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Anyone who likes to listen to music on the road is exposed to a certain amount of danger, as they cannot hear the traffic and therefore sometimes cross the road blind. To avoid this, there is Peace Play. You can enjoy the boom sound from the speakers of the portable loudspeaker and still have a full overview. We have tested it once and would like to explain its capabilities in the following.

What is Peace Play?

This product is portable speakers, which can be worn comfortably when travelling. The manufacturer’s main concern is that you are much safer on the road, but you don’t have to do without your music. Here are the features that are used in the product and which the manufacturer promises:

  • completely hands-free and wireless
  • crystal clear audio
  • comfortable fit and easy to wear
  • streamlined design
  • Controls that are easily accessible
  • including telephone function

Peace Play

So with Boom Sound you can not only listen to music, but also make phone calls. This is especially useful at home if you don’t want to reach for the telephone receiver.

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What does Peace Play help for?

Anyone who likes to listen to music on the move knows the situation of walking through traffic but wearing earphones. This is not only distracting, it is also dangerous. To avoid this, there is Peace Play. This portable loudspeaker simply transmits the music without having to wear earphones and at the same time you can keep an eye on the traffic. The boom sound is also of good quality, so you don’t have to worry about it. It lets you travel safely and keep an eye on the traffic.


Why do I need Peace Play?

Peace Play is aimed at a wide range of target groups. These include, of course, people who are on the move every day anyway and who often wear headphones. However, they are not always completely safe in traffic. It is therefore advisable to wear the portable loudspeaker. It does not matter how old you are, the product appeals to all age groups. It is also irrelevant whether you are male or female. Technical know-how is not required. Because there is an instruction manual enclosed, and the product is actually self-explanatory. The Boom Sound device is very easy to use and therefore appeals to a wide range of target groups. Even those who have already tried something similar can make use of its functions. The best thing is to try it out.

How is the product used?

First of all, it is important to recharge Peace Play. The portable speaker is simply connected to a power outlet or USB port using the charging cable. After a few hours it will be charged and ready for use. It is synchronised with the device via Bluetooth. Once activated on the device, Peace Play usually appears in the list, where you only have to dial it. Once it has connected, you can also play music over it. The operation is therefore completely simple.

Peace Play Use

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Each gadget has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity here to summarise these attributes in a list. In this way you too can make an easy decision and can better judge whether Peace Play is for you or not.


  • easy handling
  • compatible with many systems
  • good sound
  • no technical know-how possible
  • safe handling


  • none known

As you can easily see, Peace Play is a product that only has advantages. The portable speaker is easy to use, compatible with many systems and has a great sound. No technical know-how is required to operate it and it is absolutely safe to use. So you don’t have to worry about disadvantages when you choose the product with the boom sound.

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General Peace Play Test and quality features

We once convinced ourselves of the capabilities of Peace Play and tried out the portable speaker. Ordering was quick and easy. We also did not have to wait long for it to arrive. Afterwards we tried it out right away. It doesn’t take long to recharge and is completely uncomplicated. Afterwards we coupled the Peace Play with a smartphone. This was absolutely no problem via Bluetooth. The quality of the music that came out of the speakers was clear and distinct. There were no sound problems or anything like that. The battery kept what the manufacturer promised. On the road the portable speaker is very comfortable to wear and also a great relief at home, if you don’t want to walk around with headphones all the time. All in all, we have had good experience with the product and would therefore like to recommend it highly. Unfortunately the product does not have a quality seal or other seals.

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General Peace Play experiences and opinions

In our search for information about Peace Play, we also looked for reports of experiences. These include the experiences of users who have already used Peace Play and tell us how well they got along with the portable speaker. Most of them had a very positive response, so we got the impression that they were very good with the portable speaker. They reported that both on their own and with friends could benefit from the functions. They had no difficulty whatsoever in setting up and described that battery life would also be very moderate. Many did not want to do without Peace Play any more and actually use it every day. They all recommend the product to others. Meanwhile, we could not find any negative reports of experience. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there known Peace Play problems?

During our testing and research, we did not find any problems related to the portable speaker. The product worked perfectly and delivered all the features the manufacturer had promised. However, you should be aware that the battery may not last as long as predicted if you turn the volume up very high.

Where can I buy Peace Play?

It is best to buy Peace Play directly from the manufacturer. They offer the portable speaker on their own website, where there are also special offers that you can use to your advantage. These offers include not just one of the speakers, but several. At the same time you pay per piece but only a fraction of what is paid for a single order. Therefore it is always worthwhile to accept these offers. However, one must be careful here. Because the offers are time-limited and therefore only available up to a certain point in time. It is therefore advisable to take them when the opportunity arises. Moreover, ordering is completely uncomplicated.

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Peace Play Technical Details

As far as the technical features of Peace Play are concerned, we were only able to gather a little information. But here is a small list that provides some information:

  • hands-free and wireless
  • including telephone function
  • Bluetooth technology

Unfortunately, we did not find any information about the audio output, but we can assure you that the audio quality is good and the product outputs well.

How does the ordering process work?

The ordering process is very simple and straightforward. First of all, you have to access the form which is available on the manufacturer’s website. Then you fill it out with various personal data. Afterwards you can already choose which payment method you want to use. Here you will find different options are available. Among them Paypal and credit card. Thereupon you only have to check your data once more and then you can already send your order. Afterwards the customer receives an email in which everything is clearly presented once again. If the Peace Play is sent, he will also receive the tracking number, with which he can check where the package is at the moment. So you always have everything directly in view.

Peace Play evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we would like to recommend the Peace Play to others, as it is a device that not only makes you safer, but also has many advantages to offer. The portable speaker is not only easy to use, but also secures you in traffic. That makes him one indispensable gadget on the go, whose function you can rely on. Since it can also be recharged, you can use it again and again. Ordering is easy and quick. If you are lucky, you can also use the offers made by the manufacturer to gain a significant financial advantage. Overall, we would like to recommend Peace Play to others and think that you can’t go wrong with it.

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Here we clarify a few small questions that might have come up while reading:

  • Which connection is used to charge the boom sound? – Via a Micro-USB plug
  • What’s in the box – Included are portable speakers, a neck strap and a charging cable that can be plugged into either a USB port or an electrical outlet.
Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The manufacturer is a company with the following address: Quality Performance Limited, 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013, and there is also the option of using a contact email address. This is: Unfortunately we could not find out more about the manufacturer.

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Peace Play

Technical details 9.0
Usage 9.0
Price 7.5