Prime Male Reviews, Ingredients and Price

A reduced testosterone level and the lack of certain substances in the body often successfully prevent high-quality muscle build-up. To prevent this, the market offers countless nutritional supplements that can be made to your advantage. However, the overview often leaves much to be desired. So today we did the test with Prime Male, a product which is very well suited to reach a higher testosterone level and thus can clearly change life. And it works exclusively with natural substances.


Prime Male facts

But what exactly is this product? It is basically a dietary supplement that increases testosterone levels and can thus release more energy. This then has decisive effects on general life. The manufacturer describes the effect as follows:

  • The build-up of fat-free muscle mass is promoted
  • You get more power in less time
  • Potency is optimized for a fulfilled sex life
  • Unnecessary pounds disappear, especially in the stomach area
  • The cardiovascular system is improved and blood pressure is optimally adjusted
  • Insulin resistance is avoided, which creates a healthy blood sugar level
  • There are no more states of exhaustion, you have more energy
  • Mood lows are avoided, thus strengthening self-confidence
  • The sharpness is increased and thus also the cognitive abilities.

Prime Male

Prime Male finds the right ingredients for all these approaches and thus ensures that a man enjoys life much more, in all areas of life. We have compiled all the information about the product below.

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Prime Male Active ingredients

What is so positive about the product presented here is its natural composition of active ingredients, all of which are very compatible. This is also the great advantage of the product. But what exactly is in this booster? Here is a small list:

  • D-aspartic acid calcium chelate
  • BioPerine
  • boron
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • luteolin
  • magnesium
  • mucuna pruriens extract
  • nettle root
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin D3
  • vitamin K2
  • cornet

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate promotes the production of testosterone within a few days and increases the dose to just over 3 grams per day. BioPerine promotes the absorbability of testosterone stimulants by a factor of twenty, thus ensuring that the body can absorb it better. The increased bioavailability of boron provides a stronger testosterone boost, while Korean red ginseng gives the man back energy and vitality. The production of female hormones in the male body is often underestimated but blocked by luteolin in this product. Everyone knows magnesium, but it is so important for men because it increases their potency and can promote the release of testosterone.

Meanwhile, Mucana Pruriens extract optimizes sex hormone levels and hives considerably rejuvenate the body. Vitamin B6 is essential to produce testosterone molecules, vitamin D3 makes us happy and thus also regulates the hormonal balance. Vitamin K2 acts synergistically on vitamin D3, making it an improved option for the body. Zinc rounds off the range of active ingredients and ensures an untiring potency for which testosterone is considerably important.


Who is Prime Male for?

The product is only suitable for men. The target group includes every age group, so it is irrelevant at what age you want to ensure a certain upswing. It is also appealing for those who simply want to give their everyday life a little zest and strive for healthy muscle building. Even those who only want to train and build muscles can benefit considerably from the product. It is therefore recommended for every man who wants to bring back a better quality of life into his everyday life but does not want to resort to illegal stimulants.


General Prime Male Test

We tested Prime Male ourselves once, simply because we were interested in whether it really gives us as much energy as it is said to do. Therefore we asked a few users if they would like to test the product for us. After taking it for a period of ten days, most of them already noticed an effect. Those who did not exercise could lose weight. The others got more muscle mass, which was optimal for them when they were in a training phase. The product was very compatible for all and therefore very desired with the further procedure.

After a period of two weeks, no one wanted to switch to another dietary supplement, because the product presented here has all the ingredients the body needs to get the right pump and the energy needed for a balanced and demanding workout. Overall, we think that the product can be positively evaluated and are therefore very happy to recommend it to others. In addition to increasing testosterone levels, any excess fat could be broken down, which was a very pleasant side effect of the intake.

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General Prime Male reviews

We have also looked around the Internet and obtained opinions from other users. They all reported positive effects on muscle growth and quality of life. However, it is still important to apply the tablets consistently in order to achieve a good result. The product is the right template, but what you have to do with it yourself by taking the tablets correctly. Nevertheless, most of them were able to draw a positive conclusion and reported on procedures that also correspond to what we were able to find out in the test. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *

How does the Prime Male effect work?

All ingredients are designed to increase testosterone levels while eliminating harmful substances. For example, a certain proportion of female hormones is always produced in the male body. However, the product blocks the production of these and simultaneously increases the testosterone level in the blood, so that a positive effect can be felt. The ingredients are designed in such a way that they can best be used and the body only feels positive effects from them. The effect often occurs a few days after the first intake and thus a result can already be determined.

The manufacturer also expresses it in such a way that in the body basically three processes are responsible for the testosterone deficiency: The luteinizing hormone (LH), the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and the female hormones estrogen and prolactin. These substances ensure that the body produces less and less testosterone and with increasing age the production of testosterone decreases more and more. The product is therefore designed in such a way that the production of the influencing substances is switched off and blocked.


What is the Prime Male intake?

The manufacturer has issued a dosage recommendation which should also be implemented for optimal success. One capsule is taken four times a day at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm. It is important that they are taken with a meal or a small snack. Then the product can optimally unfold its effect in sport or training.


Are there known Prime Male side effects?

The product is made exclusively from natural ingredients, which makes it very compatible. Anyone who can tolerate these substances can benefit from this. The body thus receives more energy and produces a higher testosterone level. There are no side effects, provided the substances are all compatible, which should be checked beforehand.


Where can I buy Prime Male?

Best directly at the manufacturer. This also delivers only the original and ensures that a complication-free transaction takes place. Payment is easy via invoice or Paypal, so there is hardly any risk. The manufacturer even provides the option to try the product for 90 days and then return it if no effect should occur. Therefore, we clearly recommend ordering via the manufacturer and his webshop, which he has integrated directly on his own site.

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How is the Prime Male price staggered?

Prime Male is available in different scales, so the manufacturer provides its customers with a good opportunity to get the product as cheaply as possible. We have listed the graduation below:

  • 1 can: 49,00 Euro
  • 2 tins: 98,00 Euro
  • 3 tins (+1 free tin): 147,00 Euro

So you can save a lot of money with this offer if you choose the larger version. Shipping is also free with this variant and therefore guarantees a particularly good offer. If you are looking for a long-term treatment, you should also visit the homepage regularly in order to secure further offers and thus acquire a stock.


Prime Male valuation

If you want to increase your testosterone level and gain energy at the same time, you should always try Prime Male. This product consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is therefore very compatible for the user. It can be used without hesitation because it works without side effects and supports the process in the body in a natural way. We are happy to recommend it to others, as our test has also been extremely positive. Overall, the product can only be recommended because many other users have also made a positive statement. If you order from the manufacturer, you take practically no risk, which is why we recommend that you order directly from the manufacturer.

Even users who have been using the product for a long time have had only positive effects, which further improves the evaluation. It gives you a little bit more quality of life, you can enjoy life again and as a man you also get the opportunity to build more muscles.


Prime Male

Ingredients 9.5
Price 7.5
Overall Rating 9.0

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