Plus500 – What is it?

Plus500 is a company that specializes in CFD trading. The company itself acts as a broker. As a user you have the possibility to open a trading account and carry out transactions with real money. Trading takes place completely online, from registration through trades to subsequent payout of winnings. The company sees itself as an online service provider and provides all necessary information with the existing software. A trading robot is not used, so you can follow your own strategy with every trade. You have a total of seven different trading instruments to choose from, which include shares as well as commodities. The company also allows trading on the basis of developments in crypto currencies such as bitcoin trades. Since CFDs are subject to numerous risks, a demo account is also offered. With this you can make fictitious trades on current price developments without using your own money. This allows you to gain experience and not to put yourself at full risk right from the start. Otherwise, the trading platform is primarily aimed at people who have already gained experience with difference contracts. With headquarters in Cyprus and the UK, the company is one of the regulated brokers and thus also provides a legally secure framework for trading.

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What does the Plus500 software promise?

As a user, the trading company provides you with a webtrader. This allows you to follow the current price developments online at any time in real time. Since trading with CFDs is in the foreground, the underlying assets are clearly displayed in the Webtrader in order to make quick decisions even before the close of the market. The graphics and user-friendliness also benefit beginners. The software provides advanced investors with all the information they need in a timely manner to invest even large amounts of money to the best of their knowledge of all existing risks. Within the software you have the possibility to use different settings. 


These serve preferably to minimize the risk inseparably associated with trading CFDs. For example, you can have winnings paid out automatically or set the lever individually. This is possible for each of the seven trading instruments individually. For example, if you are an expert in exchange trades funds or ETFs, you can choose the maximum leverage for them and take a lower risk for new trading options with crypto currencies. Stop loss orders are also offered. These automatically close positions as soon as prices previously defined in the settings have been reached. The risk management, which is guaranteed by the online service provider, allows you not to accept any losses soon after the first winnings in the demo account after the change.


Is Plus500 licensed/authorized and regulated?

The company is internationally regulated in several places. Plus500CY Limited is registered in Cyprus and is therefore subject to the official regulations of the EU. At the same time Plus500CY Limited belongs to Plus500UK Limited, which is based in London as a stock corporation and is therefore also subject to the typical national regulations. In case of concrete problems, you are free to take legal action in order to assert possible claims against the company.


What does Plus500 customer money protection look like?

As an investor, you benefit from the existing deposit insurance. British law requires £50,000 per account to be covered. Plus500UK Limited goes one step further and strictly separates the profits generated from investors’ deposits. The access of potential creditors to the money of third parties is thus already severely restricted. Even if Brexit imposes restrictions on deposit protection under European law, this national law still applies. Amounts in excess of these £50,000 are not secured and would therefore only be reimbursed in the event of bankruptcy if sufficient capital is available. Losses incurred during CFD trading are not affected by the deposit guarantee. If the underlying assets of Bitcoin or commodities perform differently than expected, these losses are not insured.

What are the Plus500 fees? Plus500 does not charge classic commissions for opening a trading account and trading. They are financed through spreads. The company receives the difference made in CFD trading. This market spread has no effect on the profits of the investor. However, in addition to the deposits, further costs may arise from the use of the service. A typical example is overnight financing or stop orders. Current price lists are available on the company’s website. The same applies to the costs charged in the event of inactivity. These currently amount to 10 Euro per quarter in which no activities can be determined in the trading account. Logging in is sufficient to avoid the fee, no additional trades are required. No debit will be made if the credit balance is less than the fee due. Sliding into the red unnoticed and triggering the obligation to make additional contributions therefore does not exist.


What can I trade with the provider?

In total, more than 2000 different financial instruments are available. Among the best-known are:

  • stocks
  • Crypto Currencies
  • feedstocks
  • Options and
  • Forex.

In their Plus500 trading account, every user is free to decide how many of these financial instruments are traded. If you are a currency expert, you will observe the forex and crypto currencies underlyings more closely and neglect the other financial instruments. This also allows you to better allocate the time you spend on your trades. It is important to know that you do not trade directly on bitcoin or commodities such as oil, but exclusively via CFDs. As a derivative you benefit with the difference contracts from all developments of the underlying that were profitably invested with the help of the trades. In addition, the leverage effect comes into play, so that even small sums are sufficient to guarantee a lucrative investment volume. On the other hand, losses are an omnipresent risk. Keeping a close eye on current developments is a must when investing higher amounts.


Is there a Plus500 bonus or minimum deposit?

The bonus granted by Plus500 ranges from 25 to 7000 euros. Everyone who registers and opens a trading account will receive the 25 euros credited to his account. A deposit is not yet required for the credit memo. All higher bonuses are not due until you make a deposit. A deposit of 50,000 Euros is required for the maximum bonus amount of 7000 Euros. It is important to know that a payout is only made after a certain number of trades. Converted into Tpoints, the highest bonus can only be paid out after 10,000 Tpoints. The current minimum deposit is 100 euros. Payments are made by bank transfer, credit card or with the help of various online financial service providers. If you want to make a payment about this one, it is important to check its seriousness beforehand, in order not to have finally put your data and amounts of money into the wrong hands.


