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If you travel a lot, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. This is only possible with the right Nomad Backpack, because a suitcase would be too bulky again. It looks the same with many pockets. They are simply a burden on the side of the body, the backpack on the other hand rather less. A big problem with backpacks, however, is that they are often stolen because you don’t have eyes in the back of your head that can control the whole thing. Someone quickly tampered with the zipper and you’re a few euros lighter, or the perpetrator immediately took the laptop with him. One may not think it is possible not to notice such a thing, but in some situations this is exactly what some people use for their advantage. The Nomad Backpack, on the other hand, is a long-awaited innovation.

This backpack is exactly what travellers need if they don’t want to be stolen by anyone and still want to enjoy all the comfort that a backpack brings with it.


What is Nomad Backpack?

The backpack presented here is a new innovation that has taken nomad backpack a long time to develop to bring to market a product that a frequent traveller would like: a backpack that offers both theft protection and all the comfort they need. The gadget has many good features that distinguish it and qualify it to be a real help on the go.

He is:

  • attractive look
  • has a good capacity to offer
  • he is comfortable on his back
  • has, thanks to its technology, an anti-theft device

It is secured in such a way that it prevents the inner chamber from opening and thus does not offer thieves any surface of attack. The model is designed for intensive use and can be worn by both men and women. The properties stand out positively and design and workmanship are a milestone in the field of bags and backpacks.

nomad backpack


For whom is Nomad Backpack the right product?

In principle, the backpack is perfect for those who travel a lot and would also like to protect themselves against theft. With his subjects, he is perfect for school, but also an ideal helper at work. And those who travel a lot but want to enjoy comfort and many compartments should also use this accessory. As already briefly mentioned, it is designed in such a way that it can be used intensively. That means something can go wrong and he stays clean. The material is designed to make it a reliable partner for many years to come. And basically everyone who has to carry a lot of stuff on the road but doesn’t want to carry a suitcase will benefit from this.

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Nomad Backpack Technical Details

The rucksack has some technical details, which we would like to go into a little further below. Here is a brief overview:

  • high quality material
  • cut- and tear-resistant
  • equipped with profiled ventilation ducts
  • breathable mesh at the back
  • Specially designed compartments for laptops up to 17 inches & tablets up to 12 inches
  • can be opened up to 180 degrees
  • excellent carrying system
  • adjustable straps
  • elegant design

The material has been processed in such a way that it is resistant to cuts or cracks. So if someone tries to tamper with the backpack with a knife, he remains unsuccessful. The design is not only elegant, but also well thought-out. It is equipped with adjustable straps and the backpack can be opened up to 180 degrees, which is ideal if you want to use a tablet or laptop on the way. Comfort is provided by the mesh worked into the back, which is equipped with ventilation channels. So there is no back perspiration that causes unpleasant feelings. The compartments are designed so that every laptop up to 17 inches in size can travel with you, in the other compartment you can easily store tablets up to 12 inches. The backpack also has other compartments in which you can store a lot.


How do I use Nomad Backpack?

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the use of which is obvious, the development of the backpack has specialised in a few features that pay off especially in everyday use. Particularly the theft protection should be mentioned here, whose use we still want to explain, since not everyone sees directly, how it functions. The theft protection is constructed in such a way that it has hidden zippers. These are so hidden that you can only open them in a certain way. It is not possible for the lock to slide apart. The material is, as already written, cut-resistant and exactly where you need it.

This means that the sides, the floor and the front have special panels that feel pleasant, but are also very safe. In addition, there are further secret pockets, so that you still have everything quickly at hand. For example, storage compartments in the shoulder strap or directly in the back, which you can quickly access yourself, but not a third party. The backpack is perfect for people who travel a lot, but also have to stay in crowds or public transport. A special accessory in the backpack: the integrated USB port. This can be connected to a device both inside and outside and thus ensures that sufficient energy is always available.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Nomad Backpack?

As with any gadget, there are certain advantages and disadvantages about which you should inform yourself. We have therefore taken the opportunity to put everything together in a manageable way:


  • easy handling
  • theft-proof
  • pleasant materials
  • attractive design
  • long-lasting processing


  • none known

The advantages of the backpack are obvious. Safety is the focus here, but also brings a lot of comfort with it. In addition to being aligned to the spine to make it comfortable to carry, it comes with an anti-theft device that prevents you from simply getting stolen from your backpack. It is pleasant and attractively designed and thus has a timeless design, which can still be integrated well into the wardrobe in a few years. There are no known disadvantages. The backpack is simply ideal for all those who would like to enjoy more safety and comfort on the road when they have to take many things with them.

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General Nomad Backpack Test

We also tested the backpack once and wanted to know how it was doing on the way. We simply used it in our daily work and took it to work. We also asked some testers what they thought of Nomad Backpack. The response was very positive and we immediately did a test on how to open it even though it is being worn. The fact is: If you wear it yourself, access is practically impossible. At first it is always difficult to find the zippers. A thief will spend too much time with it. Another thing is that the backpack cannot be opened to the back anyway and at the latest then informs the owner that something is going on. If liquid gets on the backpack, the material repels it and stays clean. It can be wiped off with a simple cloth. All in all he is extremely practical on the road and so we can only draw a positive conclusion. The integrated USB port is also a pleasant help on the road when you run out of juice. All in all, we were very satisfied with the backpack and think that it also does something good for the spine, because the back is shaped in such a way that a comfortable carrying is possible.


General Nomad Backpack experience

We also looked at the opinions on the Internet about the backpack and wanted to know what they thought about security. Most of them report as positive about the backpack as we already found out in our test. They find comfort very high and a small strain on the spine, while other backpacks place a rather large load. They recommended him very gladly and all etaws have good to say about him. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *


Are there known Nomad Backpack problems?

No problems are known so far. It is robust, resistant and difficult to access when it comes to theft. That’s why it’s a perfect gadget to take with you on the road.


Where can I buy Nomad Backpack?

Preferably directly at Amazon. Here you not only have the advantages that you know from Amazon, but you can also read the seller’s ratings to avoid taking any risks. The backpack is also available here for a reasonable price, which should be used in any case.

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Nomad Backpack Rating

When it comes to safety, the Nomad Backpack is the ideal accessory to take with you wherever you go. Ideal for travelling or when you have to spend time regularly in crowds or public transport. The theft protection is ideal, as is the design and workmanship. The backpack is designed for a long life and is therefore perfect if you don’t want to give little fingers a chance. We recommend it in any case gladly further and believe that one makes an acquisition with it, which one does not regret under any circumstances.


Nomad Backpack

Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 9.0

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