompanying symptoms of a benign enlargement of the prostate as well as an irritable bladder.

In autumn the saw palmetto forms dark red coloured fruits, which are often used in medicine due to the positive effect of sabre fruits in folk medicine in the treatment of inflammations of the prostate, bladder and testicles.

A complete list of all ingredients present in the preparation (and possibly others) is not given and may only be found on the packaging itself.


Who is the supplier of the product?

There is hardly any information about the manufacturer, only the address is given on the manufacturer’s website: BERNADETTE LTD, Av Ricardo J. Alfaro, Panama International. *


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Ingredients 8.0
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 7.5

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