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In today’s world, many technology gadgets are a significant addition to our daily lives. Both in everyday life and in sports, you can use them well, some more, some less. Smartwatches are also included, as well as headsets, which mostly work via Bluetooth. They make handling easier while driving and give us a loophole so that we can always be reached on the go. The product presented here fulfills all these tasks in one and is not only a smartwatch, but also a headset that connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Handling really doesn’t get any easier. We wanted to take a closer look at that.

What is the Oshenwatch?

The product presented here takes on a total of three tasks, for which a separate device would normally be necessary: ​​It is a fitness tracker, Bluetooth headset and a fashionable accessory in one. The characteristics that the manufacturer puts in the foreground are these:

  • Wireless Bluetooth headset
  • Fitness tracker with numerous functions
  • Heart rate & blood pressure can be measured
  • fashionable bracelet
  • alone, as well as wearable with a bracelet


Of course, all kinds of functions can be operated with the device. It notifies the user, there is sleep monitoring and the ability to monitor fitness. Individual apps are suitable for different projects, all of which are very practical and easy to use.

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What does the Oshenwatch help?

Almost every second has a smartwatch these days. However, the functions are so limited or the devices so expensive that you have to buy other devices at the same time to receive messages, for example, or to use it as a call answering device at the same time. This is very different with this product. There are a total of three devices in the small watch, which is also relatively cheap. Not only is a fitness tracker integrated, which can accompany you in daily sports, which counts calories and monitors activities and other things, but also a headset that can be used as a hands-free device. Other elements are also included. If you imagine this product now, you think it costs a small fortune because no other smartwatch on the current market can do this. But far from it: the product does not reach deep into your pocket and is still functional and ideal for those who do not want to carry around as many devices.

Why do I need this product?

The product is basically aimed at all people who no longer want to cope with having multiple devices in their pockets. In addition to the smartphone and the watch, there is often a headset, a special fitness tracker and other devices in your pocket. Those who benefit from the device can be either old or young. Thanks to the simple operation, this is really not a problem. Male or female also doesn’t matter. The device is categorically aimed at anyone who is tired of taking several gadgets with them and mostly forgetting one.

How is the product used?

When unpacking for the first time, the user will certainly notice that the device makes a high-quality impression. The setup is completely straightforward since it is only necessary to pair the watch with a smartphone. Bluetooth is used for this, the connection should be activated on both devices. The coupling is then completely unproblematic. To use it as a headset, the upper part is simply removed from the bracelet and clamped behind the ear. This is much more beneficial than any other headset during sport and driving. During sport, however, it often remains on the wrist if, for example, the pulse has to be measured regularly. But even in this position, it is easy to receive messages and use similar functions.

Oshenwatch usage

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages, which interested parties should inform themselves about in advance. We would therefore like to summarize all the advantages and disadvantages for you below. This can also affect your purchase decision if you are not yet sure whether to buy the smartwatch or not.


  • extremely easy to use
  • 3 devices in one
  • pretty design and therefore great accessory on the wrist
  • many functions
  • supports sport and increases performance


  • not known

These lists show very well that it is a product that has only advantages. The smartwatch convinces with numerous functions and is an ideal replacement for the ordinary headset as well as the regular fitness watch. In addition, there are other properties such as sleep monitoring and the measurement of heart rate and pulse. For you, the device only has advantages that you can benefit from.

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General Oshenwatch test and quality features

Of course we wanted to know a little bit more precisely whether the device can really do everything the manufacturer promises and have ordered one of the models. Everyone in the editorial team was a little impressed when it got here and we unpacked it. Because the first thing that caught our eye was the quality. It makes a solid impression, the bracelet is soft and pleasant on the skin. It is also easy to put on and is not annoying. So also something that sensitive people can use without hesitation. We had no problems with the settings, the smartwatch quickly connected to the smartphone we provided and could even be used from there. All settings can be made much more easily via the mobile phone, but the watch is just as easy to use on the go. We also looked at the functions, such as the headset, sleep monitoring and activity statistics, and they all seemed to be working properly. To be able to use the device as a headset, you simply take it out of the bracelet and stick it on your ear. The sound quality was completely fine. So the bracelet just stays on the wrist and the device itself is stuck to the ear.

We believe that the product is an ideal speakerphone, a good fitness tracker with many functions, as well as a nice accessory that everyone has something from.

Oshenwatch function

General Oshenwatch experiences and opinions

When we were looking for information about the product, we also read one or two reviews. These came from users who have been using the device for a while and reported how well they are getting along with it. Most reviews had the tone that the users were satisfied. They were even so enthusiastic that they didn’t want to do without the device anymore. They particularly appreciated the many features and that they could now do without a separate headset on the go. The functions were also appreciated. Most people used it for their fitness programs, sleep monitoring and general health control. We could not find any negative reports and therefore assume that everyone who ordered the smartwatch was also satisfied. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *

Are there any known Oshenwatch problems?

We found no evidence of any problems either in our test or in the field reports. That is why we can answer the question with a clear “No”.

Where can I buy Oshenwatch?

The product is best obtained directly from the manufacturer who offers it online on its own website. The offers made available here include several models of the watch. As an orderer, you can not only order a single model, but also use a volume discount where the respective watch model is much cheaper. Payment is made using one of the risk-free and uncomplicated methods such as PayPal or credit card. The shipment is quick so that the parcel should arrive at the customer a few days after the order. The order is designed in such a way that only a few details are required. It really couldn’t be easier to get a cheap fitness watch model that has so many functions. Finally, a tip: If the offers mentioned are available, you should definitely access them, as they are limited in time.

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Oshenwatch technical details

Below we have summarized all technical properties for you so that you get an even better impression of the device.

  • double function watch as headset with hands-free device and tracker for sports
  • sleep monitoring possible
  • More modern surfaces available
  • tailored to different physical activities
  • vibration possible
  • battery life between 2 and 7 days depending on use
  • 4.1 Sync Bluetooth

As you can see from the information, the watch is well prepared for all demands and provides its owner with all the information he needs to ensure the best possible fitness monitoring. At the same time, it is easy to use and compatible with many systems, making it easy to use with an existing cell phone.

Oshenwatch rating and recommendation

All in all, we give the watch a good rating and are convinced that everyone who orders it will get something good from the manufacturer. It is easy to pair with any smartphone, easy to use and takes on multiple tasks that normally require multiple devices. It is also available for a reasonable price, which cannot be said for every fitness watch. It is an optimal solution for those who are looking for a watch that combines several functions. We are happy to recommend them.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer has the following address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670 AE Zetten, The Netherlands. An additional support email address is set up for questions. This is: support@buyoshenwatch.com.

Oshenwatch Logo

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Technical Details 8.5
Use 8.0
Price 7.5
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