Papistop Reviews, Ingredients and Price

What is Papistop?

Papilloma is a problem many people have to struggle with. The special problem with this infestation with warts is that they not only look unattractive and maybe also repel the people around them. A further risk is that the growth of these also increases the risk of cancer in the corresponding parts of the body. This is always the case when papillomas transmitted by viruses called HPV are transferred from the body to the genital area. Due to the viruses as the trigger, the spread of the warts can be anywhere in the entire area of the body. Papistop is effective against this problem in many ways. On the one hand, the skin proliferations are eliminated. Furthermore, treatment against the HPV virus is carried out. This means protection against cancer and suppression of other infections that may otherwise result from HPV infection. The manufacturer also emphasizes that the entire treatment with the product is free of side effects.

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Papistop ingredients

PapistopThe product is based on purely natural ingredients.

  • Hedera helix: This active ingredient contains the biologically active ingredient juglon. This is intended to suppress the HPV virus and thus also reduce the carcinogenic strains of the virus and thus the cancer risk for people affected by papilloma.
  • Birch extract: The flavonoids contained therein have a strong antiviral effect. Thus the birch extract supports the development of carcinomas that can result from HPV infestation.
  • Calamintha: The herb comes from the North Asian region and contains polysaccharide lentinan as a very useful ingredient. This active ingredient is described as very effective both with disorders within the immune system and in oconlogical diseases. The extract is often used for papilloma, polyps, adenomas and myomas.
  • Tea tree oil: This highly valued oil was reserved exclusively for use by the Chinese emperor centuries ago. To this day, tea tree oil has a positive reputation as a natural immune modulator, because the oil is said to be able to eliminate infections as well as viruses within the body.
  • Juniper wood oil: The oil was already cherished by the indigenous people of North America. They used the natural remedy as a multifunctional healing substance. The oil is also called a natural antibiotic because it is used to alleviate bacterial and viral infections.
  • Chelidonium majus: Here the active ingredients are used, which are found in the sprouts of the plant and are also formed there. The active ingredient hexose glycoside has antiviral and immunomodulating properties. The active ingredient stimulates the production of interferons. These are protective proteins within the immune system.

For whom is Papistop suitable for?

The target group of the product are people who suffer from recurrent or permanent papilloma. This often affects people in particular who cannot build up a natural protective function against HPV viruses due to a weakened immune system. Especially people with previous illnesses or elderly people suffer more and more from papilloma. The compound appeals to this target group.

How does the Papistop effect work?

The product combats the problem with three different modes of action with which it is active. The first mode of action is to support the immune system. This ensures that the HPV viruses can no longer spread undisturbed inside the body. In addition, a strengthened immune system also provides better protection against cancer, which can be a consequence of HPV infestation and thus of papilloma, especially in the genital area.

This blocks the replication of the HPV virus, which triggers the growth of skin proliferations and unsightly warts. The activity of the viruses is effectively blocked with Papistop. Ultimately, the compound also causes a targeted destruction of the skin proliferations and a recurrence of these is effectively blocked.

The product works fourfold by

  • supporting the immune system
  • blocking the HPV virus
  • destroying the papilloma permanently and sustainably
  • preventing new growth of warts

How does the Papistop treatment work?

The application of the compound is very simple. The compound is available in cream form and is therefore applied externally. The treatment takes place directly on the affected skin areas. The affected skin areas are treated three times a day with the cream, which is simply used like a hand cream or body lotion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Papistop?


  • easy to use like a hand cream or body lotion
  • made from purely natural ingredients
  • no side effects according to the manufacturer
  • effective in three areas, the immune system is supported, blocking of HPV and removal of skin proliferations
  • effective protection against new infestation

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  • only vague references to studies, as the product originates from abroad
  • no precise indication of the source
  • can only be purchased via the Internet
  • high price without proven effectiveness

Are there known Papistop side effects?

