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Anyone who has had prostatitis will know how bad it can be and, above all, what pain it causes. The inflammation of the prostate gland spreads within the abdomen, the symptoms are manifold and not always clear. And yet many doctors always resort directly to antibiotics if they discover that something is wrong. However, there are also alternatives that you can take advantage of. Today we dealt with a patch that provides a significant relief of the symptoms and subsequent healing within a short time. Prostaplast is a new method to get a grip on prostatitis. We explain what Prostaplast is all about, what it contains and above all how to use it correctly.


What is Prostaplast?

Prostaplast we are talking about here is very unusual and has been used successfully in the USA and the rest of Europe for some time. It treats a few typical male problems and also brings the prostatitis back under control. However, the patch contains only natural substances and although the main focus is on the treatment of prostatitis, other problems can also be treated with it. For example, the manufacturer states that the patch fights the following problems:

  • erectile dysfunction and impotence
  • male infertility
  • frequent urination
  • Pain in the abdomen and scrotum
  • inflammations
  • discomfort and burning in the groin area


It can be used during all stages of prostate inflammation and is still effective. Within a short time, Prostaplast reached a large sphere of activity in the USA, caused by a television program, and is now also coming over to Europe, so that men with the most common problems also have an opportunity to rectify it. According to the manufacturer, the patch has already helped thousands of men around the world. In contrast to pills, ointments and other treatment methods, the product described here only uses natural substances to alleviate and improve the condition.

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What are the Prostaplast ingredients?

The patches are prepared exclusively with natural medicinal herbs that are applied to the skin. We have taken a closer look at the list of active ingredients and summarize them below:

  • borneol
  • Cinnamon cassia
  • Rhizoma Chuanxiong
  • Cyathulaofficinalis Kuan
  • Safflower Saffron
  • Corydailis Pyrrosia Leaves
  • Plantago asiatica

Borneol is a substance that mainly relieves pain and improves blood circulation. At the same time it has anti-inflammatory effects. Cinnamon cassia is also positive for blood circulation and increases libido and sexual desire in men. The antiseptic properties help to prevent prostatitis. Rhizoma Chuanxiong has an antispasmodic and relaxing effect, at the same time an antithrombotic effect is achieved, which is often necessary for cystitis, prostatitis, haemorrhoids and cracks.

Constipation and impotence are also areas of treatment. Cyanthulaofficinalis Kuan refreshes and strengthens the body’s immune system so that an antidiuretic effect occurs. It is also considered a natural antibiotic in healing circles. Safflower Saffron is used for urological complaints as well as prostate problems. In patches, it is used as a transmitter of healing substances so that they reach deeper into the skin layers. Corydailis Pyrrosia leaves are toning, diuretic and analgesic, which is why they are used for abdominal and groin pain.

Plantago Asiatica completes the range of active ingredients and helps with urination problems and inflammation affecting the urinary tract. It also ensures that an erection remains permanent and stable. As you can see, only natural substances are used, some of which have been in use for several centuries to eliminate the problems in question.


Who is Prostaplast of interest to?

The target group of the patches are, of course, men who have these problems. You can benefit considerably from using the product and find a remedy. It does not matter which age group they belong to. The plasters are perfect for both younger and older people.


What is the Prostaplast effect?

Via the transdermal ability of the patch, the active ingredients reach deep under the skin, where they unfold and show their effect. Pain and inflammation are relieved first, followed by preventive measures. With a regular application these are alleviated and possible problems are prevented.


How should the Prostaplast application take place?

For a professional effect it is also important that the patches are applied correctly. The manufacturer has therefore explained a corresponding treatment procedure. First, the area where the patch will later stick is cleaned. The place for the attachment should always be around the belly button and should be changed again and again. This means that the patch is applied either above, below, left or right of the navel. Then the plastic cover of the patch is opened at the mark and the product is removed.

The protective film must then be removed, namely that of the active side. This is then glued to the affected area of the skin. The patch must be applied for 72 hours and then removed. The treated skin area is then cleaned again with warm water. The treatment is repeated after 24 hours. Each treatment cycle includes 5 patches, the manufacturer recommends between 2 and 3 treatments using a total of 10 to 15 patches. In this way a maximum result is achieved.


What advantages and disadvantages are possible?

Like any health product, these plasters have their advantages and disadvantages, about which you should inform yourself in advance. We have therefore taken the opportunity to summarise everything we needed here:


  • easy use
  • can be used against many’male diseases
  • also applicable for all stages of prostatitis
  • only natural ingredients
  • thousands of positive results


  • Skin may be slightly irritated

As far as the disadvantage is concerned, this is always the case with patches, although it varies from person to person how they react to the adhesive properties. It is therefore advisable to observe the 24-hour break between treatments and always use a different place for the patch. The advantages are obvious, especially the natural ingredients.

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Are side effects or risks known to Prostaplast?

The use of natural ingredients virtually eliminates side effects. However, it is important to always check in advance whether you can tolerate them all. If this is the case, the patch can be applied without hesitation. Caution is also required with the pavement itself. Some people are allergic to the adhesive. If you already have problems using normal patches, you should be careful when using this product and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


General Prostaplast Test

In contrast to other products of this kind, the product is only used with natural ingredients. Constant use of antibiotics is not a solution, because in the long run this may lead to damage to the immune system, which is not the case here. In addition, the patches all have a skin-friendly adhesive area, which is usually not harmful to the skin.


General Prostaplast experience

Of course we have also looked around on the Internet for corresponding opinions, but this is always very positive. Many men have been able to alleviate or resolve prostatitis or other difficulties in the area. The pain quickly subsided, so that the treatment was crowned with success. They liked to use it again and again and considered regular treatment in the form of a cure to protect themselves against these problems. They are happy to recommend it to others and thus give him a positive conclusion. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


What are the Prostaplast costs?

To ensure that costs are planned as moderately as possible, the manufacturer provides different gradations. Here is a small overview:

  • 1 package = 39,00 Euro
  • 2 packs (+1 free pack) = 57,00 Euro
  • 3 packs (+2 free packs) = 89,00 Euro

Who plans several treatment cycles, should stock up with the third offer. It contains enough patches for several cycles and even a small stock, which one has acquired particularly economically. The packages usually cost 178 Euro, so you can save a lot by choosing the largest possible package.


Where can I buy Prostaplast?

It is best to purchase the plasters directly from the manufacturer, as only he provides the corresponding offers and also offers further advantages for the interested party. There is the option to pay via Paypal as well as purchase on account. For both possibilities there is a form available where you can enter some data and thus trigger the order. Payment will then be made within 14 days after order. Delivery is free and there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product. So you take practically no risks and benefit from all the advantages.

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General Prostaplast evaluation

If the pain of prostatitis spreads in the groin and other symptoms occur, good advice is always expensive. In this case, it is usually advisable to go directly to the doctor. However, the latter often only prescribes antibiotics, which in the long run impairs the immune system. We recommend the use of patches, because these work on a natural basis and promote the activity of the prostate gland. With consistent treatment, they also eliminate other symptoms that cause symptoms and thus contribute to maintaining and improving the quality of life. We have come to a clearly positive conclusion for the product and we are happy to recommend it to others.



Ingredients 8.0
Price 6.0
Overall Rating 8.0

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