Is Plus500 fraud or serious?

As with most online brokers, both very positive and very negative opinions can be found with Plus500. The majority of users are satisfied with the provider. The numerous tips and the free demo account are rated as helpful. Both allow beginners to familiarize themselves slowly with this way of application and to avoid the most common mistakes due to ignorance. On the other hand, the customer service offered was criticized. Available via live chat or e-mail, users often had to wait 12 hours or longer for a binding response in case of problems. A telephone customer service is not offered. Our customer service staff speak all German and other languages if required, so communication is no problem. There are no known cases of fraud. If this word is used in experience reports, it can often be seen between the lines that the users of CFD trading and their risks were largely unknown before trading. The anger about the losses then falls back on the company.


What should I pay attention to with such programs?

Before making a deposit, there are a few points you should critically review to avoid any negative surprises. These include:

  • Data security: The small print of the GTCs should state exactly for what purpose the data is collected. This is very important to avoid abuse. This includes not only unauthorized debits from the credit card but also the transfer of data to third parties. In this way, you prevent advertisements that you do not need or do not want to receive from your mailbox or e-mail inbox in the future.
  • Regulation: As already mentioned, regulation is carried out by both the European Union and the British Government. The rights applicable here, such as deposit insurance, are standards to which the company must adhere. This proof is often to be provided without being asked and is often associated with high fines in the event of omissions. It is therefore in the companies’ own interest not to produce negative headlines in business magazines in this area.
  • Transparency: In the case of investment products, transparency primarily comprises the information provided before registration. With regard to this program, the information policy can be described as very good. The FAQ and many other sources of information on the website contain all the information you need to make a decision for or against an investment. The provider also discloses the existing risk and promises no utopian investment success within the shortest time.


General Plus500 Test

You can either open a trading account immediately or start with a demo account. Both can also be used in parallel. Real gains and losses can only be achieved with the trading account. After logging in you can open the Webtrader and follow the current price developments. From a deposit of 100 Euro you are able to make the first trades. Gains and losses are displayed directly so that you are immediately informed at a glance at the software. The settings allow you to personalize the Webtrader for your account and to run a balanced risk management. The trades themselves require only a few clicks, which makes it easy to reconcile your own investment strategy with your professional and private life.

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General Plus500 experience

The general opinions in the comments on websites like are predominantly positive. The experience reports show that users are aware of the risk and, for example, do not make naive trades on the crypto currency Bitcoin in order to participate in the current boom. The criticism expressed about support therefore sounds more like a suggestion for improvement than real annoyance. Many users would also recommend Plus500 to others, which also speaks for the quality of the services listed there. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *


What are the opinions on a Plus500 payout?

Payouts are easy to find online based on experience reports. The money is first requested and credited to the above account after a check. Occasionally, reports of denied payments can also be found. In these cases, the name of the account holder and that of the trading account were usually not identical. Since banks are not free to credit these amounts to their accounts in order to avoid confusion, the provider also seems to shy away from this additional effort. However, a hint for users who use an account of the partner as an authorized user would be desirable to avoid these problems.


Is a download necessary?

No download is required. The Webtrader and all functions are available on the website. If you also want to monitor your trades on the move, you can use the Plus500 app. This can be downloaded free of charge, for example, from the Google Play Shop or via iTunes. Depending on the size of the display, the visibility of the current base values is limited, which is why the benefit before costly trades should first be thoroughly tested.


How do I get to the Plus500 Login?

The login is directly accessible via the website of the online service provider. This requires your attention, as the registration buttons for the demo account and the trading account are directly next to each other. Once logged in, it is possible to switch between both accounts at short notice in order to profit not only from virtual profits in the event of a short-term positive price development.


Is there a Plus500 demo account available?

The Plus500 demo account is available free of charge to all users over the age of 18. The account is filled with 20,000 euros, with which strategies can be tested without using real money. The gains and losses achieved are virtual trades based on real price developments. If the account reaches a certain minimum amount, such as 200 euros, the account is automatically replenished to the original amount. There is no time limit for the use of the demo account. The trade account and demo account can thus be easily combined to develop new strategies or discover trading instruments.

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What do the Plus500 Dealer Points mean?

The trader points, also called Tpoints, are awarded at Plus500 for each CFD trade on Bitcoin or other values. Dealer points are awarded according to a fixed key. For the investment of 1000 Euro you will receive 1.50 points for heating oil and 21.05 points for Ripple. This also reflects the risk associated with the respective trades. As already mentioned, the Tpoints are the only way to receive the bonus payments. Trader Points cannot expire, so you don’t have to place ill-considered trades on CFDs just to keep the bonus.



Invest 9.0
Risk 5.0
Overall Rating 9.0