Papistop is described by the manufacturer as free of side effects. Also, user experience reports do not indicate that side effects or interactions with other drugs have occurred during use. This is probably due to the fact that the compound is produced exclusively from natural ingredients, which only lead to side effects if there is a proven incompatibility with one of the natural ingredients.

General Papistop review

On the manufacturer’s or sales website there is a TÜV certificate emblem that is intended to create trust, but unfortunately only refers to the certified management system and which only appears to be directly related to the product at first glance.

It is clearly emphasised that the product functions on a purely natural basis. The treatment is very easy to implement. The comprehensive effect that the product promises is another special feature of Papistop that distinguishes it. The effect against HPV viruses, the destruction of papillomas that appear as warts and the prevention of new growth is very worth mentioning as the effect of such an easy-to-use product.

General information is given only for clinical studies concerning the product. A study conducted at the National Institute of Biomolecular Technologies in July and August 2016 is mentioned. 850 participants took part in the study. The result is shown on the website and a comparison is made with other products that are not mentioned further and have performed significantly worse.

In connection with the study, the website shows a photo of a man wearing medical clothing, which is said to be David H. Binder, Dr. of Medical Sciences. However, he cannot be found on the Internet and can in no way be found again in connection with the product except on the manufacturer’s website.

Less serious is the permanent evidence that papilloma can develop into cancer. This is not the case all over the body, but only in the intimate area, which must be affected by these proliferations in order to develop an increased risk of cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Overall, the compound has clear and notable advantages over comparable products. However, these advantages are mentioned exclusively by the manufacturer, because there are no objective and verifiable comparisons.

General Papistop experience

There are experiences with Papistop on the web. One of these experience reports seems critically written, but is rather an affiliate site, since an order link is added to the end of the page after a supposedly objective positive evaluation of the product.

Other empirical values can only be found on the manufacturer’s website.

One user reports of warts in the genital area and that she was immediately referred by the gynaecologist. She then started treatment with the compound and the growth of the proliferations was reduced. Treatment with nitrogen, which is usually the first form of treatment in such cases, had no effect on the formation of warts, while the product showed immediate effect.

Another user reports on the use of the product before the planned pregnancy. According to her, the papilloma could be dried out without problems, disappeared after a short time without causing further complaints such as itching or pain.

Another user reports that the neck has been infected with HPV viruses. She was referred to an oncologist because she was afraid that the proliferations would develop into cancer, but said that there was no consensus on the treatment of the proliferations. Since frozen and liquid nitrogen was not a therapeutic option for reasons not mentioned, she decided to use the compound and was able to remove the proliferations in a very short time. An HPV test carried out after two months at the attending physician was negative.

All user reports indicate that the treatment with the preparation is completed after one to two months, that it can also be used in the intimate area and that the treatment should be more successful than with the doctor. Use this link here to find more customer experiences!

More customer reviews can be by clicking this link!

What are the Papistop costs?

The cost of the treatment is 39.00 EUR instead of 78.00 EUR for a 30 ml tube.

On request, two tubes at a special price of 57.00 EUR can be purchased immediately, which would normally cost 114.00 EUR and thus represent a price saving of 57.00 EUR. If five tubes of the preparation are purchased in one order, a total invoice price of 89.00 EUR instead of 178.00 EUR is charged, which in turn represents a price saving of 89.00 EUR.

The manufacturer gives a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product does not meet expectations. To what extent this can be legally enforced is a legitimate question, since the product is shipped from abroad and the customer does not receive any information on the manufacturer, sales and location during the ordering process.

Shipping costs are not charged, and the mentioned prices already include VAT.

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Where can I buy Papistop?

There are no other sources of supply for Papistop. There is an evaluation page, which leads with a link immediately back to the manufacturer’s page. This means that the order can only be placed via the original page. However, this is also positive for the customer due to the discounts granted by the manufacturer, the money-back guarantee and the delivery free of shipping costs.

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