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Losing weight through metabolic diets is an issue for many people. Even if one probably does not say it gladly, but predominance is a current problem of mankind and the future points out that it will still be like that for a longer time. However, if you don’t think about getting rid of a few kilograms now, this can also come to a bad end. There are enough diets in the world, but which one also works for you? It is not guaranteed that just because you decide to lose weight with a certain diet, this is really effective. It is therefore important to look around the market and find the best product for oneself. PhenQ is a product that combines several benefits and is one of the easy-to-take, natural-source and successful products. We have tested it once more exactly for you.

Facts and PhenQ Ingredients

The manufacturer writes something of up to 190,000 users who were satisfied. These cannot be mistaken. The product hasn’t been on the market for too long, but within a few years it was able to convince a few people and successfully lose weight. The advantages of the product are obvious:

  • it is a unique new slimming product
  • successfully burns already stored fat
  • suppresses appetite
  • blocks the production of fat
  • improves mood and energy levels
  • high-quality formula


The ingredients comply with GMP and FDA-approved standards. The product itself is produced in the USA and the UK. The ingredients include the a-Lacys Reset and other substances that are helpful in the acceptance process. These include Capsimax powder, calcium carbonate, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal and L-carnitine fumarate. Some of them don’t tell you anything? Let me tell you, among the dietary supplements, elements such as Capsimax powder or L-carnitine fumarate are very well known and are regularly used, for example, to help bodybuilders break down the fat they have accumulated during the loading phase. In this way, for example, an ingredient can also be added during weight loss. In science, caffeine is also a recurrent topic in the talk that it can successfully burn fat.

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General PhenQ Test

Of course we also wanted to do the test and tried the product once. The product comes as a capsule in a can and is easy to take. We will write about the application and dosage later, we will come to the test first. We have tried and taken the product to several. One of us also did sports in order to possibly accelerate an effect. We also kept a record of the results in order to keep a complete overview. The fact is that you have to take the product for a while before it really has the desired effect. But if you do sport, it is accelerated because the body burns more energy than in the normal state. Actually, a logical conclusion. In this case the product could work much better and faster without increasing the dose, which is nonsense anyway.

After several weeks we found out that the effect is really there. However, it must also be said that one should also think about whether the original lifestyle is really as healthy as one intended when taking it. If you eat unhealthy food again and again, you should not be surprised that in the long run you will gain weight again and a yo-yo effect will apply. This is, as with all weight loss pills, an issue that everyone should think about and realise beforehand that life needs to be turned upside down.


General PhenQ reviews

If you read the experience reports on the Internet, you will also find evidence of what we found in the test. It does not work for everyone and is also associated with checking their attitude to life, controlling their diet and considering whether they might be doing something wrong. However, there are some who have been as successful as we were in our test. Therefore you can recommend it to those who would like to lose a few pounds without any problems. Check out more customer experiences here.


A user report

  • Day 1: After a few unsuccessful attempts, I wanted to go on a diet that required weight loss helpers. I chose the product because it consists of natural ingredients and therefore side effects are avoided as much as possible. Besides, I didn’t really see why I should do without anything just to avoid a yo-yo effect. I’ve never really liked sports, which is why I’ve actually refrained from it. On the first day after I received the package, I first dealt with the intake and the exact conditions associated with the diet to come. And so on the first day I took the first pill at lunchtime, the second at nighttime. On the second day I finally followed the manufacturer’s instructions to take one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Day 7: The first seven days are over and I still feel quite well. So far I have not had any side effects at all. But what I do notice is that my metabolism is changing. However, I cope well with it, as I have had difficulties with it from time to time and am now rather thankful that it works better. I have not lost weight yet, but I think that it will take two to three weeks before it becomes apparent.
  • Day 14: Two weeks have passed with PhenQ and slowly my excess fat begins to dissolve a little. I already notice this when I dress in the morning, as well as in the evening when I undress again. If I have to bend over, I can do it a little better than before. That’s why I’m very optimistic about the other kilos I want to lose. And I’ve never done any exercise or given up eating.
  • Day 21: PhenQ continues to run smoothly. No, she’s asking me a little more than that. In the evening I feel a bit unexhausted, as if I could possibly get rid of a little more energy during the day. And so I honestly think that maybe I will do a little sport after all. Weight loss continues to progress. Let’s hope things continue so well.
  • Day 30: I started doing some exercise in addition to taking PhenQ. So I can get rid of some more power and it seems to be really good for me to walk. I’ve started slowly, and I’m still walking for a while, but I notice that my body seems to respond well and that I can lose even more weight than just with the pills.
  • Day 60: In the meantime I have lost a few pounds and have come a little closer to my goal. I am confident that I will achieve my goal. Meanwhile I do sports regularly and after my units I feel really well. So I’m going to go on with it.
  • Day 90: PhenQ helped me to become more active. I do sports, I have lost more weight than I actually intended and I just feel really comfortable in my skin! Simply perfect and recommendable!

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How does the PhenQ effect work?

The active ingredient complex of PhenQ acts on the body in such a way that it burns fat and simultaneously increases performance. Therefore, the dieter benefits in several ways and can lose weight as well as lead a more productive life.


How is the PhenQ intake?

The PhenQ dosage should not be exceeded and includes two pills per day. That means you take one for breakfast, the other for lunch. No further income is required. Everything else is in principle self-regulating.


Are there known side effects?

It is recommended that the dosage be strictly adhered to the package insert. Overdose is acknowledged with nausea and vomiting. Therefore, it makes sense to adhere only to what is written on the packaging. A faster or higher acceptance rate is thus not achieved.


Where can I buy PhenQ?

Best directly at the manufacturer. PhenQ is a product that is also available without a prescription in pharmacies, but especially with longer diets the product is much cheaper if you buy it from the manufacturer. Because here one receives from time to time again and again favorable offers and special conditions, if one orders several packs. To look around here is definitely worthwhile. By the way: On the manufacturer’s site you also get all information about the product.

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How is the PhenQ price graded?

Usually a package of 60 tablets costs just under 66 euros. However, there is also an alternative offer, where two packs, plus one are sold free of charge at the price of 130 euros. A third offer includes 3 regular and 2 free cans, while another can of Advana Cleanse is included. This package costs the manufacturer just under 175 euros. Shipping is free of charge.


Conclusion of the product

PhenQ is one of the dietary supplements with different ingredients that ensure that fat is broken down. It belongs to the dietary supplements and can have a good effect with additional expenditure such as sport and change of diet. However, it is advisable that everyone checks beforehand whether they tolerate the product well. Then it can start and a successful acceptance can take place.








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